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Found 16 results

  1. How to get more exp?

    Does destroying for example a lightning tower give more exp than a skull tower? Do clan boosts, war boosts and pro league boosts give you more exp? How about forging upgrades? And same about troops like ninjas, all defense troops including gargoyles coming out of gargoyle towers, beasts? Does summoning a dragon give you exp? What's the most exp you can get from a base?

  3. Hi, I guess the topic says it all. We currently have Wardrobe for different items. Thank you, FG However, I noticed that (some of you might have reported it earlier, but nothing happened) we generally set up the wardrobe slots with items we will be using along with the spells and Troops. Till here good. But what's happening is when we change from Wardrobe 1 to another, the items and perks change but not the troops or spells, and then you have to change those again physically. Can't this be an automatically done, or are we talking about technical difficulties?
  4. I'd be interested in seeing custom formations and deployment options for ground-pounders. If I'm interested in fast looting, I can send all my troops in for loot, but what if I sacrifice looting speed to be able to deploy my sniper or my assault-grunt outside the building to handle stray zeeks? What about adding a technician to the mix? His role is to confuse targeting sensors on defensive towers and if there is custom deployment, he can be deployed to a tower to reprogram it to ignore friendlies. Technician equipment could be added to the crates in the same grey-green-blue-graple-gold format with improved efficiency. This also provides an opportunity to expand weapons to include sidearms, as the tech will be too weighed down with equipment for larger weapons. Given these suggestions, I'd also like to see a larger equipment locker to go with the expanded equipment available.
  5. Hello, new on chat ;D My english is not fluid but I will try to explain property... I have noticed several times while attacking/deffending that troops emerge suddenly close to the hero comming from nowhere (sometimes helping and others hitting me) This is not associated to medusas sons, fénix power, hydra hitting or any other similar things. For me it´s clearly a bug, and sometimes determines the battle victory/defeat. ¿There´s any other guy with the same bug? In other hand, I have checked that Hades, mean while he has take an ally life is vulnerable to Helena transformation power. I mean, sometimes Hades just directly die when Helena uses her power. ¿Isn´t it? Thanks in advance!!
  6. How do i hire other troops?

    Sorry for the stupid question, but i really can't find the way to hire troops other than the assaulter you get at the beginning of the game. I already have bought additional troop slots, but can't find the way to hire troops. Help me please, i'm a newb
  7. Does anyone know the amount of time that needs to pass before the pearl requirement to upgrade something (spells, defenses, troops, items, etc.)? I currently run my upgrades up to 300 to 350 and wait...after some time (a few days or a week), it seems the requirement of pearls has dropped back to 25. Thanks!
  8. This is surely an Offense and Defense zoner game. If that is the case, why is that the kings experience is only calculated by the attacks carried out as an offense. Should not kings also gain experience by defending? One school of thought is that since we carry the king in offense only, we gain exp. points for the king. Hey, the king (only) does not go on the attack, he carries troops with him. The same troops defend his kingdom. Now, the game is moving so much on the offense side that people forget to focus on defense. A good way is to have experience points for the king in defense. If you successfully defend a raid you get experience points, which is higher in case 2 crowns, which in turn is more than a single crown. Every attack on a kingdom gains a small exp. point for the king. This way there will be motivation to stop dropping trophies by opening the base. Of course the overall, exp. points can be increased to reach the next level.
  9. Before the update is rolled out can the devs look into this? All the suggestions help. The war progress, which we see on the top of our screen has a progress bar for the king and the troops. Also, it shows the enemy waves that are progressing towards the king's tent. I suggest an addition of towers at the side, which disappears as the units destroy them. This has two strategic importance, the players know how many more towers remain ahead of him, and if the troops at the back of the king (or newly spawned units) were able to destroy the towers. Sorry for the poor image drawing. The blue dots represent the towers, which are removed as the tower is destroyed. So as the king moves forward, a player knows if the towers he left behind are getting destroyed by the freshly spawned troops or he has to run back to do the job, and how many towers are lying ahead for him to go back. But the idea is to have a quick glance at the top and strategically plan.
  10. Is there any advantage to waiting before enhancing my troops at the forge? For example, I currently have level 9 Paladins with 3291 health. If I boost them now at the forge, I will get a health bonus of +101. Would this health bonus be greater if I waited until level 10 to boost them? What would happen to this health bonus of +101 once they were upgraded to lvl 10? Will they still keep that health bonus on top of their new health score? Thanks! Apart from that, which boosts do you recommend I apply?
  11. I recently defeated Grotesque Grotto IV to unlock Gargoyles level 4. Except, it didn't unlock it... The attack went normally, except during the troop unlock animation, the game crashed. After starting the game again, I checked my Training Camp to see whether the upgrade still passed, and it didn't. I still got my gold earned from the attack, but my Gargoyles remain at level 3, with level 3 stats. Help?
  12. Boost Not Appearing on Enemy Troops

