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Found 38 results

  1. Hello King and Queens! <<<LONE WOLVES>>> Looking for active members to become stronger together! Our present ALLIANCE LEVEL is 40 and we are in TOP400 of Alliances Leaderboard! Free slots: 1 (more will be available soon) We are maintaining statistics for each member in following categories: War, Ninja event, Pro League (isn't taken into account when assessing the activity) participation and gold donation in order to present fair activity comparison. We have our facebook group to share our experience easier. Current requirements to join: 100k minimum donation; 2000 trophies and above; We are offering: Permanent elite boosts: Blazing Knights 8, Power Archer lvl5 (while Ascension Archer is available!); Tough Barricades 3, Stunning Ogre 3, Range Bomber 3, Storm Cannons 3, Raging Wolves 2, (If it needed during the wars all others elite boosts); Pro boosts: We are focusing to take Mass Hysteria and Ascension Archer as higher level as possible. Currently Ascension Archer lvl 1; Special season boosts: If it needed during the wars; War boosts: Currently Dracomancer lvl3; Doom Gate lvl4; Frenzy Frost Blaster lvl3 (will be prolonged as much as possible); Beasts: Savage Tammy lvl1, Twisted Archimedes lvl1, Primal Howl lvl1, Primal Growl lvl1, Vicious Bucky lvl1, Untamed Kaiser lvl1; Additional: In final wars round ( if we fight for nothing!) champ slot for highest scores with chance for higher chest; Opened general positions for members with proven loyalty and activity willing to help for brighter alliance future; BE BRAVE, BE LONE WOLF!!! Cheers, RebelMonster
  2. The Ghostbusters are looking for new recruits to help them rejoin the ranks of the top alliances in the game. We're an experienced, organized and well-respected alliance, made up of a loyal group of players who are equally interested in winning torches and earning booty. We like to win AND have fun doing so! We communicate regularly--in-game and on our Line chat--to help our members improve as individual players and our team as a collective fighting unit. We share game tips and news, review defenses and discuss war strategy to keep our players engaged in the game, while doing their best and having the most fun in the process. We invite all active, experienced and team-first players meeting the following criteria to apply to join our group of true Olympians: Ascension level: 100+ Victory points: 5000+ Hall of Uranus: Minimum Level 9 (150k+/daily) War activity and a positive, cooperative attitude are mandatory. Apply in-game or friend/msg me on Line for more info. Best of luck to all applicants!IssarusGhostbusters GeneralLine ID: issarus Band ID: Issarus
  3. Gegroet ridders, join —— DUTCH WAR MACHINE — Captain Henk
  4. ** Now recruiting active and loyal members with consistent war participation and donations. ** We take war participation and donations very seriously, but as an alliance we aim to create a supportive and fun group of members who help each other out. We encourage conversations among members, even if they don't relate specifically to the game. Our #1 priority is to unite as an alliance, and promote both success in war seasons and friendships among members. Alliance Name: Avengers1326 Alliance Level: 32 Alliance Leaderboard Rank: 727 Language: English (primary) - we do have members from several countries who speak many different languages, including Portuguese and Spanish Requirements: Hero/player Level 50 minimum 50k donation minimum 1,200 trophies minimum Participation in all wars (Alliance and Ninja Wars) Regular donation Gifts/Perks: Elite Boosts: Always Active Holy Paladin Stunning Ogre Storm Cannon During War Season Tough Barricade Frost Trap Raging Wolf Others at request +25% Gold Bonus Insta-Troops Champions and Shields per Generals'/Leader's discretion Promotions to loyal members who donate every day and fight all battles during war season Rules: No bullying - ZERO TOLERANCE Must participate in wars Must donate regularly ** We take care of our members and promote those who show loyalty and support. Together we shall AVENGE!! **
  5. I Rudra Sain an officer of "Elite Indians??" Call out every top gun especially indians in this game to join elite indians's legacy.! ? ?Benefits? *12 Divine Blessings. ?️ *All War Blessings⚔️ * Every Country's Player is respected. ? *Vast Network of Ally Allainces? *Have Guidance of "Doomlord of India" ?? Contact Us On "Line" App, User ID: "Nitin4may"
  6. morning all, been checking this game out for the last week or two and decided it was worth spending more time on so I'm looking for an active alliance who is open to newer members working up with them. currently sitting at circa 1500 points lvl 40 after just under 2 weeks and looking to keep that growth curve if possible. Have plenty of experience with other similar games so hit me up if your interested. IGN - Mhorb
  7. Hello kings and queens We look for active and loyals members. We speak english french spanish arabian. We have 3 permanents boost Knights , Cannons and Ogres and during War barricades and or werewolves. Number of permanents boosts can be increased dependind of total amoung of daily donated gold with futur members About that we ask minimum donation of 250k We ll do our best to help you improving your defense and or attack and share with you all tips we know. I was about to forget im a Queen and hope to see some of you girls soon on Moroccan kingdom you are welcome too guys
  8. Game Name : FlowRock Trophies 1800+ Ascension lvl 46 Im.good at this game. Im currently stuck with a german alliance. Im not able communicate with them. I donate daily Im looking for a active english alliance. I look for active chat and good war skills! Please reply if anyone wants me in! Thanks
  9. Interested in joining an alliance? You are most welcome to join. If you are new, I am new like you...Let us explore and have fun together!!!!!
