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Found 3 results

  1. The game is currently very overpowered in defense and to beat a base often requires minimum 1 timewarp and often multiple scrolls and revives. If we need to spend gems just for a normal raid, its only fair that we get the full value of the gems being spent on us. Otherwise the game is basically forcing us to pay to play. You will continue to lose long time players if things continue as is. Many people are frustrated.
  2. I have played for more than a year and I think there is 8 different scrolls that can be used - each one costing gems. I really wonder what these scrolls do as I am not prepared to use my gems just to try them out. If there is a free scroll event and a scroll can be used freely once per attack then at least I will try them out. Maybe there are 1000 of players like me - not using the scrolls because of the gem cost and not knowing there advantage. (I know that this is also a bad idea - it will probably make 80% of defences meaningless)
  3. Option to disable equipment during a battle (scrolls, spells and units).I wish I could disable the option of scrolls, due to occurrence of press with the mouse when the cursor disappears.Spent gems unintentionally due to the disappearance of the cursor. Another ideaAdd an options menu option to increase and decrease the cursor and change the cursor type.
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