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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there! I have a suggestion: add a possibility of scraping weapons on the screen when you just opened a crate. Scrape all, scrape this weapon or select weapons which you want to be scraped.
  2. Is that weapon you just picked up any good? Better than the one you're using? Want to see what you have to look forward to? Look no further. Zombie Survival Gunship Weapon Comparison Just a little something I threw together to help me keep track of what was what in this game. Would love to get your help to fill this out! If you find this useful and you'd like to contribute: Take a screenshot of any un-boosted level 1 weapons not already on the list Upload the image to a free hosting service like imgur.com, where you can create an album that contains ALL the images at once Send the links to me either by sending me a private message or posting the imgur link in this thread ...and I'll get them uploaded! That should give a baseline to extrapolate stats, since boosting every weapon and rarity seems to follow roughly the same formula. Enjoy!
  3. Given that Zombie Gunship: Survival is a single player game with no ability to transfer weapons between players, I'm wondering why all weapons appear to have very specific stats with no variation. i understand the time and effort that goes into game balance, but variety is the spice of life. Ex: if I level identical MP5s side-by-side, they appear to end up with the same stats regardless of the weapon types or quality of weapons I use to Fuse. Why aren't there opportunities to bump stats based on the rarity of the weapons used to Fuse? If I sacrifice a weapon of higher quality than common-grey like a Rare that I've abandoned for a better one or that I'm never going to use anyway, when bumping Stars, I would love to see the newly improved weapon get a small bump to one of its Stats for each higher quality weapon used in the fusing process. Of course, the Weapon Stats website might hate me for suggesting this...
  4. I think the workshop needs a counter to show how many weapons you currently have, and the max amount. For example if you have say like 50 weapons and the max is 100 I believe it should show as this: 50/100 That way you can keep track of your weapons so you don't have to manually count them,
  5. You've chosen AC130 as your game topic, so I think the game "should" be at least partially realistic, sadly it's not atm. The weapons are POORLY balanced in types, filled with faulty paras and some mounts never even have existed. Where do we start with... I'd like to start with getting rid of those "never existed mounts". 1. rocket pods : basically they're just "buffed" version of the standard M102 105mm howitzer, they serve same role but former never was attached on AC130 while later was standard armament of AC130 but NOT implemented in game!!!! I'd suggest REMOVE all rockets and REPLACE with howitzer series. 2.Sniper rifles : I get the idea of making some "titan killer" weapon necessary, but this should really have been AGM's role. I'd suggest total removal of SR on board or simply make it an additional auto-gunner that fire the rifle at threats of your team. Now we deal with cannons and missiles 1.Cannons are very limited in ammo and pack minor damage comparing to same class same rarity autocannons. Currently only epic or legendary ones are worth using, taking benefit of the big radius and rarity's firepower. They should've been stronger and longer CD version of autocannons which focused on burst damage. They not only have good AOE but also good damage, except they get clip limit and relatively long reload. Their ammo shouldn't be limited and their RPM should be buffed. There is really no need of anti-structure weapon atm since DEMO can do easy jobs on most obstacles, or just strafe with AC. 2.AGMs, idk what they're for, really. The tracking locks you down for 3 seconds full from firing other weapons which SUCKS. In realistic they're supposed to have much smaller radius and higher direct hit damage, made for hunting titans down or destroying buildings. I'd suggest make it similar to original SRs, hold RMB locks a target and you let go of the missile, the missile will seek the locked unit unless it died (turns into rocket). Lastly I'd suggest adding armor value to units, making them less pwned by simple AC spam, especially small cal ones. This will also require more accurate realistic RPM applied to weapons. A workaround would be only showing tracer round and make anything >600 RPM shoot in bursts rather than showing every single shot. Take 7.62 mm GAU as example, it's realistic RPM can be up to 6000, so make it 10 rounds burst and only one tracer each burst. The damage per hit will be lower, when facing high armored target say titan, it will be relatively weak hitting comparing to higher DPH weapons such as 30mm GAU or 40mm Bofors, which people expect it would be.
  6. Sorry if this was answered somewhere else that I couldn't find, but what is the difference between a weapon's power and it's damage, or what is the relationship between them? I am fairly new, and the best I can tell is that the damage is the important thing. But what's the point of the power, then? Thanks!
  7. Anyone have any idea what the silver bolt/screw things do? I got 6000 of those buggers but they are completely useless. There is a box in the bottom left of the "boost" screen when boosting a weapon that calculates how many bolts/screws would be needed to boost the weapon but it doesn't allow me to click on it. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. Self explanatory, I can't figure out what the star rating on weapons is. I have a 1 start 30mm cannon with the same stats as a 2 star 30mm cannon.
