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Found 23 results

  1. So I would like to see better rewards for the achievements. At the moment they give like 20 gems for using Firestorm 50.000 times for example. Ive been playing for over a year and I still have 20% to go for my 20 gems reward! Seriously Flare for playing so long and using spells or units this many times there should at least be much better rewards than 20 gems or even 1M gold for producing 2.000.000 food. Ive been playing for so long and Im only halfway there! For only 1M gold!! tl;dr Make achievements/missions less meaningless and give better rewards.
  2. Daily Chest Reward out of order

    When the daily chests rewards for the month changed to have the holiday chests, it messed up the order of rewards i got. Everyday I retrieve the reward it always gives the chest tomorrow instead of the one for the day. It puts the check mark on the current day, but gives me the chest for the next day. And this has been going on since, I even missed out on a uber chest awhile back which frustrated me. I am not sure what to do about this. If a mod would please fix it, so that the correct day and chest is given to me on the correct day. In game name: RazWolffang
  3. I have a big remark on a player 20 levels higher than me ripping 15 trophies and over 1k skulls just like that. Rule should be simple, attacking a higher level more skulls, attacking lower level less skulls and trophies. No items were used that is what makes it so bad.
  4. I'm posting this mainly for the administrators and people that have the capability to fix the issues that I'm about to present as well as others who have experienced the same issue... So here's the deal great folks at Flare Games, your trophies/reward system is HUGELY FLAWED!!! Here's why, I have had numerous occasions where I have gone on raids, via the matchmaking system mind you, and generally I'm only offered 7 to 10 trophies as a reward for winning but if I lose to someone who even has elite boosted troops and I don't have any boosted troops I lose an extremely unfair amount of trophies! Like just last night I lost ONE RAID because I wouldn't spend the gems to revive ( I need them for food for more raids!), and I lost like 67 trophies I'm not kidding! But I only stood to gain 7 for 100% victory! And this was after at least five straight victories. Why the huge punishment? Nobodies perfect one loss should not be so costly, nobody can win every game even Michael Jordan lost occasionally. I'm starting to think that you're game is punishment driven and it's frustrating as hell!!! I'm putting it nicely. And what's worse as a result I get put in some bracket where none of the opponents via matchmaking have more than 200k so amassing enough gold to build and upgrade defensively etc. is made more difficult as a result of this huge flaw. Thank God Granny had gold! I'm not made of money I can't buy gems all the time. So whoever can fix this issue or cares enough to do so PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX IT. I know you needed to come up with a system to alleviate the huge problem of trophy stripping to protect the hard working higher level players who have invested vastly more than I have in time, dedication, effort and talent and general contribution of many avenues than I have, but you still need to work a few things out because from what I've experienced the algorithm doesn't take into account the elite boosts in a path defense and how they increase the difficulty in general especially for those with non boosted troops, the algorithm needs to recognize the differences in strength and abilities ranges and changes or additions to said abilities of troops, monsters, traps, towers barricades etc. As well as differences created offensively and allocate the amount of trophies one can win or lose accordingly with a truly correct assessment of difficulty with a system that takes all that of into account calculates it correctly and rewards or punishes properly it's math, computers can do that they're really smart and with your team of geniuses it can be done you just have to want to. Your game was fun at first but it's becoming frustrating what's the point of playing something and trying to advance and play well if you're going to get boned harder than every adult entertainer that ever starred in an adult movie with Ron Jeremy, for trophies for one loss even if you die right at the castle gate with having destroyed all towers. Maybe losing double what could've been won in trophies but sixty something trophies and a drop in potential gold earning is absurd and punitive. How are you supposed to climb a ladder if the rungs keep breaking from under you. I'm not a bad player either I paid attention to the lessons taught on YouTube by the kind and talented geniuses Flothaboss, Pellez and Sn1kt I'm not the best but I'm not bad I win more than I lose. That's my suggestion. Thank you for your time Sincerely Charles
  5. In my first participation to a festival (Birthday festival), I got about 600 (at medium) rewards per day through festival fights; but in subsequent festival, I got about 500 (at medium) rewards per day. So, in all festivals, I bought gems chests (also daily), throne room and one time offers to obtain the items interested in me, except in "1 million like festival" (in which I have already had the pals, while the items were not interesting for me). I don't like to spend money, so I'm writing this topic and this post if there is a way to get more rewards only through festival fights.
  6. Fix the Chests, Cursed Items a joke

