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Found 118 results

  1. Hello , so today is the last day of conquest and as i'm a general i have to be online to organize soldier, movement, etc .. but flare said no they force me to take a break of the game when i have a lot of problems to solve , plans to put and discuss and soldier to help in movement how can i do all of this when i'm forced to take a break ?????? thanks flare i think this is the stupidest thing ever
  2. Well, the topic is very clear. War has become (offense) tough, while the rewards have remained the same or poor. Will FG do something about it? Please see some game around who give so much to keep the players interested.
  3. Hey guys, We like to announce the birth of two new alliances: ⚔️Invictus⚔️ and Invictus Rising. Let's go into details! Tired of your general wasting strikes, your teammates going rogue only for better chests or simply your alliance being a phantom one? Check our Invictus community! ⚔️Invictus⚔️ Minimum Requirements: Level Ascension: 100 Third hero activated Donation: 100k (preferably 150+) Trophy count: 6000+ Invictus Rising Minimum Requirements: Level Ascension: 70 Donation: 50k Team player with Line preferred. Communication necessary If you don't meet the requirements for ⚔️Invictus⚔️ but still want to be part of our group, you'll rise from our second alliance when you're ready to fight the big guys. Feel free to join our alliances directly or leave here your character name here if you are interested. Search for my character TheRapture, if you can't use the special characters in ⚔️Invictus⚔️
  4. Hello, cb50 of Strong Worldz here. War season is almost over and we are looking to gain 14 members. We run many blessings, we are helpful and will help you grow stronger, 1000 gems for everyone in the allaince in two weeks, siren/Charon blessings combo. We have 2 people from the top 1000 and a few climbing up, come grow stronger with us, come join Strong Worldz. We’re looking for level 70 and up line available (not required),50k minimum donation.
  5. I'm the leader of the alliance Sumcronic420 and I need members that want to be the best and try to take the number one spot. Alliance is a lvl9 as of now but if I had players that played and donated it would be higher all I ask of if you join is to have fun play donate and get a long with each other. My name in the game is Sumcronic1 add me if ya want to.?????????
  6. I thought it would be useful to be able to write a message of alliance (like the one that now exists and which serves the members of the alliance to agree on many things) visible to everyone outside. During the wars it would thus be possible to make agreements with other alliances on the map; one could write a status message; it could be used as an alliance motto; it would be useful. It may also be necessary to use a very small amount of gems to change it.
  7. Samvy


    Looking for an active alliance. I enjoy he game and always participate in eats but my current alliance is dead and feels like I’m fighting on my own. I am current ascension level 64 and always open to suggestions on how to help me grow faster in game name is Samvimes79
  8. Honestly, a big THANK YOU.... for all the time lost!!! Stopped playing this game once again.... This time once & for all!!!! Best of luck to all of you still plugged into the Matrix called FG! Neo OUT!!!
  9. Hello my dear, yesterday my points of war were normal, today upon waking they were zeroed, but what the hell is going on ?! Now I will not be able to win the titan chests and I will be harmed again! I'm going to drink some tequilas and vodka to see if I see my points doubled even when I'm drunk.
  10. bugs and more problems. PRODITORS. we used furies and it does not result in counting in the war booty. zero fury and crasis problems. ok, maximum respect and patience for your work, but then do not be offended by giving us sweets. 250 gems do not even serve to renew prestige. we do not ask for anything, only respect as players. you make your considerations .... you will lose many players.
  11. Hello, my dear friend @CaptainMorgan, I'm Sergio Moro, General of Olympus Brazil. I hereby make this post to alert to the permanence of some problems that should already be corrected. The war spoils are not being loaded and there is a block for opening a new attack, ie the attack is released but can not be carried out. I ask you to review this and resolve it as soon as possible. Thank you!!Att.⚖ Sergio Moro⚖General of Olympus Brasil.
  12. the war continues to crash, I started attacks and used furies that are not among the attacks, while the furies are used instead. what's going on? FG that sadness that you have become ...... la guerra continua a craschare, ho avviato dei attacchi e utilizzato furie che non risultano tra gli attacchi, mentre invece le furie risultano utilizzate. ma che sta succedendo? FG che tristezza che siete diventati......
  13. Once you get to Uber chest, the range is 5000 sculls to the next chest. This means two wars for (most) players. If this range can be reduced to 3500-4000 range then it will be possible to get to the next chest with one war. Why fight a war if there is no reward? It should have a big boost on war participation. It will make a difference for me.
  14. Spells should have boosts, as units do. Faster Cooldowns, Wider Ranges, Longer Durations, those are just the obvious boosts to start with that could be applied to any of the spells really But for more interesting game play it would be cool to see something like, anytime Firestorm is used, the "fire" don't just radiate the Hero, but Pyromancers too or something. Along with the Doom Gate & a unit boost, a spell boost would be cool to earn in wars instead of two units. Just a surface scratch of an idea...
  15. Hello, canada 4 the win is looking for active members with a minimum of 100k donation. Our main focus being on war seasons, your participation is a must. While we give the game our best, the alliance’s atmosphere is still casual and laid-back therefore inappropriate and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Main language is obviously english and we require a basic understanding of the language but we do have many French-speaking players if a better understanding of strategy or advice is needed. This is indeed Canada, foreigners are welcome! Hah! Remember to have fun! Cheers, Snedjana
  16. Guys! What do you say? At least from the day war started, it's been continuous. Do we need a break? A well-deserved one! A special case..Easter Time. Or war only 4 attacks for some time Please poll, so FG has a straight answer.
