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Found 136 results

  1. There is a 0% chance to get gems from the CoF unless you spend gems. You can be farming in full luck gear and get 3 chests almost every time, but if that 3rd chest is going to be gems, you have to spend gems to get gems. Is this just me with this experience, or is this a planned way to try to gem for that 3rd chest (whose chances actually go down as you spend gems consecutively to reduce your chances of getting said 3rd chest whether they're gems or not)? Just wondering if anybody else no matter what does not get gems, unless they spend gems. This is why I purposely do not spend gems for the 3rd chest, and notice that I have never won gems ever, unless I felt like spending gems in the moment to discover that pay wall. I feel like it's an unnoticed trend or a concern that would be dismissed for me pointing out. Other players feel this way and notice these trends of reduced chance of 3rd chest as gems are spent and no gem winnings unless gems are spent (which are exclusively 3rd chest, no other)? Thank you for any input, hope this perception of my intuition isn't wrong.
  2. So, here we are... Our 2nd monthly festival is here and I'd like to know how everyone feels about the Royal Festival. I know there was already a thread with feedback about it... but it would be cool to know specifically what strives someone to fight in the festival (if you do). Give us your opinion! PS: I also created this because well... Skins are not my cup of tea, the chests contents are weak and the tokens are "meh" to me. So I guess you already know which option I'll vote on
  3. To date I have spent three 5 star Titan items, 30,000 gold and 3,000 gems to curse 3 items in an effort to get a better one. The first time I did it I thought that it would simply improve the item I was cursing, as I liked the item and the hero it belonged to. Then I end up getting an entirely different item that went to a different hero. The second time I knew what I was getting into. But the challenges are ridiculously long. The first time involved having to take part in a minimum of 2 wars. The second one required taking part in a minimum of 2 Odyssees. And the last one required me to take over 500 islands. So in each case I spent the 1,000 gems to get the item early. The problem is that the item I got this last time was Perseus mirror shield. And I say it is a problem because I already had one that was better than the new one. I say better because I had spent a great deal in wisdom to refine the item so that it had three qualities instead of the usual two. So I'm obviously a bit peeved for the great cost that everything is costing only to get something that isn't as good as what I already had. I have spent roughly $350 of my hard earned money purchasing gems since I started playing this game. Two war seasons ago everyone in my alliance received gems at the end of it. But I did not. I only recently learned that everyone had received gems after that war season. Then to get an item that I already have after wasting a 5 star Titan object, 10,000 gold and 1,000 gems on is just too much - especially when the original one is better. I'd like to know what other players think of the refining and cursing system. And if the mods want to do something to correct this, my user name is Benedict Donald. And the alliance I belong to is Gardarica. The top shield in the pic is the new shield that I received and the bottom shield is the one that I refined.
  4. Ok so here are the facts from my personal experience: I use almost all heroes every day to attack a variety of bases (except generally Arty/Ajax). I know how to play OR and rarely use invocs (maybe 1 or 2 a day ).... My Ajax has some high lvl powers going beyond the old max lvl, but not max. Items are all titan lvl ( have unique but am not using yet or ever!) and either my current lvl (145 or maybe one lower) The troops I use are max lvl with between 15-25% oddessy bonus so they aren't that weak. But when I attack a badly designed base that is not even near max, Ajax fails miserably. My conclusion is he's so bad!!!! He makes me wanna puke to be honest! The most useless hero but light year....the rest don't even come close to Ajax's ineptitude. If the undefeatable Ajax of legend was remotely real his ghost would surely be walking the FG headquarters, really pi*%ed at how he had been portrayed in OR. There have been numerous solutions over the months/year, even a good one from Dumpster (yes really) to add a power slot for regular powers. I would like a choice before the start of the battle to add an elemental modifier (of your choice) to his normal attack adding 50% of that element. (he did after all receive a blessing from Poseidon or some other god) Just so badly needs a fix or he'll continue to be Ajax the librarian (permanently on wisdom island)
  5. Flare has to do something about the manipulation of the Leaderboard positions It's a well known thing by everyone and has been in the game for as long as I can remember, but lately it seems to be worse than ever, and at high rank it's just a nightmare. It's not hard to notice accounts with the repetitive behavior of attacking the same base multiple times, but always staying on the same rank, because they accumulate trophies but routinely "dump" them, often on a second base or an ally's base, to elevate their rank or support them if they're being attacked, and maintain a lower rank that allows that player to keep taking more trophies effectively. ••• My suggestion for this issue would be to only allow gain or loss of trophies on raids done through regular matchmaking. Medals, gold, xp... would stay exactly the same, but trophies would be an exclusive thing to that type of raid. Because having to find a specific enemy base 3 times to take their trophies, and after that also find the friendly base they want to dump those trophies 3 more times, all using random matchmaking system would be a big discouragement to such behavior. And would also stop those very low rank accounts from doing this kind of thing, because the high rank bases they currently attack to take trophies 10 by 10 on each raid would not appear on their matchmaking. I see no point on gaining trophies on raids out of regular matchmaking, other than just purposely lower or raise a specific player rank, which is unfair and an exploit.
