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Found 5 results

  1. drunkenconfucius

    troop ai Troop Collision Boxes

    Does anyone else feel like they have to stop from spawning too many units? If I have too many ogres or werewolves at once (say 3 or 4 of each), they start to slow each other down and can't pass each other. Consequently they don't get close enough to towers to attack them or move too slowly, and costs a lot of time during raids trying to get them positioned again. I think the collision hitboxes need some work, and maybe troop targeting AI. Even hero scream doesn't fix this, and sometimes worsens the issue by bunching them together. This is honestly what it feels like most of the time, even with a reasonable number of troops:
  2. If you log in and you have been attacked, you get to see a pop up which shows the number of raids, some crowns and the amount of gold you've lost. I would like to see the total amount of trophies lost/gained. The crowns don't tell me a lot if there were multiple raids.
  3. Alliance level - 10 (by choice as we are saving gold until the alliance is full) Gold boost - 13% Tax bonus - 4% Status - Apply to join (or leave your IGN and I will invite you) Donations needed - 20k+ (if 20k then look to upgrade to 50k) Trophies needed - we don't care (but if you want that gold boost to go up, get them trophies) Minimum hero level - 50 We are aiming to use gold for boosts in war if needed and then build up the pot during cool down ready for the next one
  4. Anonymous

    List Your Highest Raids

    Just out of curiosity: List your current highest gold raids that you received from a single castle. (Not Including Treasure Chest) 1. Highest raid last night 536,000 gold 2. Second highest raid this morning 350,000 gold.