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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Forumers, Here is a RR2 game on the forum. Here you can design new perks or create new combination of perks on the items, though don't expect your idea to be seen in the game. Also, you don't have to spam all your ideas at once since it would ruin the fun of the game. Example - Sword Then I might reply with Merciless Hammer - 2 blunt damage perks on the sword, eh Hammer Next item: Cape So let's get started Next item: Cape
  2. Hello everyone, Since Blacksmith is arrived bringing lot of perks, i would like you if vote the perk or perks you mostly like. You can also share your opinions! Thanks for partecipating!
  3. Would be nice if during the blacksmith event removing a perk would cost pearls instead of gems... or better, during the uber granny days, at least that event will be finally usefull! ?
  4. I have 6 lucky item. But some how my value looking low value.Just look pictures guys. @FTB Normally i have %(98.96) luck but when i update game 3.8.1 my lucky only %(65.63) please fix it soon !! PLEASE FIX VERY SOON ! @FTB i belive you flothaboss fix this..
  5. Well that was annoying: I removed the speed boost perk from first slot on some boots... but when I reforged the boots... I got back the speed boost. So basically I spent 50 gems for nothing. The simple fix: whenever you remove a perk, the probability for that perk to reroll should drop to 0% until the next successful forge. Alternative fix: add an option to spend 50x(number of perks available) gems to let me pick the perk I want!!!!! It's bloody annoying this stupid %chance% mechanic. What type of blacksmith doesn't know WTF he is doing when forging items: seriously: in any other fantasy system, a blacksmith forges for a specific perk... there is a chance of failure: but (for example) if I'm using hydra poison to forge for the poison perk... then I'm not going to get some other random perk!!!
  6. I want to know what is considered low Health. I have a suit that have this perk: +46% armor when low HP. i want to know the percentage ( % ) of health i need to have to get activated that perk.
  7. Hello! I can say that i'm new in this game and I don't understand many things so I have some q I have many items for boost my units/spells like "3500 att more for warewolf" like in photo, but really my warewolf get only +/-10 att more. Can some one explain me that? ' Regards.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible for Flare to allow users to have the best combination of perks they desire on their most used items to be decided by themselves?. I mean if I have a gold helmet gear with morale and another helmet with farmer perk. How about using the gold gear but changing the perk without any use of gems. This is applicable only when i have the interchangeable perks with me. I am not talking of changing the perk for free with a new spin (it is already there at the expense of 50 gems). I am just talking about us (players) doing the forging ourselfs in our inventory collection. Can be a good addition?
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