  6. This is how we see the donation of resources now: Instead of showing the same thing in 2 different screens, can you make it so one of them shows how many times each resource was sent? Like this: Troops Stones Wisdom 5x 5x 5x ... that would make it soooo much faster to track the donations and see who is sending resources correctly every day and who isn't, instead of having to multiply the days by the different building levels of each member to check that. Would also be a way to see who have high numbers from making extra donations and who is just very active and collecting them from the map. Maybe add both things to that "detail screen"? The number of times resources were sent from the buildings and the number of times they were collected from special tiles?
  7. Hi Devs & Players, Why not add a retreat button in conquest wars? Players are stuck in a war for 22h + so they can exit BUT IF THEY DO,THE TILE/TERRITORY/TOWER,MINE/LIBRARY/VILLAGE will be for the enemy....
  8. Yes, I feel that RR2 gets more attention than OR. In a way I think it's OK, 'cause RR2 is generating more income than OR for FG. Madlen, to show the community that your love for OR is still strong, can you please organize a similar drawing contest to the one you made for RR2 if possible? We know the devs are working on new Unique Items, so maybe we can help them with some concept drawings? Anybody else has another idea for a possible drawing contest?
  9. Tom92i

    Research tree

    Hello dear Rr2 community, I would like to say that conquest is really better now’ with the new features added by flare. I have a question for the community, what do you think about research tree ? In my opinion the last researches are not reachable , unless you spend hundreds of gems, so what’s the point ? maybe Flare can work on it and limit the number of researches, thank you
  10. I was looking at a topic in "general discussions" where other players, like me, feel the current tier computation for the pro league, most of the times, doesn't suit the actual rank achieved. (I don't know how to link that topic to this one, but it is the one "PL Tiers need to be severely reworked!" by @AwesomestKnightest) Like @LacunaC, I finished within the top 60s this pro league. And, however feeling the placing didn't correspond to the rewards, I acknowledge I didn't make a score nearly as good as the top 10 players. But that doesn't prevent me to ask how is it possible that not even the top 1 got the top reward? I mean, if the guy that makes it better, above all the others, doesn't get full reward, who does? No one, that's the answer. So, what in my opinion should be done is sort of a mix between the first solution that was presented when the pro league showed up and the current one, the tiers one. I believe the top 1 should always get the top reward, he performed better than every other player, he should be properly rewarded for that (of course he gets a gold crown, but that's just bling-bling. No actual value in-game value for that). And the tiers would be scaled according to the score obtained by the top player. Pretty much the existing solution but, instead of fixed values, set a priori, for the tiers, these would be dependent on the best scorer. Not sure what other people think, but I would like to hear some opinions. But even if all this is too tricky to implement, or we find out it is complete nonsense, I would suggest that top 100 players should always receive 1 pro league ticket within their rewards, or in addition to those. That way, I would feel that, even though I got a disappointing amount of pro chests, my participation wasn't just a wasted pro ticket. Best regards!
  11. I reached level 125 few hours ago (i.e. in just over 2 years and 1 month) and I'd like to launch a challenge to the other players of the forum for those who want to become my first opponent after (or my last opponent before) reaching level 130. This topic is the sequel of "Who wants to be my last opponent before reaching level 100?". I don't know if it's possible to buy "warrior package" at level 125. For those who volunteer, it's important to write their respective IGN (if the latter is written in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, ect., it's useful to write also their respective alliance). My alliance will choose my first/last opponent. If at the top of the ranking there will be 2 or more volunteers with the same number of votes, my leader will choose the winner. I'm actually in tier 9, my units, spells, towers, obstacles, sylos, taverns, farms, waves, buildings, conquest buildings, gate, alliance tower, throne room are maximized and my blacksmith slots all unlocked. The winner will see its ign in a photo of my profile or in this topic.
