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Found 3 results

  1. It's been suggested before, many times, yet still nothing from flare. Can we please have more than like 20 damn messages on the alliance chat? PMs are stupid and needlessly complicated so everyone has their conversations in the alliance chat, where previous messages get pushed out. Why??? There is NO reason for that, other than "hey, let's keep these ******* misinformed about their alliance operations and ensure maximum time wasted asking someone to repeat what they said about my defenses because their critiques got pushed out by Susan's announcement that her cat peed on her rug again!" Well THANKS SUSAN! No one gives a damn about ya flippin' cat!!! Go get a boyfriend you... That's not the point. Please fix this incredibly annoying... bug? Feature?... thing.
  2. Can only succesfully watch 1 ad per game restart. When I try to watch the second video I get a white screen which disappears after a second. Apparently it also takes away from my ad count because after I had this bug a couple of times I was out of offers. Im not even expecting a response by flare because they dont care anyway. Just want to know if others have a similar problem.
  3. Ring of Zelos has been bugged for me since the last update. Since Flare changed the way range is displayed from 60% to 3,0. The range actually seems to have become 60:3=20x less. Tried unequipping the ring on all gear sets and playing a match without it, didnt work.Tried it again and restarting game, didnt work. Tried reinstalling the game, didnt work. I know there are more people having this problem and I kindly ask @PaSte and @FTB or anyone else from Flare to give us ANY info about this bug. Just confirming it is indeed bugged would be enough. I will keep on trying to find some way to fix this. If any information is needed I will provide it.
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