  9. Time for Change! It is not only time but in my opinion, long past time for some fresh options. I should start with the fact that this is a fun game and my household and I enjoy it together. We spend real life money on gem packs and such to help not only ourselves but the members of our alliance as well. Seeing as we have been spending real world hard cash money on this game, I for one am starting to feel cheated at the lack of options in game. I think that there are a myriad of options that could be added to this game that would improve its look, feel and fun factor for literally everyone. As well as adding a much needed greater feeling of individuality for each user. Let's itemize these ideas I have that I'm sure many of you will agree with. I hope you will join me with comments in reaching out to our friends and staff of Royal Revolt 2. #1 - Custom color wheel. Wouldn't it be nice if we could assemble our own custom color shield of our own choice of three colors? Even if we need to earn new colors or shades of color as we have been, to up the options even further. #2 - Hair color and styles? Maybe even the option of deciding for our selves if the hair sticks out of our helmets or not. #3 - Eye color? I for one would like the option of having solid glowing eyes of different color or even solid black. Or how about the option of empty black sockets even. Maybe even the ability to adjust the shade of each color with a simple sliding bar. #4 - Skin tone? Again how about a sliding bar to adjust the intensity of the tones? I think it might be fun to add some more options as well like maybe clear or crystal like gemstone. Which leads me to my next and favorite ideas... #5 - Body types and color? Let me share some ideas I've had that would add a huge option to the game! -Fur, for those beastly werebeast people out there -Scales or reptilian skin. Cold blooded, eating people whole, smooth criminals. -Crystalline clear or stone like skin, Golem Smash! -Zombie, oh no not the Zed word! -Skeleton. shake rattle and stab! -Invisible, with the whole floating empty armor look. Give up the ring tiny person, It's mine, I made it! -Elven, bring on the pointy ears and twigs in the hair with a little moss behind the ears! -Demon or Ogre type monster looks. Lets grind his bones and make some bread! -Vampire, For some bloodletting action. Just for a few, any other ideas out there you people want to add? #6 - Weapons and Armor, would Anyone else like to see more and "LESS HOKEY" weapons and armor? I on two occasions I got the rare uber unique weapons and was very, very disappointed with them... really.... a tennis racket or a leg of ham... "Palm Meets Forehead" Can we please at least just turn on or off, the extreme hokey gear/weapon torture option so that we can all enjoy the game more? #7 - Alliance Shield Designs, I hate to beat a dead cat on a wall over and over but here it goes again! Please give us more logos, back ground and color options for our banners that represent our alliances... Please! It's almost painful to think of how easy it would be to do any of these updates. I think that we deserve this little bit of effort seeing as many of us pay out a lot of money to this game. Thank you for reading this my friends and please share your thoughts or any new ideas you might have as well and please share this with your friends. Maybe we can get a little attention from the game designers and see some changes soon. Again, thank you for reading this, ~X
  10. I want to know what is considered low Health. I have a suit that have this perk: +46% armor when low HP. i want to know the percentage ( % ) of health i need to have to get activated that perk.
  11. Just some Suggestions: - Random/Wild Bosses in Adventure mode (not only in Boss Hunt) - New Chests/Weapons - Sets - Sets, for example if you wear all three Items from Mammut-Chest you will get new bonus - new Abilities or new runes - Kick-vote in Boss Hunt, sometimes I had members in groups wich were inactive all the time
  12. If you beat an opponent and there are any green orbs are on the ground they should be applied to the rig with the lowest health. I hate having one drop off the last structure as the game ends. Create a salvage yard building. When you are attacked and destroy a rig you can get either a schematic or parts to build an upgrade. Also destroying a hangar or or salvage yard can reward players with schematics or parts. Use these to modify common weapons to a higher tier. These could be the new "illegally modded weapons and armor". A range extension mod for the sniper rifle would fix sniper rifles. Create a smoke bomb for upper level players to temporarily block line of sight.
  13. Here are some ideas for new rigs: Deflecto rig(plz improve the name) Looks kinda beefy, Silver in color with a rail gun as its default weapon It has the ability to deflect the damage from an allied rig Stealth rig: Looks like a mixture of the dash and and the drone rig, black in color with a machine gun as a default weapon, has the ability to go invisible for a short period of time and have faster movement speed during that period Sonic rig: This rig is green in color, with speakers on its shoulder and a machine gun as a default weapon. He uses a sonic wave ability which can be shot in a General direction(one of the 8 main directions) of multiple building are bunched up when hit by the wave each of them emit small.er damaging waves to each other like an echo Emp rig: Kinda beefy and electric blue with a battery pack on his back Uses and empty bomb to disable hostile turrets for the next few seconds Magma rig: Red in color, Uses a lava blast which causes over time splash dames in an target area Nuclear rig: Green in color with nuclear rods sticking outta its back Radiates a whole area increasing the dps of rigs inside that area but dealing damage to everything, less to rigs more to enemy buildings.
  14. Some ideas for type of weapons: Grenada launchers: they allow you to spam grenades on to a building before they go off after amd interval, would bring a unique look to the game Cannons: raw damage Rocket launchers: slow splash damage ranged attacks, again useful but might have to be a little careful with them to keep them from being u.p or o.p Ray guns: not necessarily ray guns but guns with a constant stream of damage with a de buff Melee weapons: up close high damage weapons. Useful with the right type of rigs WEAPON FUSION: let us fuse two duplicate weapons in order to raise the weapons mark eg, machine gun plus machine gun= machine gun mark 2. Iprder to get the machine gun to mark 3 you nee to fuse it with another mark 2 or 2 mark 1s. The pattern continues. A whole new look to weapons, EXPERIMENTAL WEAPONS: Experimental weapons require the collection of parts/blue prints of the weapon which have a drop chance in pvp battles. They cannot be sold , but can be upgraded with plasma and gold Here are some ideas I thought up: Heavy duty min gun: Rapids fires bullets in a wide range damaging multiple targets with its colossal wall of gun fire Lazer arc shot gun: fires a laser arc that deals massive damage to anything it hits Plasma shot gun: fires similiar to a regular shotgun but with more damage and a little over time damage Solar cannon: takes time to charge up, but once charged it fires huge splash damaging ball of radiation that causes over time damage Lightening tesla gun: fires a consistent bolt of lightening that reduces the attack speed of enemy turrets and mobile objects. Thunder grenade launcher: fires emp grenades which temeprarily disable turrets. Has a slow rate of fire and hardly deals damge therefore not op and best used with other high damage dealing rigs Richochet rifle: fires a bullet with a chance of echo her with causes the damage dealt to the target building to be repeated on nearby buildings at the max of 3 buildings
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