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Found 23 results

  1. this year game is full of bug

    this new year all players waiting for new futures but this year is full of bug and that all because of pro league fix this bug league this game going to dead
  2. So recently I introduced Olympus Rising to my sibling and he installed it on his phone. Lately he has been complaining about the following: 1. When he tries to go to the "Treasure" option to purchase gems using my credit card, the screen goes blank 2. He is currently at level 24 but he received a "Destroy 25 Apollo Towers" Titan Chest Curse. He wanted to use 250 gems to break the curse but every time he tries to do so, he is disconnected from the game. (See picture showing he is level 24 but having that impossible task of destroying 25 Apollo Towers; Apollo Towers are unlocked at Level 50). 3. He also does not have the option to buy the "Daily Gem" package. 4. His phone's screen is also empty in the "Divine Blessing Donation" area. SEE PICTURES. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game on his phone but the problems were still there. PLEASE HELP.
  3. Now it is a must needed steps from flare to change the attack rate and Range of Aki Beast.It is very Much hard to beat and sometime it is unbeatable when Aki starts attacking over path borders.Its Fear and confusion chance is also high.Please Flare Blance this Beast.This is a common problem for every rr2 players.
  4. So still for months I,m stuck at this. I got way to progress in this game, character is level 89, cups around 2500 and there no way get decent amount of gold even with 113% gold bonus! every enemy around my level has almoste no gold or is unbeatable, only serious income are my taverns and when finely get some gold your attacked and lose tripple the gold amount I gained. sure make your defense stronger to protect your gold, sure I wish I could but to get stonger I need gold, cant get gold as no one has gold. even if somone has gold its impossible to break trough even with units I use are max level “max before the update” So cant progress, cant get gold, gold I get lost harder then gained and most enemies with gold I cant beat because dont get gold to upgrade anything. Im not only one I know that got this issue and started at certain level where suddenly stop getting enemies that has gold. fix this please.
  5. I'm level 80, I never had problems with the app, but suddenly it won't let me enter. It frezzes in the title screen, even when I uninstall, download and install it again. It's the only game I can't enter, so I don't think it's a problem with the cellphone. Does anyone have any advice/solution?
  6. Iam lvl 15 with lvl 4 hq and lvl 4 metal storage, want to upgrade hq to lvl 5 but need 25k metal so i go to metal storage but it said need hq lvl 5..
  7. Hi. Today (Saturday, February 25), after playing a little bit in the bost hunt, the list of players is not loading anymore. I restarted the game and nothing. I left the bost hunt and now I cant go back: Every time I check there is some loading animation but no button to continue the bost hunt. There is any problem with the servers?
  8. Hi! As you may know, the last yeti event didn't go that well: the rewards weren't given as they should be. Flaregames did solve this, by giving everybody the top reward. This was appreciated by my clan, except for the players who reached the first place. Okay, they did get their rewards, but players who were ranked below them got the same rewards, even those who didn't even do much effort. Also, those clan members who were first in the event spent a lot of gems (hundreds of gems) to get the extra coins in the treasure chamber. But no reward for those lost gems. So why does everybody get a higher reward, but not those who actually deserve that reward? Do you get my point? Now those members of my clan (who were first) are furious and all want to quit the game (seriously, they'll play during this war, but then they will quit), because they feel disadvantaged. Please give them an extra reward, I can give you the IGNs if needed. But please don't make my clan fall apart because of that one event. I've put so much effort in getting a strong clan and now my clan is threatened. Please help my clan (and maybe other clans as well). Thanks Vertex Nivis (IGN), leader of the Vlaamse Liga PS.: I don't know if this is the right place to post this message. If not, please tell me where I have to post it again.
  9. Can't sell a weapon

    I have items in my inventory that i can't sell or melt in blacksmith. This items highlits white and there is no button to sell, only to dress it. I want to get rid of it, could you help me?
  10. Hi Alysea, I've got this silly problem with my game. After the latest update, on the local leaderboard there is only one person left. ME! I don't know what the problem is, but I can not see anybody on the local leaderboard but me. And the other problem is, on the Leader Hunt tab, it always says "Loading". I have internet connection. Tried both wifi and 3G. Don't know what to do PS: I am playing the game on iPhone 5S. PS 2: I can not watch ad videos, too. There are none!
  11. Windows 10 PC

    Hello. At the opening of the Royal Revolt 2 Windows 10 (PC) crashes the game. A window opens (screenshot of the desktop) and immediately takes off the same game. I restart the computer, reboot the game (and delete uploaded back through the shop) but nothing happens. The first time the game has opened fine, everything was fine. Then she turned off and no longer included. Help is needed!
  12. HELP with Dungeons!