    What happened to the commitment to make chests better? Not being lived up to. The last two wars and Odysseys I've invested hours and hours of gameplay to gain Titan and God-like chests - and invested hours breaking curses on items to be rewarded with? What? Absolutely nothing is what - no item even close to being as good as what I already have - and this after you stated categorically you have improved things. Everyone in my alliance is noticing the same thing. This plus your habit of nerfing anything good (instead of fine tuning it if needed) is the perfect recipe to drive good players away. Please reform or lose us - it's that simple

    My code is TEYRNQFR if you want an add just leave a comment down below and we will add each other for some titan rewards
  8. It'd be nice if we could see a thumbnail showing the item being collected in each package in the mailbox BEFORE we opened the mail. We shouldn't have to remember the order things came in when collecting rewards and purchases. How would YOU feel when your Metal supplies are at 99% and you open what you thought was your GOLD only to discover it's your 70,000 metal? A thumbnail or the option to NOT collect the item at that time would be really #%}#%%## handy.
  9. I completed and received all the rewards in the zombie slaughter event. I close the game with all 13 rewards in the inbox. Now there are only 10 of them. The timer for the rewards are not up yet. Why are my rewards disappearing? ? Please do not take away my premium and elite crates T.T Ign is GunGraveG
  10. You really need to do something about the value of Titan chests - right now they don't measure up for any player with experience. I, and many others, are getting sick of fighting in wars to get all the titan chests only to open them and find items that are weaker than what we already have or overlap what we have - while other heroes who could really use good items go without. Also the number of actual titan items inside a titan chest is pathetic - populating them with useless lower level items is just frustrating. Surely you could do something to ensure that more items are useful? It would increase player satisfaction a great deal - and right now if you read your forums you should see that quite a few of us customers are starting to get peeved. You let that keep going and you lose paying customers.
  11. No Pearls from Ninja Event

    I finished my ninja event in first, but received no pearls. I did get the chests and offense ninjas, but no pearls. I did restart my session to see if that trick would work, but no joy there. Is this a bug?
  12. Hi! As you may know, the last yeti event didn't go that well: the rewards weren't given as they should be. Flaregames did solve this, by giving everybody the top reward. This was appreciated by my clan, except for the players who reached the first place. Okay, they did get their rewards, but players who were ranked below them got the same rewards, even those who didn't even do much effort. Also, those clan members who were first in the event spent a lot of gems (hundreds of gems) to get the extra coins in the treasure chamber. But no reward for those lost gems. So why does everybody get a higher reward, but not those who actually deserve that reward? Do you get my point? Now those members of my clan (who were first) are furious and all want to quit the game (seriously, they'll play during this war, but then they will quit), because they feel disadvantaged. Please give them an extra reward, I can give you the IGNs if needed. But please don't make my clan fall apart because of that one event. I've put so much effort in getting a strong clan and now my clan is threatened. Please help my clan (and maybe other clans as well). Thanks Vertex Nivis (IGN), leader of the Vlaamse Liga PS.: I don't know if this is the right place to post this message. If not, please tell me where I have to post it again.
  13. To Flare, As we all know, the rewards for the 2nd yeti event, 'Brawl through the House' were supposed to be delivered on 2nd January, 3 pm. GMT. Apparently, due to the leap-second, you were not able to give out the rewards, fine. I waited patiently, since I had faith. We waited... waited... waited, to get our rewards on 4th January. Now the unfair part comes in - You gave rewards according to the current tier and not the tier in which the player participated - A person who made an effort to go in a higher tier, you just made a mess of it. - I gained a tier after the event, got 1 more chest and 500 more pearls, I am willing to give my 500 pearls back and deduct a legendary chest from next time, if you are willing to clean up this mess. Solution : Give everyone 1 higher tier rewards. No unfair chance. Now secondly, you gave everyone the 1st place rewards, so am I a big fool who spent gems just to get an apparent 1st, I DEMAND MY GEMS BACK. It is not fair if someone is a bad raider or does not spend and ends up getting 1st when I spend so much on CoF. I demand my gems back. So you need to give back all the gems spent to all players to make it a level playing field, since now at the end of the day, it is the ones who got 1st hit hard the most. So I demand my gems and also gems of all of those who lost them. Now, if you don't refund those gems, no one will have belief on you. And believe me, you are making a huge part of the community angry and pissed off. You need to return those gems spent and give everyone 1 higher tier rewards. Expecting something, KK Star.
  14. I have a suggestion regarding participation in Alliance Wars... Not all players are 100% committed to helping their alliance secure victory in the Alliance Wars. Yes, players with poor participation can get kicked from their alliance and players who accumulate many skulls do receive chests based on the number of skulls gained, but I believe a better incentive or reward is needed to really motivate and encourage players to want to participate beyond the standard 3 fight minimum. This will surely boost player activity and participation as they will be better rewarded for their efforts in the Alliance Wars. Perhaps a log displaying who has accumulated the most skulls during Alliance Wars could also be displayed on each alliance's page. This will further encourage players to participate as they will all one to prove their importance and be in with the best of their alliance. The reward/incentive is open to debate, but I believe a leadership log and perhaps a way for the Leader or General to reward individual players for their committed participation during Alliance Wars would really add another dimension to a great game. That or either a so called pot which then gives random rewards to the highest rated players during a war. Something more rewarding than what is currently received from chest, which are really not all that rewarding or motivational. Not only will this boost activity and participation, but players will consume more gems due to their hunger for the new rewards. This will in turn surely increase gems purchases. Flaregames surely won't disapprove of that. ;-) Just a suggestion. Please add your input.
  15. Hello I just do not understand why the players using Android should have all the advantage of receiving Free Rewards, Free Gems, Free Chests and Free Boosts by watching Videos while the players who use Windows 10 on Mobiles and PCs do not get any! It is just not Fair at all. To add, I have not seen any good explanation in this Forum; threads mentioning this issue are closed as fast as possible whitout any further discusions. Would appreciate finding a solution. Thanking you in advance.
  16. Hi, when the first ninja event had just started I played all I could through some of the island... So long story short, I temporaly lost my internet connection and I've got the issue fixed two days ago and in all that time I just couldn't play the game, but I definitely played like half the event but when I logged in the ohter day I realized I have not got a single reward whatsoever and I'm just curious, Did I just lose any chance to win those rewards?? If so, why is the ninja gate still in my city?? I don`t know how the reward system works so I'm just a bit sad I got nothing and I want to know what happened in this last two weeks :/
  17. skulls, i did not receive them

