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Found 8 results

  1. RR2 needed upgrade. After that i opened the game and I had to start from the beginning. I entered settings because I was connected to Fb with my old account and I wanted it back . But I accidentally saved local data instead of facebook data so my account was lost. I submitted my request to Flaregames and I want to know if I am ever going to get it back......?
  2. If the global chat ain't making the cut for the game yet, please improve this forum more! here are my thoughts on the forum improvement: ?have an option to send a private message to the devs. Not everyone wants to see the complaints of other people.. so long like a novel. Like this one..plus not everyone wants to share their posts publicly. This forum needs a lot of getting used to. Esp. On phone browsing. ?Please make it easier to read, and find topics!(for phone users! I find the computer version of the forum better than the phone version!) I always get lost and end up closing the forum. A wall to see the recent topics would help..etc.. also, I hope there is a completely seperate OR forum. I only play OR. When i enter the forum from the browser on my phone, i have to kinda find the OR part (yes on the upper right button and see the list of OR topics,) but if i search tags directly at the searchbox, it shows different results including topics from other games which i don't need and is misleading(waste of time trying to understand if its OR stuff or not) *When i enter forum from the game itself yes it redirects me to OR easily thanks for that.. ?On Comments: i suggest to initially hide all comments. Put on a button to click, choosing between the most recent comment or the oldest ones. Perhaps make the name and comments smaller. Scrolling too much and reading little.. esp on quoted comments..i know its for easier reading but hey.. i think its a waste of space.. ?i suggest you put on a direct button linked to zendesk for complaints.. we post reports on bugs etc. on the forum and we have to be re directed to another group, re do the report etc.. One button can cut the process and reduce work for admins, directly take players to where they should be complaining. Forums should be on questions/suggestions. Technical things and complaining should go directly to zendesk. Am i right? if this forum is not a priority for improvement, i have a few IN-GAME communication IMPROVEMENTS below: ?have a button directly linked to technical people from the game itself. Better if there's no more link, just from the game directly send complaint/support contact and there should be no need to be a forum member to do complain/get support. Most complaints do not push through because of tedious efforts before getting the message through.. like they are not forum members etc. they feel support is horrible to reach.. ❌ This forum definitely needs improvements, thats why most members/alliances resort to other chat apps to communicate easily. PS. that is why we love aly.? She made herself available and easier to contact than any flare game support. She extended her efforts to reach the players and hear our complaints and help us out. Good luck on your new endeavor Aly..? ?ON THE SIDE, it would be great to make the in game chat line longer than a phrase cmon..? I can go on and on but i would rather troll on another chat and have fun. If you guys have other better ideas please feel free to comment your ideas...
  3. We are Sasoki Alliance, We like to enjoy the game and have fun and be part of the world without technical talk and numbers ... We will support you and you will support us Participate in war , Donate and get promoted and invite all your friends as long they are want to enjoy like us. JOIN US AND BE PART OF OUR ALLIANCE ... BE SASOKI !
  4. Hey anyone else out there having problems with ROYAL REVOLT ADS PLAYING....Flaregames is having a dispute with the video support people and is leaving it up to them to correct. I say we can actually petition either FLARE or their Vid/Ads Maker for quick resolution especially if the bonus from those ads is REAL INCOME on the onus of Flare's Advertising Partner. I say we cry pain and SUFFERING in gaming time lost and all but write the president. I am upset enough by this to write a letter in a forum. Anyone else got ANY bright IDEARS!!!??? LOL!! If you are new to ROYAL REVOLT 2 and need help with anything I am always here night or day bc I have NO life outside this game and TQFC!!!! lol Hit me up or help us all out by petitioning FLARE....bc THEY DUNNO WHATS GOING on. Anyone know who the advertisers are for FlareGames ROYAL REVOLT 2?? A support person told me to UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL.......uhhhh....so they REALLY are helpless and this is PROBABLY a dispute over payment or dollar revenue streams from ads. Any ideas? Any connections? I am listening! Happy Gaming!!! Sincerely, Feeble Old Gamer
  5. Hello everybody, I would like to talk about my situation ... I accidentally spent 1,600 gems skipping the waiting time for forging a spike, I requested assistance flaregames (for the first time), hoping he could understand my unwell after taking a error similar, hoping that once established my good intentions they could refund me the gems used .. Well after days of waiting, they said they would refund me a tot. of gems, not the total because they are not authorized to do so .. They can only give a maximum of 500 gems to similar situations, in my case it is only around 30%, it is definitely not enough .. But I'm a level 107 , for a long time in the top 1,000+ .. I know of players in which the entire amount spent was reimbursed ... the flaregames is riding the situation and we miss continuously respect! Greetings
  6. Flaregames used to have the best qualified support i have ever seen , always precise, helpful and very fast in helping their customers. me alone had submitted many tickets regarding technical problems or requesting help, but not one is answering, their only response , sorry we are having so much pressure and so many submitted tickets. guess what flaregames, if you made your customers happy and satisfied and fixed the the technical bugs quickly, there will be so less tickets and satisfied customers. as well as an increase in your sales as well. always put in your mind that a happy customer is a loyal customer. right now more than 90% of your customers are not happy with your services, i hope you are proud with your achievement
  7. Hi Flare as my last post suggest talent and skill tree http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6129-new-talent-and-skill-tree/ it open new whole feature for RR2 to add classes to king's like to be champion with improved piercing , normal damage tank(Knight) with improved HP and blunt damage wizard with improved fire, frost , stun damage support with improved heal and shield warlock with poison and new damage to cause blood effect each class will be vulnerable to other type damage so not every base you can defeat it will be awesome to chose your class and try to beat other classes i think like tank can die so quick to poison and champ is vulnerable to fire .. in the other side wizard is easy for piercing and normal .. just like that .. of course you can formulate it better it is just idea merging this with skill, talent tree can make a whole new experience in RR2
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