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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! I've put in about 20 hours on Nonstop Knight, and I have to say I absolutely love it! I'm currently level 35, and I was wondering what is (in your opinion) the best setup of skills for boss fights? One of my favorites is Shield Whirl + Clone Leap + Heal Clone. This allows me to have 2 healing clones up at the same time, which can increase the longevity of my knight. The shield whirl is a no brainer in my opinion, as it's extremely useful for blocking the big attacks that the bosses deal out. Is this is the best at level 35, or is there something I'm missing? Thanks!
  2. Been playing this game for a few days now and I like it very much. If one's very impatient at the beginning that could lead to hate on the game( I was a bit like that when I was rushing a bit at the very beginning), but once you get the ideas of how the game works, everything will start to heading to the right direction. Now that's my thoughts on the game so far. And there's are a few bugs reports, sounds can be kill by the ads, free stuff is cool but most of the time the music and sound effects are gone after finishing watched any ads. Even worst when the skills and bag icon disappeared too. Next, I would to see a different attack on each pet, so far we have many pets and 7 of them are range attack, and that's kind of pointless. Why would you make 7 range attack pet? Three are which sharing their attack with the Knight's skill now and that's so good. One melee and one charge( while I don't have this 2 I can't tell how they work, but as for the range attack ones I have afew and they're not that useful and it is kind of pointless to have that many of them, 7 total range attack pets). So, how about making these other Pet's attack share with one of the Knight's skill like the dog, crab and these 3 fish did.
  3. Hello everyone and dear Staff, A new excting feature could be the insertion of Pets that give you a bonus like: - Gold Bonus; - Speed Bonus; - Leadership Bonus; - Attack Damage Bonus. Each Pet has only one bonus, and each pet can be bought for 5M by the Granny Shop and you have only 1% to find it. You can equip only 1 at time and you can use them everywhere ! The aspect of these Pets might be orbs that float around the Hero, like the magic red spheres thas has the Castle Gate to understand. Enjoy or not. Leave a comment if you want ! Thanks.
  4. Virzano

    WATCH OUT! Pyromancer!

    how can 1 fire ball of the pyromancer can drain almost half of my cannon health which have 1200++ HP and pyromancer attack is just below 200 point fire damage how this game calculate burn damage actually?