    Hello, I am playing on a Windows 8 laptop, and lately I've been noticing an odd bug in the gameplay when you raid an opponent's base. Sometimes I have noticed that boosted troops do not have the purple boost symbol around their base. I believe I've only seen it on troops, and I've only seen it on enemy troops. I also think I've only seen it on power archers, but I'm not sure about that. This bug also doesn't happen all the time. The troops still behave like boosted troops though. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get any screenshots or anything, because the bug isn't consistent. Has anybody else noticed this bug? It's not a very serious bug, but it can be annoying sometimes.
  13. Werewolf's Howling

    Hello there! Does anyone know what exactly the werewolf's howling ability does? Just from my own observations in raids, it seems to increase attack speed of the werewolf and allied units around him. But does it also increase movement speed or attack strength? Or does it have some other effects I didn't even think of yet? Can this basically thought of as kind of a hero scream, just with the werewolf as "hero"? Thanks in advance!
  14. Surprising Bases

    Hey there! I wonder how many of you have tried to use the base preview (mainly displayed troop and tower types) for tricking potential attackers? Just to give you an idea of what I mean, consider this picture: What you see here is the troop preview of one of my favorite mid-level bases. There seems to be a lot of mortars and paladins in there, along with some frosters and pyromancers and a few arblasters to round things up. Other troop types or monsters aren't used in relevant quantities, right? Now, what would you say if I told you that exactly as many moral points are spent on each of gargoyles and on ogres (both not displayed at all!!) as are spent on paladins, which is just 1 point less than for mortars? Moreoever, 9 archers are hidden in there as well. Furthermore, in that particular wave composition, many gargoyles and some ogres have been used in the first few waves, meaning they even appear twice (compared to just once for the displayed troops placed in later waves). Effectively that means that not even 60% of the effectively used moral points (waves 1-8, then 1-3 again) are being displayed in the base preview, fooling any potential attacker. E.g., I wouldn't probably attack that base with arblasters just from looking at the preview - mortars in 1st place (resistant to pierce, deal out poison dmg), paladins in 2nd place (resistant to pierce, many hp), pyromancers (weak to pierce) just in 4th place - as I'd think the arblasters wouldn't be effective at all against the troops there (and not effective against any towers either). But with ogres (weak to pierce, hard to bring down otherwise) and pyromancers each having just 1 moral point less than 1st place, the arblasters could actually be quite helpful in there. With barely any piercing damage displayed in there (arblasters in 5th place, archers not displayed at all), mortars (weak to fire, deals poison damage) in 1st place and paladins (no weakness or resistance against fire, but can't can't defend against ranged damage that well), bringing pyromancers (fire damage, resistant to poison) would really look like a good idea (especially as there are some firebolt towers in there as well). Though, actually there are a lot of arblasters in there (just 1 point less than 1st place), a bunch of archers as well, and a few gargoyles can take out entire groups of pyromancers with their suicidal attacks, especially when supported by some slowing-down frosters here and there. Another example: Same base, some days earlier. First thing you'd notice is that there seems to be insanely many frosters and quite many pyromancers - though, there's actually not more than 1 froster in each wave, and not even one pyromancer in each wave. Any attackers smiling about the waste of damage (as froster damage is low and both slow and burning effects do not increase with more than 1 froster/pyromancer firing together) might get heavily disappointed when just as many arblasters and paladins