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Found 38 results

  1. Hi All, So this has been touched on in a few places but not directly addressed as something that needs improvement. I am Ascension lvl 34 and have some decent heroes but the "matchmaking" has players in the 40's on some of my islands. It's a challenge I am willing to work with and if I play it right I can usually win. The issue I have is that if I lose a match to a drastically stronger player, I lose 40+ Trophies (has happened numerous times) and it also doesn't inform me of what I risk losing if I do in fact lose to them. If I do manage to beat them I am looking at an upside of 10 Trophies for the win. This needs to be drastically balanced so that when you fight up to someone you aren't going to lose so much for taking the challenge (using ambrosia/sometimes gems) just to lose out on 40 Trophies and spend 3 days climbing back up and avoiding that island. Trophies need to be way more scalable to who you are fighting. Something like this...using my level as an example. Lvl 30 Ascension and Under 2-5 Trophies for win Vs 20-30 Trophies for loss. Lvl 31-36 Ascension (at lvl player) 6-12 Trophies for Win Vs 10-20 Trophies for loss. Lvl 37+ Ascension 20-30 Trophies for win vs 5-10 Trophies for a loss. It needs to be scalable. Right now everyone's just getting by and floating around the same trophy counts, no progression,and limited movement for those that can't buy everything in the game. It's severely lopsided right now.
  2. Hi guys, with war system updates just around the corner, we are currently looking for a few good players lvl 95+ (who can punch at or above their level) donation 100k. We are ranked about 50, and have 30+ decent regular players, with varying experience. Also have Band app group for those interested. Main important blessings are always active and at alliance lvl34.... send an application or leave a message here, first come first serve basis, thanks
  3. Hello everyone, My question is the following, I am in lvl 12 and I do not get many good items, for example I see players with items with 9k of life, but mine are no more than 7k. How is this possible? The trophies influence in the quality of items? I have 1687 trophies.
  4. Let's say an opponent is worth 6 trophies. You attack and ignore the 4x castle gate towers (because who cares about those things), and instead of getting 5 trophies for 96% completion you get 2-3 trophies instead (33%-50% trophy completion value???). I'm not sure what world that makes sense in; you defeated 96% of their base, shouldn't you receive 96% of the maximum trophies (rounded down to 5 in this case)? We shouldn't be required to use Sonic Blast or Hammerstrike just to remove those towers. And don't even need to mention fire dragon that burns down castle gate before the towers no matter what. This castle gate tower strategy has become trite. @Archimedes @PaSte @FTB
  5. If you log in and you have been attacked, you get to see a pop up which shows the number of raids, some crowns and the amount of gold you've lost. I would like to see the total amount of trophies lost/gained. The crowns don't tell me a lot if there were multiple raids.
  6. I'm posting this mainly for the administrators and people that have the capability to fix the issues that I'm about to present as well as others who have experienced the same issue... So here's the deal great folks at Flare Games, your trophies/reward system is HUGELY FLAWED!!! Here's why, I have had numerous occasions where I have gone on raids, via the matchmaking system mind you, and generally I'm only offered 7 to 10 trophies as a reward for winning but if I lose to someone who even has elite boosted troops and I don't have any boosted troops I lose an extremely unfair amount of trophies! Like just last night I lost ONE RAID because I wouldn't spend the gems to revive ( I need them for food for more raids!), and I lost like 67 trophies I'm not kidding! But I only stood to gain 7 for 100% victory! And this was after at least five straight victories. Why the huge punishment? Nobodies perfect one loss should not be so costly, nobody can win every game even Michael Jordan lost occasionally. I'm starting to think that you're game is punishment driven and it's frustrating as hell!!! I'm putting it nicely. And what's worse as a result I get put in some bracket where none of the opponents via matchmaking have more than 200k so amassing enough gold to build and upgrade defensively etc. is made more difficult as a result of this huge flaw. Thank God Granny had gold! I'm not made of money I can't buy gems all the time. So whoever can fix this issue or cares enough to do so PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX IT. I know you needed to come up with a system to alleviate the huge problem of trophy stripping to protect the hard working higher level players who have invested vastly more than I have in time, dedication, effort and talent and general contribution of many avenues than I have, but you still need to work a few things out because from what I've experienced the algorithm doesn't take into account the elite boosts in a path defense and how they increase the difficulty in general especially for those with non boosted troops, the algorithm needs to recognize the differences in strength and abilities ranges and changes or additions to said abilities of troops, monsters, traps, towers barricades etc. As well as differences created offensively and allocate the amount of trophies one can win or lose accordingly with a truly correct assessment of difficulty with a system that takes all that of into account calculates it correctly and rewards or punishes properly it's math, computers can do that they're really smart and with your team of geniuses it can be done you just have to want to. Your game was fun at first but it's becoming frustrating what's the point of playing something and trying to advance and play well if you're going to get boned harder than every adult entertainer that ever starred in an adult movie with Ron Jeremy, for trophies for one loss even if you die right at the castle gate with having destroyed all towers. Maybe losing double what could've been won in trophies but sixty something trophies and a drop in potential gold earning is absurd and punitive. How are you supposed to climb a ladder if the rungs keep breaking from under you. I'm not a bad player either I paid attention to the lessons taught on YouTube by the kind and talented geniuses Flothaboss, Pellez and Sn1kt I'm not the best but I'm not bad I win more than I lose. That's my suggestion. Thank you for your time Sincerely Charles
  7. Davejr1200

