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Found 29 results

  1. So my team fought hard last pro league and won the level 4 towers. We had planned to keep them all month long. Some players bought tickets just to make sure we had this boost all month. This morning when we go to extend ? It says 7 days max? That's not the full term from winning them. Anyone else having same issues or is it a bug?
  2. please fix Pro league or delete ths league now 2 bug work in pro league again and peoples can got high score easy. But why FG don't fix this ? or need info about this? I'm here for help again!!! @GalaMorgane @FTB @Archimedes
  3. 41st place in Pro League (51st now with 1 day 6 hours remaining), and the prize is 2 chests and 1,400 Crystals? It's bad enough that they removed all competitive aspects of Pro League by introducing the Tiers, but they don't even dynamically change the Tiers based on which event it is. Do they even play their own game?
  4. About the current pro league, maybe I'm really not used to the current combo but as I got only 1275 until now and I have only 5m left, I'm wondering how does the other players could get so many points on it? Am I really too bad? It's been a while I try not watching pro league videos because I don't want to be unfair when I do mine but it seems like to be fair in pro league it's the same thing as do not play it, people are still watching flothaboss and many others players before fighting, trying in many accounts and if it was not enough, we have a lot of cheaters. I wondering if it pay to keep fighting or should I just keep my gems... Ps: I have full pro gear, for war/events and for normal raids (luck gear) but I'm trying to get the pro heal ring. That's the only reason I still make this...
  5. I am playing this game for 3 years but still I never reached top 10 in league. Some time it's make feel discourage to play. Do u feel same?
  6. It's the third week pro league and the pro leaderboard is showing 7k+ score, i dont care what they will get as rewards but its affecting my rank in monthly pro leaderboard so please fix it..
  7. after server down I lost my 1st week score in monthly pro leaderboard...
  8. more than 2k score In every week of pro league and dosent matter how much maps are tought, so many of them finish their attack in last minutes! looks like cheat engine works great on spells or pals? whats going on flare?
  9. I just wanna say that in ingame notification we should get the pro setup information so that the player who do not visit forum will get informed about pro league setup..
  10. I do not get the rewards of the professional league My ign is: Mark Fernand Please I need an answer. Thank you
  11. The pro league tiers have always been rather controversial since they were introduced, but this pro league's tiers are incredibly unfair. At the time of writing, only one person has achieved the top tier (1900+) and whether this is a genuine score or not remains questionable. The second highest score is in the 3rd tier, which shouldn't be the case. These tiers seems to be the same as last pro league's tiers, which was miles easier to complete. Of course, this is only the first day but I am sure they need to be readjusted @GalaMorgane since this pro league is rather difficult and the whole purpose of pro tiers is to ensure fairness, which seems to have had the opposite effect.
  12. A long time ago we (forum members) asked for an event where all can compete against each other to see who the best in the world of RR2 is. Flare listened to that discussions and gave us the pro-league event - and many players are very passionate about it - even when it is apparent that there are many cheaters. First - I never liked the way the pro-event was designed. Second - I am not a pro-player and Last - I was not really interested in playing the pro-league until now. I will agree with @Dena4 and say that I am also not a good raider in RR2. I think, I will never play the pro-league again. I do have a few questions that should highlight my concerns: 1. Why is the game interface second rate? (If Flare took the time to reinvent the game interface, why do such a bad job with it. There are many request on the forum asking for normal game play features) 2. Why is there only 2 troops available? (Normal game-play is with 3 troops. Being the best with 2 troops to me - does not mean anything) 3. Why can the troops and spells not be upgraded during the game-play? (Give some gold during play that can be used for troop / spell upgrade. The best player is not only about who has the fastest reflexes, but also who can think strategically the best) 4. Why is the game-play "easy," "easy," "easy," "easy," and then suddenly "impossible"? (Although I am not a pro-player, it would be good to have the league to gradually increase in difficulty. My only impression now is that the whole event is only for the few fast reflex players - and definitely not for me) AND lastly - to all players that do good in the pro league (and do not cheat) - you do have my respect - you really are good and awesome!
