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Found 17 results

  1. dsadas


  2. Hello kings and queens, We recently cleaned-up our alliance and there are about 10 slots available for potential players. We are level 29 alliance "Tirans of valhala" all we need is active members, members who can play regularly in war seasons - should be lvl 60+ & any amount of donations Drop a request (IGNs: mune_h or scarfior or skenia) That's it
  3. Hello, International Alliance is looking for a new active members, if You are interesting, please join us. We are LEVEL 48, rank 165, have 44% of gold bonus, and have many different boost active (our main boost is knight boost). Our requirements: 1. Hero level 85+ 2. 3000+ trophies 3. Donation min. 150k gold 4. Our main goal is maxed alliance lvl. Than we will spend all money for boosts. Apply in game, contact Erhan62 or post your IGN below. See Y'all in the game!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm Khiago, general of Royal Brasil and I want to invite you to join us. The requirements are: *Donation 500k or above *Hero level 92 or above *Donate regularly and be active in the wars (minimum 4000 skulls) Leave your nickname in this topic or send me mp if you are interested Good game for all!
  5. Hello everyone! I'm Khiago, general of Royal Brasil and I want to invite you to join us. The requirements are: *Donation 500k or above *Hero level 92 or above *Donate regularly and be active in the wars (minimum 4000 skulls) Leave your nickname in this topic or send me mp if you are interested Good game for all!
  6. ALLIANCE INFORMATION Alliance name: --Phoenix-- Level: 14 Language: Spanish, English Requirements: Donate all days and participate in wars All members must be active, donate and participate in wars. In this moment, we have 2 slots available, and money to upgrade two more levels the alliance. We will begin to activate alliance boosts 24/7 as soon as the alliance grows and the donations allow it. Thanks.
  7. Football for Life we here talk about royal and football, we love football
  8. Football for Life Enter in the Football guild alliance, we talk about football and royal revolt
  9. Looking for dedicated alliance members to join the rest of our members for battles. We are looking for 9 more members. We have a group of 10 that participate in all the battles. We are asking for those joining to be at least donation level 2000, have at least 2000 trophies, and participate in the wars. Search gut96 and friend me or the alliance name missio s domain and ask to join. You can also leave your kings name and I can add you.
  10. We are recruiting active players For a new guild recently created , we need to grow so we need players , in game name AkanTheElder - alliance name Wiverns den
  11. 09pawan


    How to get more gems
  12. I hereby request you to help more experienced members and site administrators (game). Today, 08.09.2015 when I opened the game appeared a new update, but I can not update, below images of what appears to me. When I click on "Download already" is directed to the Windows 8 store, but does not open any updates at the top of the screen also does not have any updates to do. The following image: Help me. PT BR Venho por meio desta solicitar ajuda para vocês membros mais experientes e administradores do site (jogo). Hoje, 08/09/2015 quando eu abri o jogo apareceu uma nova atualização, porém não consigo atualizar, segue abaixo imagens do que me aparece. Quando eu clico em "Baixe já" sou direcionado a loja do Windows 8, porém não abre nenhuma atualização, no canto superior da tela também não tem nenhuma atualização para fazer. Segue a imagem: Ajudem-me
  13. Goood
  14. More Ways To Earn Gems! Here's a suggestion I think will benefit both the players and Flaregames. I think there should be a way to use your facebook account to invite friends to play Royal Revolt 2. Once your friend gets their character to a certain level (level 20 for example) then the person who invited them gets a certain amount of gems. And of course, there should be a limit to how many friends you can invite and earn rewards for. Something like this would get more players into Royal Revolt and it will make those players find the game to be more interesting because they have their friends to play with in-game. What do you think? ^^
  15. This is Royal Alliance Italy's recruiting page If you would join to our alliance you should: - Be everyday online and help us with wars and donations: we are like a family - Have an alliance tower which level is above 6 - Have above 2000 trophies - The most important thing: have fun! If you want to join us, please leave a message here! We're waiting you! Come to Royal Alliance Italy! A straight hug, your master/dad Kalos_IT :3
  16. Hi i won't make this long. i know you can't make for us free food by watching videos. so i thought that you can give us another way a special way to get the free food so here's my suggestions. 1) a faster farms time re-fill ex: cut an hour or half from every farm level to be completely full. 2) re-fill our silo every certain time. ex: every 3 hours 6 hours etc. 3) let us re-fill silo with gold. ex: 500K or 1M for full silo 4) re-fill the silo after the last attack for us for ex: i have 200 food and the attack needs 150 after the raid you re-fill the silo this can be done every 6 hours if non of the above ideas you can't do then think for one for us that you can give us to have a free food. because it's not fair that IOS and Android players can have free food and win in the leagues easily. MAKE THE GAME FAIR TO PLAY FOR ALL ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................... any other suggestions are welcomed Thanks in advance. hope you will listen to us
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