    Trophies and Chests

    What on earth have you people done this time? Can you simply not do anything subtly? I have lost hundreds of trophies in the last 24 hours and been attacked so many times. The trophy system needs tweaks, not ham-fisted adjustments with a sledgehammer and C4. As for chests, why has reward generation been changed. No gold chest in the 6 chests for every fight this morning. Are you deliberately trying to force people to stop playing for some warped reason? Please tell me it won't be the same in war as, without the bonus VP, chances for people to get the last chest will be significantly reduced.
  8. The points system is not designed for the points levels people are now achieving. There needs to be a much wider spread of points. Something like 3 trophies for anyone below you and then +1 trophy for every 100 trophy difference up to a maximum of 25 trophies. Losing 25 points to someone only a few hundred trophies below you is fairly harsh.
  9. Hello! Don't you hate it, when you go into battle, alt+tab the game/switch windows and when you come back, before you can read the text, you accidentally press retreat? I know this has happened to me, and when you look to gain 5-6 trophies in a battle, you lose nearly 10 times when failing/retreating. So I would suggest adding another confirmation question "Are you sure you want to retreat?" and maybe possible the answer "NO" would be with a green background and "YES" with a red? Let me know what you think of this. Have fun, Bait
  10. Lucretia1988

    trophies Gettin attacked

    Hey, I am lvl 74 with round about 4,3 k tropies,i reached it 3 weaks ago. Since i reached these amount of trophies i get attacked for example like 22 times in 3,5 hours. That means every day i lost like 110-130 trophies and the next day i get 120 trophies back or sometimes at the same day.. than same at the day after and so ooon. My amount of tropies since there is like 4,3k-4,5 k.Today for example i lost 205 trophies in like 3 hours. I dont need to play anymore haha? They want me to quit? Lol? I dont know what can i do to stop it. There is no possibility to collect enough resources to upgrade my buildings and stuff like that, bcs no heroes sitting on islands and its way to hard to play the islands free again and again. The only good thing in that is to earn a looot of diamonds... Do i have to many trophies for my lvl or what the hell is going on?
  11. MoonlightWolf

    Base Defense bugs?

    First, I wanna say that I've enjoyed playing this OR.. To the point that I've bought gems twice. I make it to a point that I upgrade my towers and defense system. But I think I'm having enough of it as I grow p****d that too much trophies were taken from me even on days which I don't even have any boosts on. Imagine, I am lower level than the person who attacked me, I dont have any boosts on on my towers and barricades and allies.. And people take like 13-20 trophies from me.. And I noticed, it happens when I arranged my defense in a particular way.. But when I changed it (like moving one tower in a different position), it goes back that attackers getting like 3 trophies from me.. But of course i wouldn't change it as it wl compromise my defense. My point is, is it my fault that I arranged my defense in a better way to further defend my Olympus? That's how this game works right? Plan your defense.. Defend your kingdom? So why the "seem" defense arrangement categorization for number of trophies??? Can u see how many fights I need to make up for those trophies being lost? People taking my islands are always giving only 3 trophies.. I am losing my interest fighting now, just coz it was being given away.. It started when I was just level 67 And goes on until now.. I will understand if boosts are on, of course its unfair to give less trophies.. But without???!!! Hope u can fix this if its just a bug or something.. Really, I'm at the edge of quitting this game if it continues.. And you'll be losing customer as well.. Below are screenshots, in a timeframe of 6hrs how much I'm losing and to players having higher level than me.. and yeah.. I don't have any boosts on..
  12. I don't get the algorithm deciding the medals lost/won when someone finishes/dies attacking a base. Sometimes I loose 15ish medals when attackers only finishes 89 % of my base. Other times I loose +50 in a 100 % win. Mostly players are way above my level. It is freaking annoying to loose 51 trophies against a level 117 player when I'm only 107. Anyone able to answer? Thx in advance
  13. Hey guys! Why don't you store the results after a battle offline, then sync it when the network is available? Because my internet connection went away in the middle of a battle, and after even winning the battle, I lost 33 trophies! And the guy is still on the island!. This is damn bad!!!!!! You should do something about it, right???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  14. Dafca


    In 5 hours I've lost almost 150 trophies, I find it kind of ridiculious, just had four atacks on my islands. Someone still having the same trouble? Can anybody explain me this? moderators in here keep sayin' they are "fixing this" since forever... :/
  15. ShadowScorpion

    bug Hall of Fame bug

    Greetings, the last days I've notice a bug that has to do with the Hall of Fame player rank list. After you press your trophies, you get to see your only one page and doesn't scrolls up and down the list to see more players. In other words the yellow arrow up and down doesn't work. Hope someone fix it soon because its quite important ..especially if you are officer and you need to check free agent players to invite. Thanks in advance!
  16. ZX10R

    Win 3, loose 19?

