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Found 4 results

  1. So I started in October last year, I'll finish all my wave upgrades this month, I have 6 fully upgraded troops with the rest not that far off (maybe 3 months total completion) BUT powers I haven't got one max'd yet (I'm working on my first). As a result I'm losing a lot of battles due to weak powers as they haven't kept up with my ascension lvl (currently 114). Ok I could invest a ton of gold to forge to success, but seems a waste as they'l devalue quickly. So given there are 27 upgradeable powers, I think the upgrade time for unique powers for heros should be reduced. I mean I quite like Ajax, but can I really spare 2+ months on one hero, when I need a max damocles fast? I think I know what the old timers will say.... could increase the celestial boost bonus for powers maybe.....
  2. @CaptainMorgan I have a persistent problem! but it does not update the level and it does not show the strength nor the time updated, and it blinks in all the heroes with the writing '' NEW AVAILABLE POWERS '' even if having nothing. This started after I continued to improve the powers of AJAX .. Please help me solve my problem. Thank you for your attention!
  3. Ajax’s last 2 powers are not showing any stats from the Shrine of Power and pressing the i button does nothing. Artemis’ powers show what seems the fully upgraded power when the upgrade button has been selected.
  4. Vyrus

    What new powers?

    Game says that new powers are available. I'm not seeing the animation where it automatically scrolls to the new spell. This has been showing for over a week. See image.