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Found 2 results


  2. Miraculous League records ?

    Would like to share my thoughts here concerning the league records we see all the time in our leagues. Currently went down to the gold league. It shows a league record of 200,222 medals. This league goes on for 24 hours. Usually, to score high, you need to fight strong players with 300-1200 medals bases. Since the high medals bases are very tough and extremely hard to beat, we can assume the average medals per raid is around 500. Also, it takes a lot of time to search and find those bases. Even if you have a ready list of targets, you can't fight each more than 3 times per hour and many times they are online. Usually, most of the time is wasted for this search. If my calculation is right, then to score the mentioned above medals record, then 200k / 24h / 500 medals equals 16.7 raids per hour. Meaning, one raid per 3:36 minutes... A raid of tough bases usually takes almost the max time, close to 2:44 minutes, sometimes less. A couple of seconds raid brief and then a couple of seconds for the CoF. Estimated Total of 3:00-3:30 minutes per each raid. Let's not forget that it also takes time to find this opponent. Now we must also assume that this record-man is a robot, which during 24 hours only makes raids one after the other, never sleeps, never eats and never even goes to the toilet... Not only a robot, but also a super-star Raider, who always wins each raid... Not only a super star, but also very wealthy, cause to get enough food for all this, you can't waste your time on watching videos, only to buy the food for gems... Think the same miraculous records are in all the leagues. I smell a bad smell here... Does anyone else? (not because of avoiding toilets, lol) Cheers, Edward