  17. War notifications are showing that we won a strike against our own alliance, our own alliance won against us. Fog of War is my alliance.
  18. Hello, we had a struggle yesterday in the war of alliances. During the VIET NAM NEWSTAR war, we could not carry out attacks on the opponent. The chimney was displayed "The number of alliance members has fallen below 5. The Alliance can no longer participate in the war." At the moment, there were 19 people in the alliance. At the moment of attacking us, VIET US NEWSTAR was able to carry out attacks and our alliance, unfortunately, could not defend itself, as a result of which the battle was lost. In the annex screen of the situation. Regards
  19. Blued Edge is an active alliance that is full of really great people ...and we looking for a few more who enjoy fully participating in war and ninja events. Our (primarily) English speaking team is spread across the globe. Everyone on the team is kind, helpful and has an optimistic, go getter attitude. If and when you join us, you’ll see that we are committed to welcoming you and supporting you. The group chat window has a nice pace of conversation and there are plenty of people to answer any questions you have. We care about teamwork and being kind. Blued Edge is a team that has been in place for a few years. Most people who join tend to stay for a long time due to the relationships that are formed and because they feel cared about in a fun environment. We don’t really have a minimum level to join, but you may feel that the events/wars are easier for you if you’ve achieved at least 1,500 trophies. You’re welcome to join at a lower level but you’ll have to be patient with the war events while you’re working on building up. Our only request for remaining on the team is that you stay active in the events (wars and ninjas) since we are trying hard to have a 100% active team. We’re good at being human and understand that life gets busy so if you can’t participate in events, just please communicate in the main alliance chat window so that we understand that it is a special case instead of you deciding that the events are no longer something you are interested in. If you like teamwork, fun and nice people, an active alliance, and you’re willing to fully participate in wars and ninja events, then Blued Edge is the right alliance for you. I really hope you join us! I can’t wait to welcome you and become friends!
  20. Are you working on how you are pairing alliances against each other in war? Seems odd that 2 easy and 2 advance alliances pittted against each other but the two advance alliance can only launch against the less advance alliance and not against each other. This has been going on a lot. I can understand one easy and one advance but both less advance alliance with low trophy members are being attacked by two well advacnced alliance seems unfair combo. Trophy count and member count should be taken into consideration when you are pairing them for war or else you'll have those who are advance before war started continuously will win and the less advance will never experience winning a war.
  21. Hey guys I'm certain this topic isn't new or anything but I can't find anything similar on the first few pages so I try my luck with a new thread. I've seen some postings about "rigged wars" etc. but nothing of real substance. If there is another active thread on this please point me in the right direction so I can leave a comment and a like there. As you can see we have by far the most skulls, yet we are going to be eliminated today. We have had the most fights by far for no reward at all. My problem is with the war system as we have it right now. I'm in a rather "small" alliance (compared to what we usually fight) and we are really working hard to win wars, we get everyone to fight and earn skulls, even if some members might not be so strong and can only get a few in, we do it. We get attacked from all sides, every day in war, because we have like 10 members less than the other alliances, but it seems we are the only ones on the field that have to put real effort in this to stay alive (the other two small alliances on the field certainly have it not better but they didn't even earn any noteworthy amount of skulls, they didn't even try). The big alliances just pick the easy targets and crush them with their unholy amount of members. So I'd like to provide some really easy solutions for this: Give smaller alliances in a fight against a bigger alliance a bigger skull bonus so they can win fiefdoms. Match alliances with similar amounts of members for the war seasons. Give out rewards at the end of the war for skullcount too, not only fiefdoms. One of those would be enough to make wars fair. Please consider some changes. Thanks.
  22. "Daenerys I" battled 3 times against "DorgadoRoy" and went 100% on all, it offers 749 skulls, (3x749 = 2,247). I also battled once with "zbcrtec" winning 100%. It offers 707 skulls (2,247 + 707 = 2954). Not to mention two more baus in the treasure room with 97 skulls each. All the others in my alliance also then with the wrong skull counting.
  23. Flare, I hope you remember about this problem? What do you think about it? Is this a strategy or will it be fixed? or you do not care about the suffering of not the best players? @GalaMorgane
  24. ** Now recruiting active and loyal members with consistent war participation and donations. ** We take war participation and donations very seriously, but as an alliance we aim to create a supportive and fun group of members who help each other out. We encourage conversations among members, even if they don't relate specifically to the game. Our #1 priority is to unite as an alliance, and promote both success in war seasons and friendships among members. Alliance Name: Avengers1326 Alliance Level: 32 Alliance Leaderboard Rank: 727 Language: English (primary) - we do have members from several countries who speak many different languages, including Portuguese and Spanish Requirements: Hero/player Level 50 minimum 50k donation minimum 1,200 trophies minimum Participation in all wars (Alliance and Ninja Wars) Regular donation Gifts/Perks: Elite Boosts: Always Active Holy Paladin Stunning Ogre Storm Cannon During War Season Tough Barricade Frost Trap Raging Wolf Others at request +25% Gold Bonus Insta-Troops Champions and Shields per Generals'/Leader's discretion Promotions to loyal members who donate every day and fight all battles during war season Rules: No bullying - ZERO TOLERANCE Must participate in wars Must donate regularly ** We take care of our members and promote those who show loyalty and support. Together we shall AVENGE!! **
  25. Instead of taking Screenshots and/or explain our members which islands to attack, could we have a tool that simply marks the island(s) our members should attack? A number, a letter, a text, a pin, anything to distinguish the islands apart. Best
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