    I started to play at one day ago and i'm level 14 but I can't get to enter in Dungeons. When i touch the icon to enter appears that message: " The Dunegons was not fully load. Try later again." I don't know if that happened because my cell phone or if is a bug game. My cell phone is a Sony Xperia C. Help me please!! I want so much to play this game!!!!
  13. Victory?

    Have not won a single victory for over a week. All heroes now are at base. Game implies fun. This is just frustrating. Ascension level 48 Heroes level 8-14
  14. Before the new update (which I got 20 minutes ago because it prevented me from attacking another player) everything worked great, although matchmaking is a little corrupt (but we'll save that for another time). Anyway, I got the update and tried immediately to reconnect to the game so that I could attack the player. It said connecting for about 10 seconds then tried multiple times to reconnect...nothing. I checked my wifi by opening other apps that required wifi, and they all worked perfectly. Please fix this ASAP as my island is not accessible to me but it still is to my opponents, which is not fair. I have an iPad mini 2 and the latest version of the game (obviously).
  15. Medal problem

    i am not getting enough medals ,most of the time i got which is least which i can get,some players offer some medals but their base is impossible to clear without using scrolls .i asked my alliance members they are getting 250-400 medals easily ,why is this happening ,i was inactive for some time ,is this happening because of that. Previously i was getting 250-300 medals easily before i got inactive. please help
  16. Problem with payment

    Hello everyone ! I'm from Romania and I've been trying to reach the RR2 Team for 3 weeks having problems with payments. I have a MasterCard and I've seen it is accepted as payment but everytime i am trying to do one,they reject my card. Why is that? First time i tryed on Windows 8.1 , it didn't work so i figured i should transfer my account into telephone. Done that, but still doesn't let me buy anything. Thought i ran out of money on card, wasn't that the problem. I got plenty.. but still they do not let me. Trying to get a quick answer what should I do except the one that i need to make another card and it should be Visa ! Thanks for the patience and hoping for an answer ! Have a nice day
  17. I've been collecting treasure chests and i'm planning to open them after one of my worker is available. I saw chest will expire in few days. However just now all of my chest are gone.. Is it supposed to happened that way? If so, why is there a timer to open the chests? Can i redeem all 4 my missing tresure chest?
  18. I have been enjoying the game royal revolt 2 and it was working great until today. I logged on and it said update but when I tried Google play says my device is not compatible. I was then told on the forum to uninstall and reinstall so I tried. Now I can't reinstall cause it says not compatible. Please fix. I am already losing all the money and work I have put into it and my place in the league tournaments. When will I be able to play again??? After the update I can no longer play. I was advised to uninstall and reinstall game. I can not reinstall because Google play says my device is not compatible. It was working just fine before the update. will this be fixed soon. I have a lot of time and money in this game already. I am using a LG Risio phone with Android version 5.1.1 Please answer me on this. I would love to get started playing again soon.
  19. Vauchers

    Dear royal revolt team, im having trouble with my vouchers and code..... theres no option for me to enter the code Can you help me to fix it? King name: Filip_Krcmarevic Alliance: Brothers from Serbija And if you can help with same gems
  20. Trying to motivate my alliance to get into WAR SEASON turned out bad for me. I saw as time goes on, less people were getting involved. All the way up to 80% stopped helping. Therefore, I created a kick policy. I said that if people were not active for five battles, a kick was necessary. Generals and myself made this decision. If members scored between 1st and 5th place in a battle, one number counted against them drops off. Well, this made things even worse. After my third WAR SEASON, a General decided (without telling anybody and without consulting me) they were going to kick half the alliance out right before the last battle was won. This caused us to loose WAR SEASON all together, and I have spent the last 7 days inviting and rebuilding the alliance. I have since increased the number to -15 instead of -5 for kicks. My Suggestions: 1. Create another rank that cannot kick. 2. Create multiple ranks and allow us to manage what they can and cannot do (apply boosts, invite, """kick""", etc.) 3. Take the ability to kick from the General, period. Sorry for the long post. What do you all think about the ranking system?
  21. The topic explains itself, but how do I log into my profile from other supported devices?
  22. When press pausa band my iPhone go to screenpause the game finished. But the big problem is the room of lucy. In fact, just a second internet connection lost, and you lose EVERYTHING !!! IS MONEY IS FOOD AND ESPECIALLY THE ROOM OF LUCK !!! Also in the basement of the same thing happens! where I will fix already lost about 80 rooms of luck with outbuildings money and food!
  23. Hi. I attacked by other people. I have no tower or traps in my castle but this is my attack history. Why?! Thanks.