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Found 57 results

  1. Lower accounts seem to be able to not have to suffer 6 hour ad cool down. I tried this with a few accounts. It makes winning leagues unfair as some players have access to more bread. I have tested using iOS and android, and used vpn to try other regions. Please make this the same across all levels.
  2. Hi everyone I'M DOING this post / publication because every days lots of players are leaving the game ... Guys that keep writing THIS IS a amazing update , u don't care about nathing more as about our account, u have no idea what is care about one aliance , to see every days friends and players going away.... This update is a big big mistake. Conquest event is for people without nothing to do in life ,if that still like this way much more players will leave the game , be 24 h / 24h in the game is no solution and more crazy the rewards I must lought about it, you know many players are still playing at this time cause about friendship, because if it about game they stoped to play day after update. flaregames !!! royal revolt need all kind of players not just one aliance or or 2 pretty players , we need care about everyone like players . IF it still like this , your pretty players and your pretty aliance will have no players to play. Troops , SPELLS, Ceres nerf is not correct because they spend real money on it buying gems to forge it , to make pearls to upgrade . They invested money on it, and now you FLAREGAMES are stoling what they payed for. IF that is overpowered is not excuse to nerf everything , you need create new defence levels for towers a new kind of troops or towers but never stole what one player invested for , this is not the way . Just do little reflection Flaregamed. To many bugs to fix , why that update ? The game is full of bugs .... One more thing , I am writing with flaregames since 4 weeks , I get no connection to the server . I take hours to login in my game , and 4 weeks after I still here with the same problems. .. I invested more them thousands of thousand euros in this game . And now I'm one of them thinking to leave the game... sad Sorry for my English. Hope you get the message Flaregames. _r17_
  3. can someone share with us, if he/she is facing such explosions while fighting- such explosions happens when u face Phoebe. only now its happening in every fight for no clear reason! if this is new update, I would like to see this gone because its very irritating
  4. The small video didn't say much, but looks like a completely different play mode . Alliance strongholds looks like offenses and defenses are done as an alliance. Any other update?
  5. Tried everything up to a Factory Reset of my phone and the answer I get from Flare support to my ticket is a link to Android support.. On the support page of the link Flare sent me it says to contact the app developers when an app is crashing or not working properly: https://support.google.com/android/answer/2668665?hl=en&ref_topic=7340498# I have also contacted LG (my phone manufacturer) and this was their answer: "No rights can be derived from the use of third party apps. Android offers the app providers only a platform to which the apps can be added. We have nothing to say about the content of the apps. We can only give the requirements that such an app must meet to guarantee the proper working of it." I don't know what else I can do but rollback the entire Android update which is an incredibly complicated and tedious progress and likely to cause other problems in my phone and warranty. The game has become unplayable for me now with constant crashing and there is nothing I can think of that I can do to fix it. Flare doesn't seem to want to take responsibility for the crashing and support is not answering my emails. There's at least 2 of us and I'm sure there are more having the same problem! If you have an LG G6 phone with the latest Oreo update please post in this topic about having or not having any problems so we can try find out what is wrong. Please fix these crashes Flare! 605527319_Gmail_-_Request_received_Game_crashing_after_LG_G6_update1.pdf
  6. Morgul


    The wait is over! ?
  7. Hi, guys..any sneak peaks into the update (if present) Its been long since the last minor update. We look forward to the best update in RR2 by FG. Please don't disappoint and no upgrades of what is present in the current version. New stuff is welcome, a new war map definitely, and pro leagues to be more real and less cheating!!
  8. d9d9

    When a new update?