  10. Hi fellow RR2 members, My alliance, Conquerors Forever, are now in the recruitment period before the war season starts at week's end. If you are interested in joining you must first be able to adhere to our rules. Be active during war season and all events Donate alliance gold actively Donate insta troops during war season and all events You MUST fight all the fights assigned to you during war season and all events Have fun and be nice to your fellow alliance members! Our Elite Boosts are: Blazing Knights Poison Arrow Tower Power Archer Tough Barricade Holy Paladin Frost Trap Stunning Ogre Range Bomber Storm Cannon If after reading this you are persuaded to join our team, feel free to apply and you will be accepted within hours.
  11. Aliança Vikings Br Recruta novos membros, atualmente estamos em nível 4, e estamos procurando novos membros para ajudar na expansão da aliança. Principalmente os BRs que jogam.
  12. Anubis Re es una alianza con jugadores de Argentina, México y Chile, estamos buscando jugadores activos que quieran ser parte de nuestra alianza Anubis Re is a good alliance there are a Latina players if you want a terrific alliance send you invitación To Anubis Re
  13. Hello everyone! [Alliance Name is war seasoned] [Level 14 ranks top 2500 with lots of potential] 1500 or more trophies required. We speak both Spanish and English, special announcements and rules are made on English, We are looking for players that like to stay active, minimum trophies is 1500 and war participation is required. Players need to donate at least once every 2 days regularly and every days when on war season. There is no hero level requirement at the moment. Players that don't reach a minimum gain of 1500 skull will be kicked out. If you will like to be part of an alliance that enforce players to be active, come join us! Search for war seasoned and let's get started!
  14. Exicision noun ex·ci·sion \ik-ˈsi-zhən\ Exicision is a brand new alliance, focusing on hardcore from the beginning; giving the most of it until the final chapter. Since this is a new alliance, I have chosen to put the recruitment as open, meaning anyone can join. But once we've found a steady ground, I'll start keeping the people reaching the requirements and contribution. If you fail to reach the contribution you will be notified a warning, followed by a kick. As of for now, the tax rate (2%) and gold rate (5%) is both premieres; but both will grow within short time. Requirements: 1000 Trophies 35+ King Minimum donation is currently set to 100k gold per day, attendance to every raid once we're enough members. (This does not apply until the guild is active.) Why should you join? If you're interested in achieving the most; you're welcome to join. We're striving to give permanent boost and gift to members who has been loyal and contributed the most. Together we stay strong.
  15. We are open for those who are looking for Alliance. Requirements are: Active members Always Join at Guild Wars Daily Donation on Guild funds Low level also are welcome to Join. Search for Philippine Emperors. Alliance level is 36. Other Nationalities is also welcome to join the guild (90% of members are Pinoy).
  16. We are an english speaking level 12 alliance with 10/23 players currently. The alliance is relatively new. We are looking for lvl 45+ active players. Daily donations and being active and participation in events and wars is a must. Please join us for a fun time and nice players.(Rude players are kicked immediately). Leave your ign here or add me in game carlasif or just apply to the alliance king of everyone.
  17. Español/Spanish (2nd post for english): Somos "Argentina al palo" una alianza que esta creciendo rápido en el juego y siempre estamos necesitando nuevos miembros que sean activos, que busquen crecer de la mano de una alianza buena onda y que donen regularmente. Usamos mucho en el chat para ayudarnos entre todos. Las reglas son simples: - Donadores de 50k o más por día pueden pedir que se active una mejora de elite por semana (cual y cuando). - Buscamos preferentemente miembros que donen 10k o más, o que estén dispuestos a subir la torre de alianza. - Solo mantenemos a miembros activos y que donan. - Todo es charlable, el que aporta tiene voz y voto. - Los mas experimentados siempre ayudan, probando las defensas y dando recomendaciones. Saludos y si piden unirse dejen un mensaje en este post que los vamos a aceptar
  18. If you are Active, level 60 and above, want to have fun in this Season's War, then you want to Join Pandora!!!! ask to join!!! Alliance level 28, Long History of being Top Rank in WAR>>> Great rewards... Many are called, few will be accepted, Are YOU the ONE ???? Can you make the CUT? We only want the few that show they have what it takes, Will you get in? Are you strong enough to STAY, or will you get WEEDED OUT???? We made room for 15 WINNERS !!!!!
