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Found 10 results

  1. ?? WOOHGANG! ?? Royal Revolt 2 ! Dungeon Guides ! @EwoahGaming Series! Hey guys , I know alot of you are very unfamiliar with me.Probably thinking twice about reading this But i encourage to continue ! For the sake of your own goodness ? --> My name is Ewoah Gaming ! Im a royal revolt devoted player ! Play Mostly All the time when life's not getting in the way at least. But i make videos for those who may need advice or a first look on something unfamiliar in the game Ect. its so many things i can go on to say im going to do But im not the the type. Ive started a Royal Revolt 2 Series Based on covering all Unclear aspects and tactics and tips On the best ways to take on the deepest vessels of the Almighty Dungeon ! This forum will Inform you and update you on anything that you may request or other may request ! (DUNGEON AREAS MAY RANDOMIZE) Royal Revolt 2 "DUNGEON GUIDES" XVII XII III? Watch Full Episode with link below ! Main Channel ----> Ewoah Gaming For those who have discord you can add my code #5783 (Videos On Dungeon Guides Will be Posted In quotes upon new arrival) Social Media Facebook @Ewoah Yungsta Twitter @Ewoah Gaming Instagram @Ewoah Yungsta
  2. Hi! I was just wondering if there is any way to know how much experience you have exactly. Any tips for a new player ? I'm at lvl 100 and I'm struggling to get stronger ^^ Thanks in advance, lololo54.
  3. Come join Amber today! we have a few slots available. 24/7 - Knight, Cannon, Wolf currently saving up the level up the alliance. so more boosts will be coming in soon! Min requirements are: 100k-150k daily donate level 80 + active in War and Ninja Strong soon (Easy wars + Never lost one to date so far)
  4. The link below will take you directly to the guide. http://2p.com/42390109_1/Speed-Guide---Nonstop-Knight-Android--IOS-by-MFGLife.htm [**DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT MY GUIDE. I FOUND THIS GUIDE BY SEARCHING AROUND ON GOOGLE AND I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL WHO NEEDS ANY HELP BECAUSE I FOUND THIS GUIDE REALLY HELPFUL] Full credits goes to MFGLife, thankyou.
  5. 1. BATTLE DAILY: You need to conquer islands in order to have as many resources as possible – and those islands can be stolen from you by any player at any time so its best to check as much as you can a day.This is key to quick progress. 2. KEEP YA HERO ON BEST ISLAND: put your heroes in the best island with the most resources you need. the more the better for you. 3. DEFEND PROPERLY: test your defences and upgrade them till you know it is good enough at your lvl to defend against other player as its important to protect your best island with your heroes to gain your best resources for a quicker progress at the game. try to add some walls and defences early and the rest near the end, making more difficult to finish. battle waves are very important to defend your base as well so try to upgrade your troops and add more wave troops, making more difficult to finish. 4. ATTACK PROPERLY: Each hero has its own powers and weaknesses so adding better equipment and abilities on player items is key on winning battles. Usually the troops that go in battle with you should all be the same. I found out that melee fighters are better than ranged ones, so try to bring as many melee fighters as possible. I usually start with i like using warriors and trebuchets personally and archers. Try to delay your attack for as long as possible: the closer you are to your starting zone, the faster troops you will summon will arrive. In other words, if you get all your troops killed when you’re at the middle, you will have to wait a while before your newly summoned troops arrive because they have to go the same distance you went before them. However, you should constantly call in back-up to make sure that you replenish your lost troops as fast as possible. Combine that with smart usage of your power-ups and you can easily win all battles. 5. COLLECT YOUR DAILY CHEST EVERYDAY: it is important to collect daily chest to get better gear and gems and all that important stuff that is needed in the game! and its good to watch those video chest aswell for godlike chest with great rewards so keep eye on that aswell. 6. COMPLETE QUESTS: Keep completing quests to collect rewards, which includes gold and ambrosia. You can see your current quests by tapping the top portion of the screen. Tap the quest bar to see a list of new missions available and complete them one by one to get rewards. 7. BUILDINGS AND THEIR UPGRADE BENEFITS:Here’s a list of key buildings in your island and the benefits of upgrading them: Leveling up War Academy will unlock new units. Besides common units, you can unlock special units such as trebuchet and siren. You can also unlock solo but powerful units like Minotaur, Cyclops and Hydra, but for that you will have to conquer a group of islands. You can get more information about each unit by double tapping the war academy. Upgrading Heroes’ Temple will unlock upgrades for other buildings, such as gold and ambrosia temple. However, you will need to reach a certain “Ascension Level” before you can level up this building. To reach a new Ascension level, you will need to attract “Worshippers”. To attract worshippers, keep constructing new buildings and upgrading existing buildings. Exploring a new set of islands also grants more worshippers. Upgrade Gold temple to get more gold donation. Levelling up this building will increase the income per hour and capacity. You will also receive worshippers after upgrading it. Along with levelling up this building, try to upgrade the Chamber of gold to store more yellow metal. The Guard of Thanatos lets you deploy defensive waves of units. The wave of units will protect your island and prevent intruders from destroying your gate. Upgrading this building will let you recruit more defensive waves. The upgrade will also allow the building to deploy waves of units faster. The time taken between two waves will be lesser than before. Before upgrading slots to add more units, you will need to upgrade this building.Leveling up the Shrine of Power will let you unlock more devastating special powers, which you can launch while attacking enemy island’s towers and the gate. Upgrading this building also raises the level cap of each unlocked power. To make your unlocked powers more powerful, you will need to level them up, but for that you will have to upgrade this building first. 8. JOINING OR CREATING AN ALLIANCE: joining or creating and alliance is important in this game as there are important upgrades in the game and gold bonuses you gain from joining or creating one. and also brings more better game experience meeting players and socialising to share tips and advice or just having a chat. having an active alliance is very important so make sure your in one or making your own active as brings more donations to the alliance to upgrade things on the alliance. 