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Found 4 results

  1. I lost 3 battles because my game went offline even though, I am still connected....Very frustrating....!!!!!!!
  2. Cannot connect - keep getting server timeout error - have been trying for 3 days now. Have a very good wifi connection.
  3. Hi. Today (Saturday, February 25), after playing a little bit in the bost hunt, the list of players is not loading anymore. I restarted the game and nothing. I left the bost hunt and now I cant go back: Every time I check there is some loading animation but no button to continue the bost hunt. There is any problem with the servers?
  4. BREAK DOWN GLOBAL CHAT AND ALLIANCE CHAT NOT WORKING !!!!!!... Game is good but from last night global chat and alliance chat is not working showing both chat disconnected please flare games do something before user left game and we need alliance competition and alliance war so the game will be more challenging and more fun rest of other things are better than other games good work super weapon and flare games keep it up What You Guys Think About The About Break Down Of Alliance chat And Global Chat And How Many Of You All Wanted Alliance War and Competition Between Alliances We need New upgrade
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