    Everything's quiet... When you add a new level to the buildings, to the barricades, to the academy of war, to the temple of heroes, to the sanctuary of power .... And especially when you add a new level to the Uranus Alliance Hall? Many players have come to the max and I think it's time ...
  9. So I guess I'm gonna leave this here and link it into the main post.. Hope you guys like where I'm trying to go with these development suggestions.. HELMET - Snorkeling Mask Leadership - 1,750 Perk 1 - XP Boost - 33.3% Perk 2 - Luck - 23.4% CAPE - Oxygen Tank Leadership - 1,900 Perk 1 - Scream Boost - 25.5% Perk 2 - Gold Boost - 15.7% ARMOR - Scuba Suit Health - 2,500 Perk 1 - Speed Boost - 15.7% Perk 2 - Lightning Shield - 1,400 PAULDRONS - Starfish Health - 1,000 Perk 1 - Hero Health - 500 Perk 2 - Start Morale - 27.5% WEAPON - Eelectric Whip Damage - 400 Perk 1 - Lightning Damage - 333/1s Perk 2 - Shockwave - 250 GLOVES - Webbed Fingers Damage - 251 Perk 1 - Poison Damage - 666 Perk 2 - Life Drain - 33.3 RING - Stringed Baitworm Perk 1 - Leadership Boost - 500 Perk 2 - Bait - 15% BELT - Dead Fish Perk 1 - Life Drain - 21.7 Perk 2 - Scourge - 999 toughness BOOTS - Webbed Toes Perk 1 - Speed Boost - 33.3% Perk 2 - Poison Shield - 666 EDIT> COLOR SCHEME LEFT COLOR - YELLOW RIGHT COLOR - TEAL METAL COLOR - ALGAE GREEN ------------------------------------------------------ PERK - Bait % Enemy units attack Hero % more than Hero's units ------------------------------------------------------ UNIT - Scourge (Pirate Zombie) Morale Cost - 3 Blunt Damage - 250? Health - 500? Speed - 1.5s Skeleton(s)/Cooldown - 1/15s Attack Rate - 1s Resistance - Lightning 100% Resistance - Poison 100% Weakness - Blunt 100% Weakness - Ice 80% ------------------------------------------------------ SPELL - Shockwave Lightning Damage - 999 Cooldown - 24s Shock Duration - 3s Range - 2 Knockback - 2 SCROLL - Skyquake Blunt Damage - 5,000 Cooldown - 60s Duration - 5s Slowdown - 50% Range - 5 ------------------------------------------------------ TOWER - Alliance Runestone Build Cost - 100 Gems Health - 30,000 Resistance - Fire 100% Resistance - Poison 100% Weakness - Blunt 100% Ability - Intimidate/Confusion 50% Ability Range - 3 TRAP - Quicksand Portal Build Cost - 2,500,000 Gold Damage - 350 Health - 25,000 Resistance - Poison 100% Resistance - Blunt 100% Weakness - Ice 100% Weakness - Lightning 100% Ability - Summoning ?????? Portal ??????? Ability Range - 2 Ability Duration - 3.5 sec (idea is to spawn hero & units so many tiles back until traps destroyed) ------------------------------------------------------ PAL - Raijū (Lightning Cheetah) Lightning Damage - 999 Range - 3 Attack Rate - 1s Ability Range - 3 Damage - Shockwave Shock Duration - 0.80s TRANSFORM OPEN FOR DISCUSSION ------------------------------------------------------ Alliance Tower - Armory A tab similar to the Alliance Donations tabs where players can barter items & resources with Alliance members once or twice per day. (Bartering system would work by making an offer to another player & waiting 12/24 hours for the other player to take it or make a counter offer, otherwise the offer would cancel out & a new offer could be made & any number of players could barter with the same one player, however that same one player may make an offer with one other player, regardless of the offers they have to take, counter or cancel. [Additional - Flea Market Event for Alliances to barter among other Alliances] Entering up to 3 friendcodes should be a type of reward at the end of Events aside from Uber Chests, to earn vouchers better. Alliance War Chatroom tabs for alliances to talk to other alliances from their current wars & one Chatroom for all alliances, limited to the number of active alliances in a season. Combine Forces option for winning Alliance to offer losing Alliance after each declared war, until the War Season ends, to combine fiefdoms & players (not alliances) & split earnings. Offering small gold, gem & voucher rewards for completing so many wars with combined forces, etc. Like a one time peace offering. Small Treasure Chests found throughout maps during battle should have some sort of medium to hard Health amount with assorted weaknesses & resistances, to be destroyed as a way of opening them up for a surprise. Rather its an item, damage, a spell boost or some sort of resource earnings; but something other than sit there while towers collapse around then fail first try in the Chamber of Treasures. LOL Appearances should include Green hair (not just Teal) & Full Purple Eyes (not just pink) make the gold eyes more gold than brown & perhaps a KISS type mask. One last idea... a Pal War Event called King of the Jungle where Pals are units & units are Pals & Insta-Troops remain unchanged. (ex. Fritz = Froster, Eldrak = Pyromancer & Kaiser = Ogre, etc.) Where a Pal Melody Scroll could be introduced to compliment the Pal Flute, as well as Pal Boosts, activating 2nd abilities or activating their beast forms & Pal Flute/Melody would have opposing effect on them. ------------------------------------------------------ Just a combined list of ideas I've been waiting to share with everyone & felt today was a good day to. (Ice Cube Voice) Maybe the creators will send me something unique ? However, thanks for your time & I can't wait to hear what you guys think of these ideas Add Me, IGN = Reficurt Member of Alliance, Mizerableone
  10. In showcase video we can see a festival flag(I have forgotten what to call that) is hanging... Can we expect a festival??...also plz let us know if there's an event this week.. @GalaMorgane
  11. Question 1: When I activate a new blessing, the message shows it has been granted by alliance name instead of member name. Is this suppose to happen? Part of an update but not mentioned? If so, I prefer knowing which of my members are activating blessings. Question 2: My titan chest earned from titan points is at about 58 days remaining. I know there was an update to extend the timer, but I didnt expect it to be that long. Was this the intended duration? I'm totally fine with it, but I wanted to make sure it's not a bug and my timer is actually like 5 days.
  12. I have 6 lucky item. But some how my value looking low value.Just look pictures guys. @FTB Normally i have %(98.96) luck but when i update game 3.8.1 my lucky only %(65.63) please fix it soon !! PLEASE FIX VERY SOON ! @FTB i belive you flothaboss fix this..
  13. So with the new changes to how the luck % is calculated, what is the new % that luck is capped at? I believe it was 80% before
  14. Well.. If I'm not wrong then it's the first time that we have a fully bug fixing dedicated update. I hope update will work well. Anyway RR2 team deserves a thanks here. Thanks dudes.
  15. não estou conseguindo atualizar o NECROMONTE
  16. Hey Flare! @CaptainMorgan @oisia It has been a while since last update! Few hours and we gonna start the NEW YEAR! 2018 I hope to see great update soon. Happy New Year guys.
  17. I know that you will answer that you are working on update but please can you be more specific..? What you try to do and when you will release it..??
  18. Have they now finally added the confirmation button for buying a hero item slot in CoF? They said they would add it in the next update but it's not in the changelogs.. Thanks for any replies
  19. With the new update, it seems like you can get Eris but not Phoebe in the pro league. Has Phoebe gone for good? I was rather hoping to buy it so please could a developer tell us. Thanks
  20. Morgul

