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Found 11 results

  1. So, I just checked out the Zombie Gunship Survival game launch trailer for the first time and my eyes rolled back in my head and I said out loud, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? In case you haven't see it, it's a mix of 3D animated cut scenes of your troops raiding a building and what's presented as in-game footage of your view from the gunship shooting at terrestrial targets. The cut scenes of your troops inside the buildings are cool, nice renderings, good animations and great explosion effects. Many game trailers produce this type of footage for dramatic effect and I have no issues with it. Great for setting the mood and telling the story for what the game is about. What I take issue with are the night vision scenes from the gunship that look very much like actual game play but it isn't accurate. For starters, it shows your troops RUNNING to the building entrance, something my troops never did, Second, the gunship machine gun rounds have very long and realistic tracer tails, something my weapons don't have and when they blow something up, you see beautifully detailed and rich explosions. Even when the building goes down, the detonation with highly detailed billowing smoke and fire is epic. Oh, and don't let me forget about the Titan your troops encounter. The trailer version is absolutely huge and he's as fast as a hellhound. Perhaps it's good they aren't that fast in the ZGS game I've been playing for several weeks but it's clear, anyone who sees this video is being misled by how dynamic the actual game play is compared to the footage it shows. All I know is, I want to play the game I see in the trailer! When are we getting that one?
  2. A 2 millions suscribers french youtuber made a video sponsored by flaregames !
  3. Sometimes when I try to view video ads, the game freezes without the video playing. I reset the game, and the purple box switches to instant gold, which is usually much worse than the original gift. Help or a fix greatly appreciated.
  4. I have 3 android devices and any of them do not show video. Please share info if you have the same problem. P.S. On windows device everything is Ok.
  5. Here Will be post the gameplay and the general videos
  6. AlexG

    Players inequality

    Hello,Flaregames ! Why there is no bonus video —Āhests for Windows players ? Because of this difference in development - huge . Players of the Android and Windows versions have very different resources for development. Even in the simplest improvement is necessary to save.It's not fair.
  7. Not trying to curse anything here, but has anyone else noticed the majority of videos working for them at the moment? I have had very few crashes. Well done on getting these corrected. It makes the game a lot less stressful and more ... FUN! THANK YOU!!
  8. I updated to iOS 10.0.2 and every time I try to watch a video my game crashes. Every single time.
  9. Kindly there are responses from supplier flare? Karman said on September 18 that answer but still do not work on October 2 promotional videos. You have to wait long? Thank you for an answer.
  10. Hi all. I have a question. When updated video suggestions? I have Sep no.
  11. please stop the free food for android users or upgrade the windows version. windows users never gona win legues as android users get food free and we have to wait. it is very uneven.. i m frustuated..
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