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Found 14 results

  1. Chamber of Fortune

    Please make the Chamber with 4 good chests and 2 bad chests, but keep the 3 lucky tries. It will be better with 4 good and only 2 bad chests. Now I have 25% chance to take nothing, 35% chance for one chest, 30% for second chest and only 10% for 3rd chest... Thank you!
  2. Hello producers, I would like to suggest something about experience. It would be very nice if every skull obtained in war was converted into experience for the king. Since it is difficult to get experience, it would be interesting and I think it would even encourage the fight for skulls in the war. So the more skulls the more experience the king wins, which is good for the alliance! I hope you find my idea interesting. See you!
  3. My skull bonus from my gear is not added, I'm only getting the 2%bonus just like everyone else and the skulls from the chests. And I know how they count: It should be 1025 x 0,147 (2%+12,7%)= 150,67 + 84 from chest = 234,65 bonus skulls Instead I get 1025 x 0.02 = 20,5 + 84= 104, 5 bonus skulls Thats 130 missing/fight 😖
  4. Alliance war

    Hello everyone, I want to know that how counts skull while attack in alliance war. Because everytime i get skull from first three attacks while in remaining attack i get very low number of skulls.
  5. I checked the forum but I could not find a thread explaining why skulls are capped at 1015? Because of this, we are targeting the weakest players of an alliance as they give us the same number of skulls as the strongest ones. So you end up doing 3 boring fights per weak player instead of trying your best against more challenging opponents.
  6. Item perk and skull count

    Hi, I got an new item and added a 2.2% skull bonus on it. I was excited to use it during the current war. But ... does it work? really? I have made some tests and I don't see when the item bonus is taken into consideration. I have a total of 2.9% skull bonus on two items. The current war bonus is 5%. So I should get 7.9% bonus, correct? Here is one of my test: Base opponent value 1 022 skulls. Treasure chamber bonus: 100 skulls. Final value 1173 skulls. 1173 - 100 = 1073 1073 / 1022 = 1.05 So that 5% is the war bonus Where are my item bonus ??? Maybe I don't understand the skull count ...
  7. Skull bonus wonders

    Help needed to understand the skull bonus poll issue. Will try to attach the skull bonus map after day 1 of wars. 1st place:Thailand +3.5%. 2 wars lost, 1 won 2nd place: India +3.1%. 1 war lost, 2 won. 3rd place: Genie & Master +2.3%. 3 wars lost, 0 won... By all the information known to me about the skull bonus poll, Genie and Master, with 3 wars lost must have been at 1st place with the biggest skull bonus. Can anyone explain what has happened here?
  8. Hey In connection to this thread (Skull Bonus on Amour) we want to explain the "Skull Bonus" perk to make it clear for every player who wants to know more about it. First of all we want to thank PicklePete for the post in our forum! It was very helpful in many ways, since it started new discussions about how the skull calculation works and how we can optimize visualization in the future. We understand that the UI solution for the bonus war skulls perk is not optimal at the moment and we will continue improving it. Concerning your statements about the bonus war skulls perk on any of your uber items, the bonus works on all battles you fight in a war. It is not the case that only your three best battles are affected by that perk. It is important to understand that the bonus war skull perk is working different from the bonus skull percentage which increases after every lost war. Please notice that the bonus percentage from the war skull perk raises the base amount of skulls you can earn in a war battle. Currently the player can see all bonus war skull percentage previewed in the loadout of any war battle. A difference is only noticable when the player switches out pieces of his gear. We have some pictures for you to make it more understandable. This is the amount the player would get without skull bonus perk in a battle. Without Skull Bonus This is the amount the player would get with skull bonus perk in a battle. With Skull Bonus Example Calculation: Calculation If you have questions, just ask me. I will try to answer it. Regards, Lisa
  9. Ciao RR2 player from Oregon USA. I've reading lots of info about Alliance War but still a little confuse how it works. As a leader I wanted to do better in Alliance War. Nobody want to lose. Here are some of my questions: 1. How does the war matching really works? I know it bases fiefdoms but how about Kings level? Trophies? Number of players? Medals contributes any factor in war matching? 2. The first 3 raids will give me bonus skulls. Does this apply for same enemy I fight or I need to fight different player to get the bonus? Is that right I have to pick the player with most skulls I can beat to fight in order to win? 3. If I raid an enemy all the way to the gate do I get more skull? 4. If one of my general has won some skull but left my Alliance then decided to come back during war. Do my team also get his/her skulls back or lose all the skulls he/she had won? Last but not least what is the best tips you can give me to win the war? Thanks in advance if of you can answer these. Best Jay
  10. There is a lot of discussion over the loser skull bonus. Since flare likes to give a malus and an advantage every season, I suggest to nominate the loser skull bonus and/or skull reward as a malus and another season as an advantage. I mean that they won't be available during one future season and another one for example a littlebit more will be rewarded. This way flare has the chance to evaluate whether players like it more (more war participation) or less. For me they can remove the skull reward plus the skull loser bonus, but I respect other opinions.
  11. Hi, I recently left and joined another alliance during a War. Then I we started conquering another fieldom. The problem is, I can;t gain any skull from winning or after completing a battle on fieldom. Even defending, or being attacked by another member and won, still no skulls gained. Pls help me.....
  12. Yesterday, I fought and received skulls. Today, I've fought 3 battles and my claimed skull count has not increased nor has the war standings in my alliance. It's working now, please disregard.
  13. Hello, recently i discovered a fanstastic easter egg in the Chamber of Fortune (when you win 3 crowns): Once you lose because you click the wrong chest, of course appear the skulls but nobody probably know that behind the hat of the skull there is a word... probably a name ! The word is : SAM Take a look at this picture made by me when i recorded mine video, i took a frame of this. Hope you enjoy ! And watch behind you!
  14. Newfound BUG! Skull does not react at all. Happened during test defense, and still possible will happen during raids. May be this is the reason why my base are losing a lot lately because of this new bug? Feb 24, 2015 Fix this technical fault please.... soon, a.s.a.p