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Found 4 results

  1. ISTHMUS OF CORINTH - Formerly known as MH1104 Fun joining an active alliance that manages work/life but has fun and is serious about the game! Stats - Dec 2017: Alliance Started 2016 Language:ENGLISH primary plus OTHERS Alliance Rank Top 100 currently 84 - 54th is recent best 200k+ trophies Alliance Level 37 - Includes Cyclops level 4 - Targeting level 38 in 30 days for Barricade boost 13-11% Donation Bonus 96-94% Gold Boost 69-60 Torches Requirements: Ascension level 90+ Trophies 4500+ 5K+ preferred Hall of Uranus - minimum level 8 (100k) within 30 days of joining, two weeks of gem mining is all it takes Donate Daily – the gold invested doesn’t hurt at any level Active in Chat - LINE preferred or game Chat. Active in Wars Must advise if unable to participate in upcoming war Active leadership: Boosts War Ops Team requirement compliance On-boarding & training Review of game updates & defense, offense Onboarding and Training Notes: Promotions based on activity, including General Veteran once meet Requirements Top players invited to leadership Team coverage for all time zones Come get you some! Install LINE, send a message to CoCoKola or take your chances and join directly. - CoCoKola
  2. Hello, International Alliance is looking for a new active members, if You are interesting, please join us. We are LEVEL 48, rank 165, have 44% of gold bonus, and have many different boost active (our main boost is knight boost). Our requirements: 1. Hero level 85+ 2. 3000+ trophies 3. Donation min. 150k gold 4. Our main goal is maxed alliance lvl. Than we will spend all money for boosts. Apply in game, contact Erhan62 or post your IGN below. See Y'all in the game!
  3. Hello! My old alliance the Hungarian Kingdom lost many of its members because of inactivity. We have a few very active members now, but can't win clan wars without more active members. We need new members, who like to take part in alliance wars. I donate 250 000 gold every day, so we can discuss boosts etc. Despite the name, we are an international alliance and use english language. Our alliance is on level 23 now. You are free to join until we are not full. Regards, aprilliasky
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