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Found 6 results

  1. Hello I have a problem with my actual situation and maybe someone can clear things up for me: I always played RR2 on Android with Google Play connection (but this connection doesn't always show up ingame, like it's disconnecting by itself (??)). However I don't have problems with my account so far. A few months ago I connected with Facebook for the bonuses and mainly this back-up function. Now I want to do 2 things and want to know, if this is possible (since there is a limit of 1 account transfer per year): I want to transfer my account to a new device (android with the same google play account) and if possible I'd like to transfer it also on my PC (Windows). There is this limitation but wouldn't it work if I just connect them via facebook or so (or would google play work as well?) and by doing this I wouldn't need the account transfer menu of RR2 ? I'm really clueless (never did something like this before and don't want my longtime account to get in trouble ). Gwylion
  2. The Account transfer limit is now changed to once every 360 days, i think this delay is too long, considering new phones comes out in less than 1 year, so this account transfer limit will just make it harder for players who want to change their phone.. please reconsider this. even when its imposed to prohibit account selling, maybe there are some better way to do it than this account transfer?
  3. Hey, Guys! First of all, Happy New Year! Just a thought, can we have an option of transferring resources to allies? Most of the times, in higher ascension levels, the storages get full often, as it takes a lot of time to upgrade structures (Buildings or Defences). So I was wondering if we could transfer extra resources (Ambrosia, Gold or Wisdom) to players who need them in our own Alliance? And please, if you do incorporate the idea, don't charge gems for that. (You guys have become very greedy lately) With Regards, Midnight Curse, General, Four Horsemen
  4. I have my account in my Lumia Microsoft XL phone but the problem is my phone is broken in simple term my phone is now gone. but i have new phone is it possible for me to retrieve it? or even transfer it here? thanks!
  5. I have a windows phone and my partner has an iphone. If I was to download this app on the iphone and transferred my account to it, would I be able to play on both phones so that I can do the tapjoy stuff with the iphone but play it for raids and everything else on my windows phone?
  6. i send ticket to flaregames to transfer my account but they are not transferring my account why? they said to use new feature of transfer but i cannot use that feature because then i have to install bluestacks and open the game on it and open the game on window 10 pc and i have 2 gb ram in my pc so when i open that my pc become slow so please transfer my account to andriod to window 10 pc
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