  12. Hey, I originally planned some other idea regarding the conquest, but then I forgot it, and then I came up with this idea, which is simple... We have many different landscapes in our normal kingdoms, a variety of them actually, and we have a small variety in conquest, so why don't we introduce new landscapes in conquest, like the burning rocks, mystic gardens, etc etc and the mountains, swamps, and the water in our kingdom landscapes, we already have them in conquest, why not in the kingdom, and the fact that it is in conquest, will reduce the time of developing it into a landscape...
  13. Hi Players & Devs, Please add copy and Paste in chat! Here is why? For example,if someone speaks chinese won't understand so i can copy it to google translate and copy the translation reply back. Thanks
  14. It's quite a common thing in games that the landscapes will give bonus stats for certain things. What about adding that to RR2? Turn the landscapes into something important, with gameplay changing effects! Then we'd have to choose the best one for a good and strategic reason instead of just: "use the darker ones because they make it harder for people playing on a mobile device in a bright environment" Defenses are surely too weak at the moment, and I believe that could help a lot. So, make landscapes powerful and actually significant to the gameplay!
  15. Cluot


    i play this game and i love it i have question concerning decoration outside the gate i mean the road at the beginning is full of sands but i was fighting last day a player ascension level is 50 and the road is not sand but it is lovely rocks and i am level 59 ascension and road still sand so my question is what should i do to make my road not sand but with rocks please if you have any clue i would be happy to know your answers thank you very much
  16. Being a member of La Elite. isn’t just about playing a game on a phone to kill some time. It’s about being a part of a team that respects one another on a fundamental level. We don’t compete just to score points for ourselves or just to get another uber. We do it because we want to see the team win. For the success of the team, we devote to this cause 100% of our effort! We also understand that members have real lives outside this game and we have a pass system for events- simply advise a general in advance that you won’t be able to participate in an event or if you will be inactive. Communication is a must! Respect is a two-way street. WARNING: If he/she is inactive for a week and do not follow the rules then he/she is more likely to be kicked! Name: La Elite Level: lvl 44 Rank: 546 Gold Bonus: +29% Tax Bonus: +12% Fieldoms: 31 Language: Russian/English/French/Spanish Boosts & Gifts We are currently saving gold for alliance headquarters upgrades to prepare us for the conquests! Mostly boosts will be activated mostly before alliance wars. You can always enjoy the boosts we get from events(pro-league, conquest, alliance wars) Permanent Boosts: -Storm Canon - Other Boosts We can give depending on gold: -Tough Barricade -Frost Trap -Stunning Ogre -Raging Wolf -Power Archer -Holy Paladin - Current Active Boosts: -Storm Canon(permanent) -Unholy Paladin(proleague) -Tainted Love(proleague) - - - - Gifts 1.awesome high level beast as defense to protect and strengthen your base! 2.Chests with nice contents after winning events Unlocked Beasts -Savage Tammy level 3 -Twisted Archimedes level 4 -Voracious Eldrak level 1 -Primal Howl level 4 -Primal Growl level 3 -Vicious Bucky level 3 -Untamed Kaiser level 3 -Celestial Phoebe level 1 -Awaken Aki level 1 Requirements to join: Hero Level: 60-130 Trophies: 1500-unlimited Minimum Donations: 250k Rules Donate Daily Send maximum Resources for conquests Be Active Participate In Conquests & Alliance Wars(other events not required) Here are some Screenshots:(monthly updated) ALLIANCE MOTTO: " We Build,We Fight,We Win! Join Us For Fun!! " For More Details: Contact me(Dark_Eagle) or Our Leader Strogg [you can also us send a friendship request] My Username: Dark__Eagle (for languages like french/english/spanish) Our Leader's Username: Strogg the 1st (for languages like english/russian) Other Options: Mail me on darkeagleprivate@gmail.com [this is a gaming account][don't abuse] ABOVE ALL REMEMBER THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO HAVE FUN! See You There
  17. I am posting on behalf of several members of my alliance, Olympus Overlords in the League of Kings. On their path layouts, the phoenix unit will not cross any barricades. It shows them attempting to fly over, then glitch and flicker back to behind the barricade. It keeps doing this over and over again. I've tried my own path and some others in my alliance and it is not doing this for everyone. Seems like it is affecting lower level players (though would like to hear from anyone with another experience) but have only a very limited sample size so can't be sure. Please have a look at this asap as it is making their defenses pretty useless. Thanks!
