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Found 6 results

  1. Hello @CaptainMorgan @oisia One of my alliance players had gem problems for the second time, they just disappeared! The first time we thought he had spent them, but no! Now it happened again, he was with 1000 gems and saving to raise the level of the Uranus Hall and today when he entered the game only had 5 gems in his account, the second time with no explanation are gone! My friend's cell phone is new. How can we solve these problems, because he said that if they do not solve, he will stop playing. waiting for an answer.
  2. We are looking for active players above level 85 who fight during alliance wars. We have some very dedicated players, but we want to replace the ones who do not fight during alliance wars. We are ranked in the top 500. We are always growing our alliance through donations. We are looking for people who want to build themselves and the alliance together. We often have the most trophies during the alliance wars, because of our dedication to the wars. We fight against very strong teams often in the wars, so it is challenging being on our team. Right now we can add 5 players, if we dump our dead weight, then we could add 10. Our team name is TiggerTroops so if you want to get in with a fairly highly ranked team and are a dedicated player, then come on over and join us.
  3. Active (non hyper active) alliance is looking for good players or alliance for merging. Currently we are organizing our team for future plans, like 24/7 full blessing, titan and invitation codes, success in wars and so on. Somehow, we are very active in chat and very friendly team, we have two officers here, not from our starting team, we trust them, that means, we are very friendly and communicating guys, who believe in other, "unknown" players. Requirements: 1. No, we don't need some kind of an anterior person, only oriented towards his/her wills (like attacking 3+ headed island for high points, when alliance is loosing its own islands) 2. 75 000 + donation 3. Active during wars, sociable in chats We offer: 1. Titan codes, depends on how active you are during wars and how you donate 2. Friendly environment and no one will kick you from alliance if you have some troubles and could not play (We are not maniacs ) 3. At least minimum blessings (Cyclops, Phoenix, Griffin, Warrior, Minotaur, Barricades) 3. The most important offer. Most of you guys are playing other games in PC, Steam, League of legends, Dota 2, WoW and so on. As I said at the beginning of the post, we are family and we can help you in other games, trade you, give you some gifts and play as a team. We have a huge, very huge back team in various MMO games, like Rocket League, League of Legends, Dota 2, WoW, Battlefield online, Player Unknown, The Forest and many others. Contact me and have a nice day, week, month, year and life
  4. I kept losing connection everytime I wanted to attack a certain player. I was able to continue with the rest....Is that normal?
  5. Hello, I have been waiting some improvements to gameplay and for alliances. especially for Alliance leaders and generals. But havent seen any good improvements to alliances, i have only seen some new events, more levels etc. Nothing good new for Alliances and helping playing game. Also my improvements help alliances lot and get players more together. First is most important: Forum. 1. in game Forum. - With this forum we could easily stop using alternate softwares as Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Line etc. - Forum will have sections example like: Flaregames, Recruitment and (own alliance). Alliance sections: Announcements, Alliance wars, Introduction, Off topic. - Alliance leader can change forum rights to those sections who can make new topic example. Also CO-leader could change lower rank rights etc. Flaregames section should have example game changelog. Example you can share your alliance tactics there, You can tell your alliance rules there, everything. So u dont need to tell those rules everytime player joins. Example pictures are from game named C&C TA web game 2. Player Ranks in Alliance - More player ranks for alliance, Between leader and general, and general and soldier. - Example. CO-leader and Veteran. 3. More information to generals and leaders inside alliance and more options. - Could see last donation timestamp. - Last time online timestamp - How much Player have attack cooldown on alliance wars.(time left) - Could set apply requirements to alliance, example minimum trophies, minimum donation, hero level etc. - Player Blacklist 4. Timers - Timers to events. (when it starts and when it ends, like alliance war timer.) - Cooldown to next alliance donation in main screen. 5. General Chat - Chat which only generals and leader could see ign Crybto
  6. Hi, What happened to the player of the week contest? What happened to trivia questions? no regularity. I know Aether's busy. Can there be more contests where poor (pun intended) players like me can have a chances of increasing their gem quota? suggestions are welcome for contests. How about giving some 100 gems for the winning alliance apart from the boosts? Many reasons can be attributed for this but the primary one is we cannot fully take part in the league matches because of the war.
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