    i took on one players castle in war games 3 times in a row for about 600 skulls each but did not receive 1800 skulls, is this normal or am i being cheated?
  18. Trophy System

    Hi there, i think there went a lot wrong with the last updates, people spent time gems and possibly money to earn trophies, the so called balancing of the game just robbed those players of all that, it wasn't balancing it was literally a robbery! Why would someone even demand to be top ranked in the leaderboard because he a high Ascension level when you gain the points for battles not for building upgrades, but sadly the devs think that's the way it's supposed to be?! but instead of fixing the problem that there aren't enough high Ascension level players you closed the so called loophole by dropping hall of fame rewards and increasing chest prices, which immensely slows down game progress, guess what now players will take even longer to level up and the players already in high levels will lose motivation too! Players which you call exploiters were hooked to the game and had time of being online, now they only will log in 2-3 times a day to check ambrosia spend it quickly and go offline, guess what the less time somebody spends playing the less money he'll spend too! You could have created a win win situation out of this by implementing different reward systems to every point system the game already provides a leaderboard for trophies there wasn't anything to balance, a leaderboard for Ascension level daily free amount of gems of your Ascension level ( this way people get used to spending gems and probably they'll even start buying gems it's a win win for devs and players) and finally a leaderboard for dominance since this is map related it could I.e. Generate hourly ambrosia! after all I think your changes already backfired, I saw tons of people quitting or cursing at the devs in alliance chat and even in forums, instead of encouraging players to level Ascension you made it even more difficult for them, now the game is more like farm ville with an olymp overlay! I ' m happy I haven't spent any money yet because how the game is atm I'll probably erase it! Anyway until the balancing happened I enjoyed the game now it only deserves the reward for most greedy devs! hope that helps
  19. ✦✦✦✦✦---Daily Quests---✦✦✦✦✦ There seemed to be an idea about having more quests stated here: EDIT: Similar ideas here too, please take a look at it! ...and it seems to be a really good idea. Here are the benefits of the daily quests for players: Helps beginners get started Helps free-2-play players (a little) Gives incentive for players to play a little daily (as some says that the game gets boring when upgrades reaches days to complete) Less boredom (similar to above) Spice up the quest section Benefits to Flaregames (Awesome creator of RR2): (Copied) Users will be motivated to spend gems for the rewards (Maybe like a random legendary item or chest) Users will become more active --> Making the game's standard higher --> More gems spent for players to compete Users will be rewarded more, and this help players to get started and like the game (More rewards = Less complaints too! ) Show the generous (and listening) side of Flaregames Ideas/Suggestions for Daily Quests: Basic Suggestions: Win against a player with XX lower trophies than you Win against a player with XX trophies higher than you Donate in your alliance [Incentive to donate] (1 gem Reward) Win XX raids Melt XX items ... and many more countless possibilities! Ideas/Suggestions for Rewards: Basic Rewards: Gold (Depending on your level and difficulty of quest) Vouchers Gems Pearls Food? Higher Level / Special Rewards: Additional Donation to Alliance (Donation Reset) Random 1h Cooldown timer decrease (Maybe ) If you want the idea of having daily quests, vote in the poll and give a suggestion for a daily quest that you want so that it happens! Cheers, and hoping to see daily quests soon in the game
