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Found 3 results

  1. There is no reason to remove control of our Hero from us during the dragon animation. This is the ONLY instance that removes control from our hero and should NOT exist! I lose anywhere from 2-6 seconds every time a dragon spawns where my hero just stands still and any (touch and go) spells I have cast lose 90% of their effectiveness. IF you cannot grant us control of our hero while keeping the dragon animation, then JUST REMOVE THE ANIMATION!! @FTB @GalaMorgane@Archimedes@FlareGames
  2. I did some experiments on Burning and Poison Effect on my blog and I was hoping to share with you guys the results! Turns out Pyromancers and Mortars are not as simple as I used to think. I am also going to keep making more posts about Royal Revolt 2. Kinda like how Jason Wivart makes his informative videos! Took me a few days to make as I was busy and english was not my first language. (Sorry for my bad english!)
  3. Virzano

    WATCH OUT! Pyromancer!

    how can 1 fire ball of the pyromancer can drain almost half of my cannon health which have 1200++ HP and pyromancer attack is just below 200 point fire damage how this game calculate burn damage actually?