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Found 3 results

  1. Playing from a windows 10 desktop. When adjusting the volume settings , they do not save upon exit. Each time opening the game the sound is back to 100% for both.
  2. Didnt see this here so.. I've noticed that the sound keeps "stopping" or turning off randomly. It seems to be happening when i have left the game for a while, but can be fixed by force closing the app and starting it again. I have tried turning sound options on and off in-game, but no luck. After force close and restart all sound works fine, for a day or so. Then it dissappears again. This was encountered on the latest version of the game on an unrooted galaxy s7 on android 6.0.1.
  3. There's something weird with the scout music at the moment and it pretty annoying. I know it used to be the old attack score yet the beginning of it has now been cut too long. The loop, has this annoying single beat to it before the loop begins again, it like a heart beat in rhythm. The violin starts and that's all that used to loop but now there's this static one tone beat that occurs, like the track is about to shift into another layer after the intro, yet it hasn't been cut off and we are left with this millisecond tone that instead of giving an atmospheric mood, breaks it. Someone needs to load up Garage Band or better still just play the whole track. Another option would be to use the victory snippet of music. Now that is moody and sounds pretty awesome, deep and brooding. But I digress.
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