  18. By the title only, we can understand it... I propose that there should be a system like structure that translates what the other players are saying according to the language chosen by us. It has been many times, that some vietnamese or japanese or some chinese looking language speaking player comes in our alliance, and he leaves it in 1 or 2 days just because he cant understand what we are saying and we can't understand what he is saying. This is not a rare idea, and I think that many players feel this problem because not many can like learn the text then type it on google just to understand what he is saying, that is very time consuming, and there are many players from east side also... So plz tell if this feature could be, like put into the game or not
  19. So today I was about to finish a level in Pro-League and got disconnected,then when logged in again,I was moved to next level and points I scored up to I disconnected considered for that past level but I can easily complete it.so much time wasted,most of us experienced it,right? I don't mind much when on normal battles something like this happens either form our side(our net) or from flare's side(their servers),but Pro-League is important because we can't repeat it without loosing total time ! Is there anything we can do about this,so just cause of disconnect sometimes,one should not loose time? one suggestion may be.if ever connection will be lost either from our side or your side while battle is on,consider nothing of that battle,when logged in,Pro-League score and total time remaining will be up to last battle before disconnected battle !
  20. Hey guys! I was thinking of new colors as a rank... For example Black as co-leader and can make even generals but nothing else, and the fuchsia... i think is a really cool things. Let me know what you think... Maybe we will see it! 💀
  21. Guys, not sure if anyone mentioned this before so do not bark offensive responses please. Could it be better if conquest took place once in two or three months, it is a bit boring especially if you are facing really strong ally (which we know happens with current matchmaking system) and second thing that makes it boring fact that you can’t eliminate other ally from play. We should be able to attack strongholds and eliminate others. Otherwise you battle for 6 days without any sense except rewards (which not always arrive on time if at all) make it as a all in war so if player reaches opposition’s base it would take top 20 or whatever numbers of players to battle for 24 hours without possibility of quick win. Maybe this would make it bit more interesting. Some alliances (if not majority) conquest is lacking battles so they arrange big wars at the set locations just to keep them doing something not just wonderyaround map like headless chickens ?.
  22. Hi. I am new to level 14. I started yesterday or before yesterday I know more and I am looking for an alliance.
  23. If you have a lot of pals and have used several, it has often happened to me that I am in battle with the wrong animal, that is annoying and often costs points. It would be nice if you could see in fight menu which pal I use and a directly switch to the selection screen. (the selection button in the upper right corner is not well positioned and could then be removed) Images for all Pals I believe are difficult to recognize, the writing as the beasts should do it. In the picture is a possibility how to integrate it.
  24. Bonjour à tous. J'annonce le création de mon alliance " Ici et maintenant.. " Alliance française à partir du niveau 20, avec pour but l'entraide et la victoire bien sûr..! Le montant du don passe à 5000 Vous y êtes les bienvenus (es).. Je m'y sent un peu seul... Je vous attends, à très vite.. AC2N.. Cadeau du 16/02/2019, mon code titan WHWOYGRGW
  25. I'm hoping to garner support for a method to make use of unique items other than simply selling, forging or cursing since we only get pennies on the dollar when we sell an item that we have more than one of. I think a daily or weekly lottery in which a unique item is the required entry fee would spice up the game and at the same time offer a way for a person to recoup gold and gems spent trying to get unique items. Gems though would not have to be the only prize offered. A Titan chest or a chance at increasing a mastery could also be offered as a prize. And I'm sure members can think of other prizes that could be awarded. I'm certain that I can't be the only one that is annoyed with useless unique items taking up space in slots. You could even hold the lottery as an alliance event rather than individual. Members of the alliance could give up their useless unique items for a chance for the alliance to win some prize. just think of the chatter something like this would create. The contest/lottery could be built around Hermes since he is the god of gambling, profit, hazard and gaming.
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