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Found 1 result

  1. Screw the ninja events

    Yes, I died, revived only to instantly loose my health and die again because the stupid input lag made my king sit there and get shot, all after I spent plenty of gems trying to get first. This is an extreme rage post. You've been warned. Still here? Good. Screw the ninja events! The "one revive for the whole stupid event" is stupid. The thing is boring as hell. It's not challenging; it's monotonous, and I will seriously consider quitting if they don't change soon. It's just the same thing over and over and over again against stupid maps with stupid boosts, most of which are not available outside the war season and conveniently designed to make the maps as annoying as possible just to make you grit your teeth knowing how stupid it all is and wondering why you still play never mind spend good money. Exhale. And why, oh why does the health bar still get covered in other units'? That was fine until you broke it, flare. Fantastic work there. And the input lag is getting on my nerves in more than just the ninja fights. It's everywhere. I touch the screen and the king doesn't move. Instant death. Maybe I'm hitting a button by accident, I dunno just fix it, whatever it is. I used to play a game called age of legends run by a company called Uken. They added content very occasionally but they ruined it by making the worst possible decisions at every single opportunity to do so. Don't turn into the next Uken, flare. Fix the ninja events, fix the balance of the whole game, and start fixing the old systems that aren't working so well anymore or are boring as hell like the wars. I'll do my part and try not to quit.