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Found 5 results

  1. Ring of Zelos has been bugged for me since the last update. Since Flare changed the way range is displayed from 60% to 3,0. The range actually seems to have become 60:3=20x less. Tried unequipping the ring on all gear sets and playing a match without it, didnt work.Tried it again and restarting game, didnt work. Tried reinstalling the game, didnt work. I know there are more people having this problem and I kindly ask @PaSte and @FTB or anyone else from Flare to give us ANY info about this bug. Just confirming it is indeed bugged would be enough. I will keep on trying to find some way to fix this. If any information is needed I will provide it.
  2. Hi Nowhere I can find good explanation of range system. From what I noticed real range bar not always are expanding after range upgrade. for example my Skull Tower have now 6.73 range. From 6.65 Im checking real range and it still in this same point. Anyone can explain range system?
  3. I've got my pyros forged on range to 6.04 but they still can't seem to reach Firebolt or LT in opposite lane. Can that range be reached? I'm already hitting the point of diminishing returns on range forges so I'm reluctant to continue.
  4. Dear flaregames, Can you explain me this problem? Both my skull tower and lightning tower has the same range, but skull tower can reach me in this situation, but lightning cant. Can you explain me about the range? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I am a new player (I speak Spanish) and I have a couple of questions: 1. Defensive Way If building a road you realize that you're wrong or you have a better extrategia for which you must take a different path, is it possible to change it ?, ie is it possible to clear road built without modifying the original? Otherwise, it would be implemented very useful as it might bother you quite your instance in the game and the towers and defenses of the way if can be moved or removed. 2. Ranges in the alliance When a new player enters my alliance, it is automatically rank Soldier and I can ascend to the player but, What is the next rank? How many ranks are there? What are the differences between each rank? --- I hope you can help me and thanks for the inconvenience.
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