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Found 86 results

  1. Philstar

    Zeus needs demolition now

    So obviously post update barricades and gate have got substantial increases in health (a blessed max lvl barricade with modest oddesy bonus has 500k + health) notably barricade and gate being the main defence obstacles. Now as we can't change any gear we have to deal with what we have regarding Zeus/Hades (Hades tartarus power solves his issue) I find Zeus very underpowered when facing TL enemies. At lvl 140 Zeus does just about 26k damage per second; basically takes about 12-15 seconds to destroy a max barricade (barricades have 50% phys resistance), and when faced with 9 of them and a 1 million health gate (needs another 20+ seconds), time (even though he controls it by his own power) is always against him. He needs probably 10% innate demo to be usable at high lvl.
  2. As title suggests, looking for some good places to get my XP farm on. Maybe some current mummy boosted bases would be nice so I could start practicing raiding them with as much xp boost as I can squeeze in while still not hurting myself too much. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. as far as i understand it, the strength (or what ever) of ranged powers does not decrease when they hit several structures or units. so the positioning of the heros is crucial. it woul be nice if we could select (and also change during play) at least one of the equipped powers (including invos) such that their range and how many structures are in range is displayed before releasing them. i would find something like this very useful to find a good position and it would also be good for new players or for teaching others. what do you think? edit: another possibility would be if some kind of markers (e.g. colored dots, small pictures ...) appear at least on structures if they are in range of any of the equipped powers of the hero. or a combination of this two suggestions - draw a circle of the selceted power and change color (make a dot onto...) of structures in range. anything like this.
  4. This feature injects a strange and unnecessary series of tactics, etc into the war event. It's incredibly silly that alliances try to lose ON PURPOSE to acquire the extra skull % bonus for use later in the war event. There should be NO reason an alliance TRIES to lose a war tile. Every alliance should be striving to get stronger, not to stay low in fiefdoms and use silly tactics to beat alliances currently stronger than them. The dynamic this "loser skull bonus" feature creates is an entirely negative one and it's removal should be at least discussed considering the negative impact it has had over these last few months.
  5. I'm making a survey to determine who is the best player in Pro League. Only Flothaboss (the youtuber) and the winners of monthly Pro League seasons can be considered. For each player I write his/her own IGN and his/her own alliance, but unfortunately I can't write in Arabic, cyrillic and ideogram characters. If I forget someone, please reply in this topic.
  6. Short Description: We are recruiting nice teammates who have the time and desire to join & build & boost this alliance...We promise some good fun there...Everyone help each other...Please read the below form to decide! You can also be promoted! Behaviour: loyal/have game knowledge/strategical thinking specially in conquest + follow rules NOTE THAT THERE ARE ALSO RULES/CONDITIONS TO STAY Alliance: Name: La Elite. Level: lvl 43 [leveled up on 19/01/2019] Rank: 573 Alliance Headquarters Level: 5 Language: Russian/English/French This Post is Regularly Updated! Type: apply to join [depends] Gold Bonus: +28% Tax Bonus: +13% fieldoms: 32(varies on events) BOOSTS & GIFTS Most of the elite boosts will be activated mostly before alliance wars to strengthen your base... Boost we can provide are barricades, spikes and storm canons... But of course we also get the event boosts: clan wars or pro-league... We promise you as gifts! 1.You will get awesome high level beast as defense to protect and strengthen your base! WE HAVE UNLOCKED THE COMMON BEASTS BUT: AFTER A FEW DONATIONS,WE WILL UNLOCK AWAKEN AKI(4 donations left) & THE MOST FEARED BEAST>THE CELESTIAL PHOEBE(8 donations left) Here are a list of available beasts with their current level: 1.Savage Tammy (level 2) 2.Twisted Archimedes (level 3) 3.Voracious Eldrak (level 1) 4.Primal Howl (level 3) 5.Primal Growl (level 3) 6.Vicious Bucky (level 2) 7.Untamed Kaiser (level 2) 8.Awaken Aki(unlocking soon) 9.Celestial Phoebes (unlocking soon) 2.Awesome chests with nice contents after winning the events! Why not all the elite boosts activated or boosts prolonged? We are saving alliance gold to lvl up and upgrade alliance headquarters! Requirements to join: Hero Level: 60-130 Trophies: 1500-unlimited Minimum Donations: 40k Rules: Donate Daily Be Active Participate In All Activities Send Resources to Stronghold everytime it is ready -if we all have a team spirit,we will win and enjoy nice rewards! WARNING: If one has low donations, is offline for a week & if specially don't follow the rules will be kicked!!! Here are the top 10 players of 63th alliance wars (wars of the immortals) 1. Strogg the 1st[leader]- 54298 Skulls 2.Deki Zemun[sergeant]- 47727 Skulls 3. Ivana NS[sergeant-]- 47264 Skulls 4. Ярослава.D.[soldier]- 41564 Skulls 5. Graff Stro[general]- 40615 Skulls 6. Maykee[general]- 34518 Skulls 7. Damian1982r- 29577 Skulls 8. Nir99[soldier]- 28026 Skulls 9. King trong nguyen[soldier]- 27910 Skulls 10. Stalker;)[soldier]- 27601 Skulls Here are some ScreenShots: ALLIANCE MOTTO: " We Build,We Fight,We Win! Join Us For Fun!! " See you there... For More Details: Contact me(Dark_Eagle) or Our Leader Strogg [you can also send a friendship request] My Username: Dark__Eagle Our Leader's Username: Strogg the 1st Other Options: Mail me on [this is a gaming account][don't abuse]

