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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to suggest you something about RR2. My Idea is to introduce a new feature to the Granny's shop. A global store where players can sell items they do not use. These items can be sold in any currency (gems, pearls, money), but in order to sell an item you will have to pay 15/20% of the price you choose. The items offered for sale in the store will only be available for 24 hours, after that if they are not sold will be returned to the owner. Objects can be purchased by any player, but they can only be used if you reach the required level. For example: A player (Lvl40) can buy an item Lv 130, but he can only use it at lvl 100. Below there are some images of the proposed idea. Best regards
  2. Hi, Flaregames, I want to offer you my idea. Why not make it possible to convert blue gems from the pro-league into pink, and vice versa. This will open up more opportunities for players to use gems. In the end, for sure, it often happens that a player does not have enough blue gems to buy in a pro shop. Or vice versa, in the pro shop you can not buy anything, but there are a lot of blue gems, and the player could exchange them for pink gems. I do not even know how to convert them, but I think that you can 3: 1, for three blue stones get one pink stone. Thank you in advance for reading. Participants of the forum put pluses if you liked this idea, or write your thoughts on how to improve this idea, to all successful games!✌️😎✌️
  3. Hello, 3980180A Oneplus 3 Marshmallow 6.0.1 I just grabbed a discount on tokens in the shop as seen in screenshot here: The amount of tokens i received is 2.5B wich is what i get from a mistery ad chest Wich amount is the correct one? Regards
  4. Dear all, (edit): My info to start with: IGN; Daemonizer UserID: B088BA85 Device: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus OS: Android 6.0.1. Date of issue: 25 october 2016 Last night I decided to ascend from floor 1959 (highest in my region), see picture below. After ascending I got the offer to purchase 16.0B tokens for 125 gems with the 50% discount, see picture below. I purchased the tokens but instead of receiving 16.0B tokens I only recieved 2.0B or 2.1B (not sure due to the high amount). If there were no new upgrades I woulnd't mind because i would have reached the max upgrades. But I found out that there are more upgrades than before (right now I have over 205 upgrades for skills, weapon and armor while the cap was 202 or 203), see picture below. I also have a second bug to report. The new upgrades have incorrect prices I think. The price of the best coin upgrade used to be 500M tokens (so I read in a forum post). This upgrade gives you +40.0T% coin gain. The new upgrade for copins costs 2.00B tokens and also gives you +40.0T coin gain. It surprised me that the value was multiplied by 4 but the reward stayed the same. Even weirder. The next coin upgrade costs 2.24B tokens and only gives 16/2T% coin gain, see the pciture below. One last thing I would like to report is that after ascending I grided back to floor 1000+. Hoping to get a grande weapon + the baron cloak again I was very dissapointed to have not recieved 1 grande after opening roughly over 350 chests. I did receive 2 baron cloaks but yeah. did the chance of getting them really get nerfed into oblivion? I hope to have informed you enough and hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Daemonizer
  5. My best mask is 1670 leadership " legendary" and someone have a 2484 leadership " legendary" from the internet. How can they get it, item shop? Just by luck? or you can't get it until you reach a level? What is the highest leadership and increase gold loots you can get? I got: Mask: 1670 and 9.9% Cape: 1586 and 10.7% Ring: 231.7 and 9.6% Belt: 0 and 7.7% Boots: 0 and 11.2% any of these are max you can get? one last interesting question why a "purple" ring will have a higher gold loots that a "gold" ring "both only have gold loots increase"?