    Version 3.7

    Where is it? It's been four days already! I can't wait!
  21. what does it do? Obviously scream,but why the grey and rainbow segments and rotation? anyone know?
  22. As per the new update is coming...better known as community driven update...i think it's the time to enlighten others with my idea...specially to drag the attention of developers 1. Like those wardrobe slots...we need different buttons for different base designs...i mean 3 for wars and 3 normal base designs ...that will be handy in changing the whole base by tapping a button...also..they can restrict it to high level kings only..as low level kings don't have so many towers and obstacles.. 2. They should change the alliance donation system..it should be once a day l..i mean anytime in 24 hrs...present system is not allowing lower alliances to grow on a steady rate..and also...by that we will be able to know who has donated today or not 3. More ranks should be created in an alliance..general is the only rank now.. 4. As there is a global leaderboard...i believe there should be a regional leaderboard based on which country the player belongs to..and this must be applied for alliances too(taking into account the two flags) 5.There should be a communication system to talk with the new player who has applied for joining alliances.. 6. As there is a option to buy additional slots in inventory while getting a gear from chests or cof..i believe there should be a direct option to melt the item down..handy when both Tc and inventory is full 7. A switch to enable/disable pals and beast whenever a player wants...it will help in many ways comment if u like the ideas or not..and also share ur ideas ?
  23. Why we have new spell and new troop but why we dont have a new quest? Cast 500, 5000, 50000 Black Magic? Spawn 500, 5000, 50000 Monk? I also think that have quest for Blacksmith too, like : Melt dowm 500, 5000, 50000 items? Hope that you can make new quest in the next update...
  24. Couldnt play using facebook gameroom now, kept asking me to go facebookstore but when i click the pop out button nothing happens.. please advice
  25. Check me out on ZGS silverspear for daily content.
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