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Found 17 results

  1. So my team fought hard last pro league and won the level 4 towers. We had planned to keep them all month long. Some players bought tickets just to make sure we had this boost all month. This morning when we go to extend ? It says 7 days max? That's not the full term from winning them. Anyone else having same issues or is it a bug?
  2. I exercise patience and slowly collect the appropriate amount of supplies or metal to perform weapon boosts and upgrade my base. However, it came to my attention that due to either shoddily done craftsmanship or simply the lack of supplies in these harsh zombie infested times, it takes just as many supplies to upgrade a ramshackle fence as it does to upgrade an entire storage facility! And the fence is still considered ramshackle despite the fact I used enough supplies to add a mother-in-law suite or a man-cave to my headquarters. Can we break away from the standard cost of 2500, 7500, 12500...supplies and make the amount supplies needed match the amount of work to be done? Other than that this game is addicting as hell!
  3. Anyone have any idea what the silver bolt/screw things do? I got 6000 of those buggers but they are completely useless. There is a box in the bottom left of the "boost" screen when boosting a weapon that calculates how many bolts/screws would be needed to boost the weapon but it doesn't allow me to click on it. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. They reduce and then they make new level to upgrade it again :# We had 1000 gems Dungeon, but why we have another Dungeon also 1000 gems, i think it must more than it :# I think i should stop playing now, it costs much time, and they dont want me to have a break. upgrade and upgrade :#
  5. Does anyone know the amount of time that needs to pass before the pearl requirement to upgrade something (spells, defenses, troops, items, etc.)? I currently run my upgrades up to 300 to 350 and wait...after some time (a few days or a week), it seems the requirement of pearls has dropped back to 25. Thanks!
  6. Guys, the leap second has become a big nightmare for RR2 players and of course FG. Many plans have to be suspended/shortened or ........... due to this sudden chaos. My question is did it affect the ongoing upgrades? If not then how come it affected the rewards? Upgrades are also based on system time,....so ...
  7. I believe that the dungeon is a very good area of exploration, it would be nice update it further including new dungeons with gold or pearl awards. It would be good to relive this place that gets dead after it's over.
  8. I think we should be able to sell our unused towers for Gold or Gems, What do you guys think ? Especially the Arrow Towers that we upgraded in the beginning of the game are now useless in the higher ranks so instead of keeping them in inventory taking up space, why not be able to sell those hard earned upgraded towers for needed gold or Gems.
  9. Dear all, (edit): My info to start with: IGN; Daemonizer UserID: B088BA85 Device: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus OS: Android 6.0.1. Date of issue: 25 october 2016 Last night I decided to ascend from floor 1959 (highest in my region), see picture below. After ascending I got the offer to purchase 16.0B tokens for 125 gems with the 50% discount, see picture below. I purchased the tokens but instead of receiving 16.0B tokens I only recieved 2.0B or 2.1B (not sure due to the high amount). If there were no new upgrades I woulnd't mind because i would have reached the max upgrades. But I found out that there are more upgrades than before (right now I have over 205 upgrades for skills, weapon and armor while the cap was 202 or 203), see picture below. I also have a second bug to report. The new upgrades have incorrect prices I think. The price of the best coin upgrade used to be 500M tokens (so I read in a forum post). This upgrade gives you +40.0T% coin gain. The new upgrade for copins costs 2.00B tokens and also gives you +40.0T coin gain. It surprised me that the value was multiplied by 4 but the reward stayed the same. Even weirder. The next coin upgrade costs 2.24B tokens and only gives 16/2T% coin gain, see the pciture below. One last thing I would like to report is that after ascending I grided back to floor 1000+. Hoping to get a grande weapon + the baron cloak again I was very dissapointed to have not recieved 1 grande after opening roughly over 350 chests. I did receive 2 baron cloaks but yeah. did the chance of getting them really get nerfed into oblivion? I hope to have informed you enough and hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Daemonizer
  10. BREAK DOWN GLOBAL CHAT AND ALLIANCE CHAT NOT WORKING !!!!!!... Game is good but from last night global chat and alliance chat is not working showing both chat disconnected please flare games do something before user left game and we need alliance competition and alliance war so the game will be more challenging and more fun rest of other things are better than other games good work super weapon and flare games keep it up What You Guys Think About The About Break Down Of Alliance chat And Global Chat And How Many Of You All Wanted Alliance War and Competition Between Alliances We need New upgrade
  11. Hi, I just get my first pet and it says that I need to get stars to upgrade it but how do I get these stars? (maybe I'm just not enough patient!) Thanks for the replies!
  12. is this normal? upgrade and get nothing better?
  13. I've purchased two upgrades now for +tokens gain and it doesn't update in my upgrades. The first one for 25% and just barley for 1000% and it's still only showing I'm at 75% even after closing and restarting the game multiple times
  14. Hi- Just wanted everybody's views on this. I suggest an improvement. Most of us do not know the maximum levels of units and spells. Either we ask each other or check on the net. Wouldn't it be nice if the details were provided in-game? What I suggest is, when we (eg. spell) select a spell to upgrade there is a window, which opens up giving details of the next upgrade (it is nice). A slight improvement to this can be that a thermometer like a Bar chart or something can be shown in the same window that shows the current level (where we are) and the other levels to reach the maximum with the gold needed. This will also help the player to be motivated to achieve the max. level. The same applies to the units, towers, etc. as well. Your Thoughts!! Cheers!!
  15. Hey so I'm new to the game, and I'm trying to make choices on armour upgrade! And I'm coming across things like leadership, scream boost and shield(which is on a sword) and wondering how they work? Did it explain it at the start of the game and I didn't pay enough attention or is there a guide/wiki I can read? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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