  19. If you are Active, level 60 and above, want to have fun in this Season's War, then you want to Join Pandora!!!! ask to join!!! Alliance level 28, Long History of being Top Rank in WAR>>> Great rewards...
  20. "If you looking for a well organised multinational alliance with serious goals but above all a family with great fun atmosphere...we can welcome you on-board!" [We currently have 1 possible open spot for members!] http://ancient-forces.com/ Join our forum to learn lots of interesting stuff! Our Goals Our vision is none other than to become the first team, but at the same time having fun and keeping a good atmosphere, enjoying the game to the fullest. History Ancient Forces is a new team. It’s the result of a merge between two big teams of the top 10, Greek Army & Ancient Forces, both teams had a friendly relationship for a long time and after a common decision joined their best members and created a stronger competitive team. Our Philosophy Our way of thinking is not very common, right now we are a top 5 team with members that share a passion for the game and for the moment stay neutral. We don’t constantly recruit and replace members but we help new and old members through defense testing, advises and sharing our exclusive game guide. That way we focus on loyalty and stability. Also it’s a way to build friendships that last long, even outside the game. The new Ancient Forces! We have many officers that make charts, which include almost every statistic the game has to offer, allowing this way all members to see their progress in trophies-war performance-ratings and many more. Also it’s a good way for the officers to have a clear image of the team and steady progress for all. What we offer We are currently a Level 45 Alliance [50 members] Ranked 2rd on trophies list [about 311k] Ranked 3th on torches list [137] 100% gold bonus/19% donation bonus We run ALL available blessings 24/7 Members Requirements Extra donation is appreciated but not necessary Must be Active & with good war performance Hall of Uranus must be Level 9 or 10 Acceptable Prestige 19+ Minimum Trophies 5800 Minimum Ascension Level 85 Download Line app & communicate in English If you are interested in joining AF: add shadowscop1on on line app chat / post your in-game name or line ID / just send joining request in-game. http://ancient-forces.com/
  21. Hi, we are recruiting active players! We are an active Alliance who have fun and share the knowledge obtained to improve your game. Please join us, you are always more than welcome! Search for "Praetorian Garde" Alliance and apply!!! The only requirement it is to be an Active Player!!!
  22. Oyunda ilk ve Turk olan tek loncayiz. Tum Turk dostlarimizi bekliyoruz. Aktif bir loncayiz, cok da gucluyuz. Sadece aktif oynayabilen oyunculara ihtiyacimiz var. Uluslararasi savaslarda henuz yenilgiye de ugramadik We are recruitting new and only active members. We are strong and active alliance who never lost any war during the events. However, we have many inactive players. That's why we have to kick inactive players for new members. Please join us, you are always more than welcome.
  23. The alliance, Infinite Flash, is looking for some new members to join. If you are looking for an alliance to join, feel free to check us out. We have 3 members and can have 6 more new members as of now. Please reply if you are interested or find us in the game. If you are going to join, please be active
  24. Alliance: BLACKBLOCK DILMA - ( In Brazil ) Level 3 About: new covenant, 7 active members. order to grow, gems boxes of prizes every month to help develop. Requirements to participate: -donation minimum of 10k onwards. -We recruti people just over 900 trophies above. -level minimum of 25 hero. -Participate wars. -Participate in WhatsApp group Rules: -We Do not tolerate profanity. -Ajudar Other troops. -Be Active. -After 3 warning will be banned. Questions, WhatsApp: +5511995182359 or Facebook: Facebook Sincerely, Zalthairk
  25. Hi, Title says it all.. Ascension lvl 48, 2k trophies - with my high ascension level I am competing against people with constant blessings on creatures and towers, and my alliance doesnt donate a lot of money so I never have blessings now... -> losing lots of trophies now. I have gems and willing to use them if everyone in the alliance does the same. Only looking for top alliance. For further information, ask me Edit: I am also super active!! Edit2: I speak english, nederlands, français, und ein bisschen deutsch ? Grtz
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