9. BE SMART WHEN SPENDING YOUR GEMS: as gems are a premium form of currency, they are hard to come by than gold and ambrosia. that means you shouldnt spend them poorly. like example building construction or upgrades. please be patient, and dont spend those gems just because you in hurry for a building to complete. spend gems you get for free daily. spend gems on random events and daily gems chest you can buy at the store. be smart with ya gems and dont use just for fast progress. 10. LET CURRENT UPGRADES POINT TOWARDS YOUR PROGRESS: If you want to speed up your progress in the game, go to current upgrades icon and check whats there to build. you can follow the game suggestions. just be smart on those gems and dont just spend them to get these done for faster progress this game is all about patients but its upto you how you want it to be done if you want spend those gems hen go for it but you may regret it later like i have. there better ways to spend those gems. well thats it guys i have worked hard and time making this guide for use so any feedback or suggestions fill free to do so or copy and paste any poor grammer on comment section thank you. i hope this guide helps you out and make you progress faster in the game. IGN: aussie crackafat Clan: were are heroes
  6. LK1ng's Guide to Victory Hi everyone! Today I decided to write a series of guides for players of all levels. I will stop around king level 85, because that happens to be my king level. I don't have any experience past that level, so I won't write about that. Now, this guide is NOT going to be a dictionary of Royal Revolt terms or a catalogue of upgrade prices or anything like that. If you want that, visit this wiki page made by oPelle: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Royal_Revolt_2_Wiki. The guide that I am writing here will give you an idea of what is effective at your level, whether certain upgrades are worthwhile, and things like that. It will give you ideas on how to make good waves and a strong base and attacking strategy and such. Table of Contents Kings Level 30 and under -> Kings Level 30-55 Kings Level 55-85 Take care, and may the ogres always be on your side, LK1ng PROGRESS UPDATE: hey guys, in a few weeks I'll be working on this again I'll also be trying to figure out why all my links seem to have stopped working.
  7. Welcome to dawn of steel. I wanted to start a thread for new players to see what lessons I have learned in the last couple weeks. Strategy: a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. This game is awesome. But it differs a lot from other games in some ways. Mainly you need to have strategy for how you play. Not just how to attack each base, but about how you are going to earn your resources, weapons, and battle points. At the beginning your resource collecting is so slow it can't be your only income. Thus you need to raid other people's resources and upgrade your own. The biggest thing you can do to help yourself get some good gear is unlocking the smuggler. Get more rigs. Aim for six initially. This gives you the option to fight more frequently when you play. Know the rewards you can get from base defense. If you can set your base up such that you get influence more often than not you will find that one good defense can lead to way more influence than trying to annihilate an enemy. You can not sell rigs. There is enough info on this forum to help make a good desicion when you buy a new rig. Play the arena matches often. This the best source of BP that you need to upgrade your rigs or buy awesome gear. If you are stalled out because you can't beat the few guys you have on your map your strategy is wrong. Today I made over 500,000 battle points and maxed out my resources several times. It can be done without hacks, cheats, or spending. It can be a grind, but not as much as other games. On spending: help the devs out. This a good game. I haven't seen any ads yet. A couple bucks will help you and the makers out. Here is a warning tho. I had a friend like helping the developers so much he dropped a couple thousand dollars on a game. Be smart. Any vets with some general tips that would like to chime in please do.
  8. Guide on Obstacles: Barricade, Blockade, Spikes and Tips! As most of us know obstacles concurrently with towers to protect our precious bases, but most important is that sometimes they can directly being the main subjects of your base if you have them positioned well and also upgraded in an even better way! We are going to examine what are the best obstacles to use and best way to place them because it never hurts go back to the past! First of all, different type of base designs allow hundreds of combinations for your obstacles, but there are main rules that a player must follow in each type of base and we will take a close look after a nice introduction of all those three types of obstacles. What we will learn today: Barricade and Tough Barricade are weak to fire and blunt damage so use the appropriate troops and spells that have these damages. Click here for more information;Blockades are weak to blunt and ice damage so use also here the appropriate troops and spells. Click here for more information;Spikes can be destroyed only by some troops (Paladin, Cannon, Ogre) but also by few Elite Boosts (Elite Knights, and only from the AOE of Power Archers with their blunt damage), but you will discover also the easiest way to position them reading here;Place obstacles in a way that king is not able to hit lot of barricades/blockades/spikes in a row, especially he has not to be able to hit obstacles on the other side of path. Here you will find what you need.Tips for low, mid, high levels gameplay you can find them here.
  9. Previously I could see an average trophy count to win the leagues. For example: Bronze League - 800 medals to 1000 medals? Silver League - Around 1500 medals Gold League - Around 2500 medals Platinum League - Around 4000 medals Diamond League - ??? Since I haven't got there yet But now I can see some really crazy trophy count at the top of the leagues, like 2000+ medals in the Bronze League. Probably not that crazy but I can imagine what happens up in the leagues. So, is there any tips to win leagues? I wanted to specify Platinum League and Diamond League since I'm stuck there, but I thought maybe other players would need help at the Bronze - Gold Leagues. Leave your tips and tricks below please!
  10. When I returned from vacation last night I was suprised to find the Alliance Update was up and running! Now it's time for me to choose a team. I play this game a lot and intend to find a group full of active, contributing members building a strong team. Any tips you guys have learned in what to look for (or Avoid) in my hunt is welcome! (of corse, I could always lead my own and kick out the slackers myself but Id prefer to join one already going)
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