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Found 6 results

  1. I dont know if this is a bug, but 4 star weapons to be boosted are so expensive. Should be same as a 1 star weapon on its way to lvl 10 cuz its max is 40 anyways. Big issue... dunno if this is a bug, but needs a problem on balance change.
  2. JanRoberts

    weapon stats

    Has anybody noticed the weapon stats that doesn't make any sense? Like some lower level weapons have way more damage than higher level ones. As you see in the screenshot, the highest of the rocket class, the 120mm (5star) deals almost half the damage of a 3 star 40mm. And the battery size...7! Like wtf? 80mm rocket has better stats than the 120mm rocket.
  3. So clone damage scales by cloak while pet damage scales by weapon (correct me if I'm wrong). How does critter damage scale? Also, does the term 'allies' refer to pets, critters, and clones?
  4. IronMan360

    Weapon merge function

    Suggest to provide merge function. 2 weapons can be merge to one and keep both attributes.
  5. Melifaro

    Can't sell a weapon

    I have items in my inventory that i can't sell or melt in blacksmith. This items highlits white and there is no button to sell, only to dress it. I want to get rid of it, could you help me?
  6. Hi, First of all, I really like this game. A feature I love is the armory painting, where you can distinguish yourself from the others. Unfortunately there are only a few combinations. I would like to see some double combinations of colors, like white-white with a gold trim. I see two ways to develop this idea. One is to add more combinations, the other to make your own combination with standard colors. I really hope this idea will be noticed, for I think that it will improve the individuality in this growing community. Thanks for reading. Sir Ruystique