    Since the last update, whatever opponent I choose to attack, I never win more than 3 trophies. At the same time when somebody attacks me, I loose 19 (every time I login, it's either -19 or -38 if 2 islands were under attack). Anybody else having the same issue?
  17. Two players on top 10 appear to report incorrect number of trophies lion3000uae - has 1971 trophies but on top 10 with 3006 Fibonnaci 2517 triphies reported on top 10 as 3001 Makes me wonder if this might be impacting matchmaking. Also top 10 is pretty much all lower level now. Real mess...
  18. While I give kudos to #1 player (KFoolington) for working the current system very effectively, I think it's a sign how broken the system is for a level 26 to be top player by a large margin. It's not clear to me why top players cannot fight each other. This seems a fundamental problem with the system. Currently higher level players are 'punished' as there are fewer of them and defences are not very effective. All the top players are in fairly low ascension ranges. Be interested in hearing how this part of the issue will be fixed. It makes no sense to me that a player should simply max defences at a low level, stay buffed, then just enjoy gradual increasing of trophy count because low level players offence is not sufficient to beat a max defence of a low level player.
  19. Now for the attack given 1 trophy of all. I spent testing. He attacked the man, and he is also the total number of cups withholden, 1 trophy. Like all logical. But why, then, for me, if the opponent was the protection is taken away immediately 45 cups?
  20. ZX10R

    Matchmaking change?

    Was there a recent change in the matchmaking algorithm? Today has been the most frustrating day since I started playing Olympus Rising. Every time I login, I loose 10-60 trophies, and even with fighting back I lost almost 300 trophies over today. It is even worse with my Alliance members, we all got beaten and one of the guys lost 1000 trophies over 1 day. I seriously don't understand why do you add so much complexity into the game? I am currently surrounded by players from top Alliances, each having 3-7 blessings. They are 6-10 levels higher than me and are impossible to beat even with invocations. Couple of days ago I spent 15$ - they all gone now and with my heroes being constantly sent back to my base I don't have enough ambrosia to send them to collect resources for the further development. I must admit that the game is nicely done and very addictive, but with the latest changes it make me switch to other, less demanding MMO...
  21. Vorterix

    Frustrating Trophies system

    So balancing the trophies system is an urgent requirement in the game. Just got disconnected during a raid, loosing more than 50 trophies... Its terribly unbalanced since your wins give an average of 1 to 5 at the most.. Kinda frustrating... ?
  22. applesaucewarrior2016

    Raid Issues

    1. As with most games, risk and reward usually balance out. For example, attacking an easy target does not yield as high a reward as does attacking a more challenging foe. HOWEVER, over the last few days I've noticed that after failing (achieving a Raid but not breaking through the gate) on a much higher level enemy, I still LOSE UPWARDS OF 40 TROPHIES. Example: Myself (lv. 36) attacks a level 42 player/island. I achieve a "Raid", but lose 46 trophies. Although the risk of attacking a higher player is substantial, it appears that I lose a similar 30+ trophies that I would expect to lose if I attacked a lower level and easier target. 2. I noticed that on about 15-20% of my attacks, trebuchets get stuck at certain junctures like 90 degree angles and sometimes even straight paths. THIS IS INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING, and when every unit counts, it is much harder to successfully attack anyone. The only times this happens are when these trebuchets can target a tower that is beyond the current path. TL;DR Losing a lot of trophies for attacks on much higher level players, trebuchets get stuck/don't function on some attacks.
  23. If your defense is too imposing, no one attacks you at all.? This can be less advantageous than enemies who attack and fail. Maybe there could be a trophy or gem or dominance award for every 4 or 8 hours that you haven't lost a fight, thus benefitting those folks whose defense is never tested. Heck it could even stack the longer your streak goes. Seems like a cool upgrade to me. Please like this post or reply if you agree!
  24. I need around 93 trophies to get to 2400 trophies, I can then get the 50 gem quest and can finally drop down before the war! Thank you to Edward who helped
  25. Not too long ago there was a player around level 75 I believe that had an open base clearly wanting to lose trophies. They got all the way down to under 800 and then made their defence normal again. My question is, is it worth the wait and why do players do it? Just so they can get more gold when raiding in matchmaker? I currently have around 2,200