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Found 13 results

  1. So I am wondering how to turn the pets off to my knight can play by itself? Anything?
  2. I just want to give feedback for us who don't like the forced pet mechanics in this game. Can we just get a cosmetic that make the pet just an extra spell/passive-spell instead of the pet, while having the same effects in raids.
  3. Hi there, does anybody knows why the healing power of the panda has been reduced?
  4. For the first level beast unlock should be set to ally lvl... max 50. Ie. lvl 30 alliance would require 30 pets donated All other levels could be the same. 50 is a reasonable target for high ally but not really reasonable for lower alliances. meaning the entry point is skewed to favour one end of alliances.
  5. I notice that the donated pets counter is a personal count in alliance. My question is. Does the donator own them and they move with him on changing an alliance Or Does the alliance own them? So with enabling beasts how does the additional and leaving of members effect this? Also inactive?
  6. Seriously whats with all the new pets..... im still on 2nd lvl pets with alot of pets. Trying to collect pets is like a marathon but the game developers keep pushing the finish line further away..... And grouchy the crab has been on 39 stars for like 1 month!!!!!
  7. I want to know how much mega box you need to rank all pets 5 stars, do you need 150 or more for 14 pets?
  8. Just some Suggestions: - Random/Wild Bosses in Adventure mode (not only in Boss Hunt) - New Chests/Weapons - Sets - Sets, for example if you wear all three Items from Mammut-Chest you will get new bonus - new Abilities or new runes - Kick-vote in Boss Hunt, sometimes I had members in groups wich were inactive all the time
  9. Everyone is playing the halloween event but in my game i dont even have the calendar icon. My time zone is central standard time Also, my pet icon is greyed out when this become available? ////EDIT i need to make a 2nd ascend! Ty
  10. I've got a Grande, anf both Gordon and Arthur at 3 stars. Gordo is +50% damage, and Art is +50% splash damage. Wgich is better - GO!
  11. Hey guys, I was just wondering if when you get your pet to level 2, does the +25% damage (or whatever it is) mean +25% damage for your per or for your knight? Or both?
  12. Hi, I just get my first pet and it says that I need to get stars to upgrade it but how do I get these stars? (maybe I'm just not enough patient!) Thanks for the replies!
  13. I think that there should be a new type of equipment you can equip for your character. The same way you can equip a chest piece, weapon, or helmet to increase your stats I think there should be another type of equipment that gives unique stats. For example, glasses that can give the following stats. +3% Damage dealt absorbed as HP +10% Movement speed +5% Total damage -5% Total damage received +5% Total HP +5% Chance to do a double attack +10% Damage taken reflected back +5% Chance to create a shield that negates 100% of damage taken for 3s when attacking +2% Chance to regenerate 100% HP when attacking You probably got the point by now and this list could go on forever. But having one of these stats could make the game more interesting and fun to play and it could add more choices for players to make regarding their strategies. And it doesn't have to be a piece of equipment, it could be a pet or something that follows you into battle and gives you these stat boost (Ex. A dog that gives the king +10% Movement Speed). And of course there could be different levels of it just like all other equipment. So what do you think?
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