    Open bases

    If someone is looking for an open base or wants to open his/her own base, then he/she is welcome to write in this topic!
  8. Hi Flaregames please don't do this event again it's the worst event ever but between 63 members of my alliance only 4 pals found, this is a ***** event so please not again
  9. InfinitYash

    Snake Vs Blade

    So this is something from very begining amd had been a problem for atleast me. I hope you'll find it problematic too. So If you see info about Snake Tower, it shows stats as Weakness: Normal 100% & Blunt 100% But trying Bladestorm during raid barely even seems to give it a scratch. And ultimately Blunt damage only gets it down. So Please do something about it.Snake Tower really gets big trouble beacause of this sometime.
  10. Hey I Have Created A Allaince Today😍 Alliance Name : Alyan Ali Abbasi Allaince Level: 9 Requirements: Nill You Can Join And Show Support To Grow Allaince . If Anyone Is Interested To Develop My Allaince He/She Can Contact Me Via Whats App +923009392923 Hope You Will Understand .Show respect and Will Join it😊
  11. LordFrenchFry

    Fix the Problem

    Three times today I've gotten 80% and above and knocked down the gate and got the rotten surprise of -12,-13, and -17 on those attacks. I'd like to know if you guys think they should change it.
  12. OK I'm going to touch this sensitive subject because I've noticed quite a lot this past few weeks regarding trophy lvl of enemies on islands. Basically I'm borderline top 100 and am lvl 130 (20k+trophies), so I don't have a ridiculous trophy cap holding me back anymore, but yet It seems the top 75 almost never appear on my islands! Yet of course I get attacked daily by such players. (this isn't the issue, but why a one way street.) Basically you thought to make it easier for us by taking away high lvl trophy enemies from the islands, but instead put identical difficulty opponents in their place. In reality there is NO DIFFERENCE in difficulty between a lvl 131 titan league player with 19k trophies and a player with 25k trophies. The only difference is now they never appear on our islands. So how do you find these elusive players of the top 50? I have no idea, I have thousands of battles over the past month or 2 yet never seen for example Dumpster ever. Seen the top guy once. The others I might see once every few weeks. The image below is not aimed at singling players out but just to show what I'm saying. FG @Madlen they (the devs) said they it's hard to tinker with the system as it's finely balanced or something, yet last update you managed to mess with it and put easy opponents on the inner islands (which isn't bad in itself - allows people to lvl up Artemis/Ajax with no fear of losing for example. Right now this distribution of high lvl trophy enemies is pathetic, IMO you just made them all the end of the day if they are there to attack it is through choice if you decide to do so; many used gems to improve their trophy count also. (so there are corporate implications here - nobody will use gems on a +3 trophy enemy, who is as hard as a 30k trophy enemy) To sum up just in case you missed it, that sever update was an still is an abomination.....needs fixed. Ready the critics... In addition I always seem to get the same players over and over and over again. I can find the same player 3 times in one day easily. Earlier today I cleared an island an 2 mins later the same guy appeared on another island. It's like we have a small 'pool' of players that are in our big time - for him mainly. Edit- top guy just appeared on my islands for the 2nd time ever, perhaps you saw my post?
  13. Madlen

    Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

    Hi there, I have seen various feedback about the energy costs in the 5-days Conquest. I would like to see a tendency and to collect the feedback on the energy costs as they are now in one complete thread. Please keep in mind: If we lower the energy costs, this means quicker movements on the map and possibly a feeling to have to be more online in Conquest. I am looking forward to your input. Please remember, it helps most if you reason your arguments for positive and negative feedback such as "I like /don't like the energy costs as they are right now because..." . Thank you!
  14. Hi, a War Declaration Cooldown on the Conquest tile after a War has finished on it seems like a very good thing. I'm not sure about how long the Cooldown should be (30 minutes or an hour?). This would help prevent the losing alliance from restarting the war on that tile before players from the winning alliance have a chance to move somewhere else or refill on troops, etc. It's an exploit that is really decreasing the enjoyment many players are having from Conquest since they are perpetually stuck on a tile for days at a time (unless they are online 24/7 just waiting for the war to end on that tile). Additionally, the amount of time 1 player can hold 10+ players on a tile is crazy right now.
  15. Aion's Scepter VS Ceres Fear chance: 24% VS 100% Currently, my Ceres' 100% fear chance doesn't seem to work against Archer, Ogre, Froster, Gargoyle, Cannon, Mummy, Werewolf, Mortar, Necromancer/Skeleton and Viking. So, it's affecting only Knights, Paladins, Pyromancers, Arblasters and Monks. Why is that happening if Archer, with Pro boost, is the only unit with fear immunity? What's the point on having a 100% fear chance if it affects almost none of the units we are fighting against? I would rather have a lower percentage that actually works!
  16. FantasticDangler