are there. Next, when considering this is not a high-lvl base and not even a base with more than 15 towers yet, from looking at the towers you might guess that this player recently switched to the new skull and firebolt towers - and as an attacker prepare for a lot of low-level firebolt and skull towers, with some snake towers in between and maybe two or three other towers. But actually, there is just 1 snake tower and 1 skill tower in there (both medium-lvl from their grey-scale), and a few low-medium lvl firebolt towers, while 50% of all the towers in that base are medium-high lvl arrow and some bomb towers. So, Instead of a lot low-lvl-tower long-ranged fire and medium-ranged blunt damage, actually a big lot of piercing damage is dealt. Now, arrow towers might look weak, but high-lvl arrow towers are too often underestimated in mid-lvl gameplay. As there are plenty of fire-shield items but no piercing-shield gear, and arrow towers tend to target the hero, they can be actually a lot more dangerous than low level firebolt towers - especially when the attacker actually expects fire damage (pyromancers and firebolt towers) instead of piercing damage. Also, that base seems to have a lot of weaknesses against ice damage (pyromancers, skull towers, blockades, gargoyle towers, and also the slowdown is effective against firebolt towers) and you may consider bringing in e.g. the blizzard spell. But actually, that base has only a few firebolt towers, only 1 skull tower, 2 gargoyle towers, less pyromancers than expected, and even the blockades are not too many, as there are high-lvl barricades and traps in between, drastically lowering the effectiveness of blizzard. ----- Now, I know, there might be more impressive examples... But it took me quite a while and effort (including some runs through it with pausing, pen and paper next to me, and some experiments with my own wave composition) to figure out the actual amounts of troops in there and then come up with some relatively effective ways of combating that base - and as lately it has raised up about 800 trophies within a week, I guess a lot of attackers didn't expect at all what was coming at them there! (As I've had an eye on that base for a longer time already, I can tell for sure that it didn't just drop trophies before, so the gain in trophies is a honest one...) What do you think about varying base designs frequently and "hiding" intensively-used troop/tower types? How effective can it be? Does it generally help climb the leaderboard a lot, or is it better to concentrate on some troop types in one's defense and specialize more on those? Is it easier to beat very specialized and "non-surprising" bases with few troop/tower types (by using effective counter troops/spells/gear (e.g. a lot of fire shield) or to beat such "surprising" bases with many (hidden) troop types by going in with a more general combo of raiding troops/spells and mixed equipment (e.g. some fire, poison and blunt shield)? From looking at some high lvl and elite players, I'd say no, because skull and firebolt towers dominate and also not too many troop types are used in most top-bases. But as I had a lot of trouble when trying to beat the base described above, while being able to complete most bases of comparable tower/troop strength for a 100% victory without using scrolls, I'd say yes from my personal experience (at least for mid and upper-mid lvl gameplay). Now, discuss! PS: Has become quite a length post, but if you managed to read through all of it, congratulations! PPS: As I didn't want to only rely on a rough feeling, I have analysed that base quite intensively. If the owner of that base ever reads this: Nice work there, imho!
  15. Using your troops effectively is key to any successful raid. Because of this, our colleagues over on Facebook gave an overview of some of the more popular troop combinations! Part 1Part 2Part 3 Part 4 Now it's your turn! What are your favorite combinations? Have you already had the chance to try out the new monstrous units against other kings? Use this thread to show off your tactical skills and discuss strategies with other Royal Revolters!