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Found 4 results

  1. There is a significant issue with moving between devices. Initially I was prompted to restore my account when adding a device, but it won't go in the other direction. Need to add a manual sync feature. Very frustrating.
  2. I have had trouble with syncing from the start. For a while the uninstall and reinstall worked but can't get that to work now. I tried the suggestions of clearing all of the data cache without success. Is this a google play issue or a flare games issue? I have never tried playing a game between platforms before so was just curious. I have seen a couple of android emulators. The game tends to eat my battery and heat up my phone. Was just curious on the stance of flare games with us playing games on the emulators using a pc rather than the phone. Thanks
  3. IGN: KarnEdge ID: 1846A395 I started playing on my phone logging into my google play account until my Knight was level 23, then I installed the game on my tablet and continued from there. I'm now level 29 but when I open up the game on my phone it stills shows me at level 23 where I left off. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game on the phone but it will still load my Knight at level 23. It will even ask do you want to continue your progress from level 23. Is there anything I can do? I don't want to lose the progress I've made while using the tablet. EDIT: I just reinstalled for the 4th time and it let me restore from level 29. I'm not sure why. Is there anyway of preventing this? I thought having the save on the cloud meant you can move from device to device to continue progress?
  4. When viewing an advert I've noticed that if I don't tap the 'x' within ~15-30 seconds of the video completing I'm returned to the re-loading screen instead of to the game and the reward is not claimed (therefor I have to watch another ad). While it's generally no big deal (I just need to pay more attention), I was shown an ad today that took ~60 seconds by itself and so even though I closed it as soon as it completed the game reloaded instead of giving me the reward. Would it be possible to either increase this re-sync duration or to perhaps pay out if we tap the watch ad button whether or not the ad successfully completes? Do you foresee a lot of people exploiting that somehow?
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