  20. Hi, What happened to the player of the week contest? What happened to trivia questions? no regularity. I know Aether's busy. Can there be more contests where poor (pun intended) players like me can have a chances of increasing their gem quota? suggestions are welcome for contests. How about giving some 100 gems for the winning alliance apart from the boosts? Many reasons can be attributed for this but the primary one is we cannot fully take part in the league matches because of the war.
  21. In the Rewards list it has a reward of "Disabled Death", Kill a Disabled Rig. It's worth 5 points. Now I'm pretty sure I've had rigs fall flat on their faces and eat dirt before carried away from battle, I'd say that's pretty much disabled as you can get, I've never gotten this reward. Unlike the Drone Swarm reward which is actually given on the battlefield ( you can see it and click the 5 points ), yet doesn't register on the rewards table. This reward never turns up at all. So what exactly is the criteria for disabling a rig? Hopping on one leg? Blowing its head off? Or just having it randomly run arms in the air towards a drone swarmer for hugs? Anyone ever got this, and if so what happened? If not could the team shed some light on what disabled means and how we can get the reward?
  22. I'm thinking that our Beloved game Royal revolt must add another feature in its next upgrade that may have the features of fulfilling Quests of alliance and gaining Rewards by fulfilling them. That would give Alliance's members some purpose and motivation to carry on their Awesome game skills for the alliances welfare as well. Just putting a proposal of such kind of Upgrade. May not sound nice at first but would be Awesome if folllowed. Thanks.
  23. Alliance Challenges

    Alliance vs. NPC Alright so this is my first post in Royal Revolt 2's forum, so I'm gonna try to be as Bear with me. IDEA It would be nice if there was an alliance war, once a week or every two days, that the entire alliance could participate in. One super strong NPC that could be attacked by every member in a specific alliance. The NPC must be strong enough so that no one player could defeat it in one attack, instead a player that attacks could weaken the NPC by destroying a few of its towers so that other members could either continue to weaken it or go for the final blow. Of course all players won't be able to attack at the same time, and it could be made harder by disabling the spawning of friendly units like Paladins and whatnot or by just slowing down the regeneration of the morale bar. The alliance leader should be given the authority to pick the difficulty of the Alliance War and higher difficulties could yield better rewards. Or, with the new governor system in place, the governors and alliance leaders could vote on a difficulty. REWARDS After the Alliance War there should be a reward like Gold, gems, or food that could... 1. Be divided equally among'st those that participated. 2. Given to the alliance bank. 3. Divided unequally based on how much a player contributed. 4. Given based on a participant's hero level. Ex. A level 45 king who participated in the Alliance War at the end would receive 10000(45) Gold, 3(45) Bread, 1/2(45) Gems. (450000 Gold, 135 Bread, 23 Gems) BENEFITS I'm sure that this could benefit both the developers and the players. For the players we are given more opportunities to earn gold, food, and best of all, gems. It gives members of an alliance more reasons to socialize and to just hang out and have fun because of the teamwork involved in the whole thing. It would help the developers because if there are more things in the game to interest gamers, more gamers would play the game which increases the chances of them buying gems with real currency. You could also add features to use gems to gain bonus damage when attacking in the Alliance war which would give people more reasons to buy gems. I think this is a pretty good idea and I know it would take a lot of work and developing for something like this to be implemented into the game but, I think it'll be worth it! Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and if you skipped through all the way to the end... smh.