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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, So this has been touched on in a few places but not directly addressed as something that needs improvement. I am Ascension lvl 34 and have some decent heroes but the "matchmaking" has players in the 40's on some of my islands. It's a challenge I am willing to work with and if I play it right I can usually win. The issue I have is that if I lose a match to a drastically stronger player, I lose 40+ Trophies (has happened numerous times) and it also doesn't inform me of what I risk losing if I do in fact lose to them. If I do manage to beat them I am looking at an upside of 10 Trophies for the win. This needs to be drastically balanced so that when you fight up to someone you aren't going to lose so much for taking the challenge (using ambrosia/sometimes gems) just to lose out on 40 Trophies and spend 3 days climbing back up and avoiding that island. Trophies need to be way more scalable to who you are fighting. Something like this...using my level as an example. Lvl 30 Ascension and Under 2-5 Trophies for win Vs 20-30 Trophies for loss. Lvl 31-36 Ascension (at lvl player) 6-12 Trophies for Win Vs 10-20 Trophies for loss. Lvl 37+ Ascension 20-30 Trophies for win vs 5-10 Trophies for a loss. It needs to be scalable. Right now everyone's just getting by and floating around the same trophy counts, no progression,and limited movement for those that can't buy everything in the game. It's severely lopsided right now.