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Found 9 results

  1. It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of math. For example: Damage for every weapon at every level for every rarity can be determined with exactly three numbers: The base damage for a level 1, grey weapon. The base damage for the 5.56mm MG is 32.00. The damage increase per level for #1. Easy to find out in the "boost" screen. The grey 5.56mm increases by 1.83 damage per level. The base ratio between green and grey rarity levels. A level 1 green 5.56mm does 38.40 damage. Dividing that by #1 gives you a ratio of 1.20. Seriously. That's all you need. Check the attached graphs. Then check your inventory to confirm. You can also take a look at the weapons comparison page here. Did you know: The damage boost between rarity levels is exponential? A green weapon increases by twice as much per level as a grey. For the 5.56mm, greens get 3.66 damage per level. A blue weapon increases by twice as much per level as a green (4x over grey, 7.32 damage per level for the 5.56mm) A purple weapon increases by twice as much per level as a blue (8x over grey, 14.64 damage per level for the 5.56mm) And gold weapons increase by twice as much again, giving legendaries a 16x increase per level over greys. Each level for a gold 5.56 grants 29.28 damage. The base damage for each rarity level is determined by the base ratio in #3 in the first list. To continue with the example of the 5.56mm: Level 1 green 5.56 does 38.40 damage. 32.00 * 1.2 = 38.40 Level 1 blue 5.56 does 46.08 damage. 38.40 * 1.2 = 46.08 Level 1 purple 5.56 does 55.30 damage. 46.08 * 1.2 = 55.30 Level 1 gold 5.56 does 66.36 damage. 55.30 * 1.2 = 66.36 So now you've got damage levels for every rarity at level 1, as well as the damage boost per level for every rarity. Extending this formula gives you the damage levels for every rarity at every level. Weapon Damage = (Base Damage * Base Ratio) + (Weapon Level * Damage Boost per Rarity Level) This also illustrates the problem with rarity levels as they currently exist. Each rarity level is going to be roughly twice as powerful as the one before it. For the CAN-40/70 graph (they're all pretty similar), that works out to: A level 60 grey is as powerful as a level 22 green A level 60 green is as powerful as a level 23 blue A level 60 blue is as powerful as a level 25 purple A level 60 purple is as powerful as a level 26 gold So, to answer the question: Is that weapon you picked up worth it in the long run? The definitive answer: If it's not a legendary, it's pretty much garbage.
  2. How do we improve? That's right: SCIENCE. I got bored and ran some numbers. The results were interesting. Maybe not what you expected. Check out the graph for all the gory details. What can we learn from this? Well, it's only one example, but here's my takeaways: Boosting a 1-★ to level 20 costs about 10% less than boosting a 2-★ to level 20. Maybe that extra 2,375 metal is supposed to reflect the cost of the garbage weapon you have to consume to fuse. I don't know. Boosting a 1-★ to level 10 costs about HALF as much as boosting a 2-★ to level 10. I'm sure this ratio is way worse with more stars. Getting a high star weapon drop seems to be a big disadvantage. Seems like you're better off taking a 1-★ and boosting it up. Not only do you reach higher levels faster and for less metal, but the total cost is lower. Depending on what trash ends up in my workshop after opening the next few crates, I might be able to run some more analysis on greys vs greens+, going from level 20 to level 30 (don't hold your breath), or maybe different weapon types. We'll see what happens. Would love to hear 1) thoughts from the community, and 2) rationale from the devs. This seems backwards. A weapon with more stars should be "better" for the player, but it seems to be worse.
  3. Sorry if this was answered somewhere else that I couldn't find, but what is the difference between a weapon's power and it's damage, or what is the relationship between them? I am fairly new, and the best I can tell is that the damage is the important thing. But what's the point of the power, then? Thanks!
  4. I dont know if this is a bug, but 4 star weapons to be boosted are so expensive. Should be same as a 1 star weapon on its way to lvl 10 cuz its max is 40 anyways. Big issue... dunno if this is a bug, but needs a problem on balance change.
  5. Has anybody noticed the weapon stats that doesn't make any sense? Like some lower level weapons have way more damage than higher level ones. As you see in the screenshot, the highest of the rocket class, the 120mm (5star) deals almost half the damage of a 3 star 40mm. And the battery size...7! Like wtf? 80mm rocket has better stats than the 120mm rocket.
  6. So clone damage scales by cloak while pet damage scales by weapon (correct me if I'm wrong). How does critter damage scale? Also, does the term 'allies' refer to pets, critters, and clones?
  7. Suggest to provide merge function. 2 weapons can be merge to one and keep both attributes.
  8. I have items in my inventory that i can't sell or melt in blacksmith. This items highlits white and there is no button to sell, only to dress it. I want to get rid of it, could you help me?
  9. Hi, First of all, I really like this game. A feature I love is the armory painting, where you can distinguish yourself from the others. Unfortunately there are only a few combinations. I would like to see some double combinations of colors, like white-white with a gold trim. I see two ways to develop this idea. One is to add more combinations, the other to make your own combination with standard colors. I really hope this idea will be noticed, for I think that it will improve the individuality in this growing community. Thanks for reading. Sir Ruystique
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