    Conquest War: Last Call to Declare Jan2019

    What is the last possible chance to start a new war in conquest? I can find 24h on the forums, but players are telling me it's now 12 hours since the 5 day conquest format. Asking during "A Fist full of Carnage " January 2019 conquest season Can I get verification for the new war 'cuttoff' time? If it is 12 hours, what happens when a war is ongoing when the conquest ends? I'd assume the score stays the same as if the war was never started, but you never know. There's probably many generals and sergeants wondering this right now. I apologize if this info is posted somewhere already and I didn't look hard enough to find it.
  17. eddiealex

    Inventory Guide

    I have searched to find information in regards to inventory, i.e. crowns, caps, suits, boots, weapons, etc. I would like to know the meaning of the STARS on the left of each item and the NUMBERS that are in the ribbon on the right of each item. Please elaborate as much as possible.
  18. Hi guys, Would be great if you could participate in this poll to give us an initial impression on the topic. Thanks!
  19. Hello! I would like this message to leave some suggestions that those responsible for the game can be useful. My name is Renan, but in the game it's i7kCore🇧🇷. Suggestions that could improve the game for everyone! Chests Titans: Increasing the chances of winning a special item, I see cases of people who play for years and do not have 1 special item and other cases of people who earn 2 special items in a single day. Normal Chests (Green, Blue, Purple and Gold): Improve the chances of winning rare (non-special) items, but items like: Winter Burn, Reflection, Demolition ... I see cases that some people win with too much or too little some of these items. Game engine: Add real-time translation in the chat of the game, thus making it easier for players from other countries not to have to translate into your language or another player's language. Game 2 Engine: Add flags of your countries next to the players name so we know the difference whether that player is from our country or another country. Heroes: Take a look at certain heroes that in my opinion are a failure, for example, Odysseus, I play with him only when I appear adventures in the odyssey he is practically strong but I am not seeing result, he attacks every 3 seconds, for possessing 2 swords, should take damage at every attack or hit on buildings and troops. Alliances: Increase maximum member capacity in alliances (have new covenant levels and heavenly blessings). Islands: Add new islands, add new troops or hero. Prestige: Reviewing all the celestial bonuses (prestige) I do not see much difference on the ultimate celestial bonus. The rebate should be in the game itself, should be rebate on constructions, upgrades of troops / powers / defenses / cams and not discount on purchase of gems. Thanks, att: i7kCore🇧🇷. @Madlen, @CaptainMorgan.
  20. So we have the update, which looks pretty good, and I'd say puts defence firmly back on top once all upgrades have been considered. I was wondering when the fix will come for bugged Gk's/etc. Having recently experienced several times recently a hero and troops being destroyed by Gks doing 1 or 2 hits! (and hero with some phys res) I'm thinking these Perseus Gk's must be applying 100k damage per second, and to be honest I find this quantity of damage ridiculous when you consider the max health of some troops is barely over 100k. So my questions are will there be a cap to Damage per second? And is the reflect/area damage bug sorted out (I'm guessing no)? These high damage (bugged?) Gk's make dealing with an upgraded chaos gate in excess of 1 Million health impossible without troops (apart from Herc, maybe Athena). Pyro invocation barely dents the gate now also ( might want to raise the power of all invocs in line with new lvls ) @Madlen
  21. Darkerion

    Ninjas x Zombies x Yetis

    Does anyone else feel like defenses become a lot easier with Zombies or Yetis, instead of Ninjas? Those troops from special Ninja events are really really fun to play but their potential, especially on the defensive side, is so much lower in comparison with regular Ninjas Zombies Just like regular Zombies, from Trioxin tower, they can be a little annoying infecting allies, but they are very easy to kill Move slow, have low damage, and no survivability Yetis Has battlecry, very high damage and invencibility on big Yeti form, but it's just soooooo slow that we can completely avoid all of the attacks And it takes too long for them to transform into the big one, so they usually die on little Yeti form, which is harmless Ninjas When not killed right away they become invulnerable while dashing with a very high damage, most of the time lethal, that we just can't avoid once we become their target Ninjas are so strong and lethal (IMO, sometimes even too much), and the other 2 event troops are so weak
  22. What you think about a black skin for the pals ?! Would you like it ?!
  23. Sangrial

    Help a noob :(

    Testing my defenses with my Perseus... he breezes through anything I throw at him... T_T HOW CAN I STOP THIS MOFO?! Please bear in mind that I'm a noob... so be gentle, please
  24. Mayallison

    Clan rewards

    If a clan leader or the generals had a way to reward other clan members it could help motivate and add more interaction within a clan. Possible game sponsored to leaders to give out or from own resources. Item gifts would be a plus.
  25. Just Starting Out Looking To Get A Great Klan Started.⚜️ 5000 Min Donation 🔁 First Few to join can help choose the rest of requirements as we grow stronger. join and lets get started