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Found 6 results

  1. Could you explain me why someone have this offer on tapjoy and someone else have not? We are playing on same O.S. (android) and no, no one of us did previously this game.
  2. Hi community, I have a problem accessing Tapjoy's page in-game. It used to work for me at the beginning but starting some time ago, the game put into the spinning icon only when I clicked Tapjoy icon and no Tapjoy offers are loaded. I reset my iPad Air to the factory settings couple of times and it helped. I managed to get to Tapjoy offers and got some rewards, but after getting a reward I had to reset the device again as it was onetime workaround only with no reset. I got used to this procedure but recently when I reset my iPad again it didn't help. I wonder if someone is having similar problems and if there is any known solution for this issue because FF's support reject such requests motivating that it should be Tapjoy support to be contacted instead.
  3. I tried earn some diamonds with tapjoy, but I didn't recieve the diamonds. I send tapjoy a mail and they send a mail back where I needed to say if I dis everything I needed to do. on other sites people said I needed to reply with my ticket number, I don't know where to find that number. And how exactly I have to answer the mail, can anyone help me? greets meghan
  4. Using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 5.1.1 I am unable to get to TapJoy and am offered no video boosts. IGN is Dogwood Lane. It is frustrating to constantly be told there is a free chest available when it is not available.
  5. Just wondering if anybody else noticed the 10x tapjoy rewards back in January. It didn't last very long, maybe a day, but everything in tapjoy seemed to give huge rewards. For example, buying flowers which normally rewarded about 1000 gems rewarded 10,000 instead. Downloading and running apps would reward 100+ gems etc... Anybody notice this? Was this a promotion? A bug? Will it happen again? Cheers
  6. Yesterday I went to visit a friend, her son plays RR2 on an Ipad. I watched as he ran out of food, refilled his silo three times by watching videos and making raids, he also added a few extra gems by watching tapjoy videos. Sat right next to him I also ran out of food, had an option to watch a video, did so and ... nothing happened went back to the attack screen, then when I retried there were no more offers! I also went to tapjoy, watched a video, it finished .. no gems! My question is RR geared more towards iOS than any other platform, I have only once ever managed to get food from watching a video on my android device, although I have managed to collect a few gems watching them on tapjoy. It can't be country oriented as I was sat next to someone as this happened. So maybe there is a hierarchy in terms of RR2 users iOS, then Android and finally windows users, as we all seem to be treated differently.
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