  13. some peoples got bug During raids on pro league. when you complete attack after finish game show in screen 99% and you lost time!! @GalaMorgane @Archimedes now how FG back us time on league?
  14. there is 12 challenge on pro league but why most 9of challenge be easy allways and last 3 of them be so hard. so many players cant win pro league and its not fun for them we want somethings change on that: 1-make pro league like ninja event and all players can play on pro easily 2-remove big gem rewards for rank 1-3. 3-make all 12 challenge harder and then all players can do their best on all 12 challenge to get good score we all know so many players playing this game on different device with second account,if make this pro league like ninja event but with same combos for all players then all we can play on pro just for fun! this pro league is sucks because just make players angry and most wait for 1 week to see our finally rank. fix pro rewards and make it easy for all players for fun game
  15. dear flare can u make pro league is possible to beat insta pro league is crazy make pro league possible to win. Not impossible how we can challenge if is impossible for us beat it?
  16. So, why didn't I see any notification about maintenance break coming up? Was raiding in pro league when i suddenly get kicked out and the league is ruined for me. This is so frustrating, as you have some kind of problems nearly on every Pro league...............
  17. Flare team, let's take the Uber items out of the PRO league chests. There's no reason for them to exist in those chests whatsoever. The last 3 pro leagues I've placed pretty high and consistently get 2 uber items and no pro items from the chests. What is the point of spending 750 gems, placing high, and getting nothing in return?
  18. Why can't I participate in pro league? Have trying for a long time but still can't so when the new update come I give away some tickets and hopes I could play but nothing. I hope your team can fix this fast because I want to play and get chest and more like the other but now I can't just donate tickets. Best regards Shubhya
  19. Hi, since pro league subscribers have the tickets auto collect function, i think would be usefull if non paid users could at least be notify when the ticket is ready to collect. Hope it helps, Kind regards
  20. I played pro leagues and collected almost 20k crystals just to buy phobe from pro shop. But now when I visited the pro shop, phobe was gone and Eris was there. A suggestion that you should cycle those pals in pro shop so that if anybody misses the chance to buy any pal, he'd get his chance again.
  21. please add more new items on pro league.and more pals. i already have all of them :|
  22. There are so many cheaters in the top 100 leaderboard of the Pro League right now. It would be nice if someone would check the leaderboard everyday to make sure none of the top 100 cheated. I mean, we already have to deal with duplicate accounts, the best player in an alliance playing on their alliance members' accounts to get higher pro league scores for their alliance. Since this is your big money maker, and the leaderboard is the main incentive for players to spend money on the Pro League tickets, and seeing cheaters in them dis-incentivizes players from entering the Pro League, they should really be more proactive in removing the cheaters from the leaderboard. Thoughts? @FTB
  23. Got rank 114 out of more than 15,000 participants in this week's Pro League. That is top 1%, and what do I get? ONE Pro Chest that contains no ticket, no gems, no crystal, no pro item!!! It's about 800 gems for each ticket and even if you manage to get top 1% it means absolutely nothing! The reward structure NEEDS to be fixed: 1). Top 10% should at least get a free Pro League ticket in their chest for performing so well in the event. 2). Stop putting Uber items in the Pro League Chests. 3). 101st place in the event only receives ONE Pro Chest, REALLY? Do they realize how many people participate in these events? If they want these events to be competitive, maybe 101st-100,000th place shouldn't all be receiving the same ONE Pro Chest.
  24. Hi, how are you guys? I have a suggestion about the pro pal in game. Many players, me included, were keeping ours crystals to get the Phoebe pal as other low level players that want the √Čris pal but they may be replaced any time (as happend to Phoebe). I was thinking in a way tokeep all current pro pals available in a separated store, just like the pro items, so we can choose between the available pals. I have now 24k crystals and I can't buy Phoebe and it's a good option for my playstyle
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