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Found 5 results

  1. Hey I have the bug that when I press the the keys "1" and "6" or "7" simultaneously I also activate the spell on the key "5". when I press the the keys "2" and "5" simultaneously I also activate the spell on the key "6". when I press the the keys "3" and "5" simultaneously I also activate the spell on the key "7". In any of those cases the two keys I am pressing don't have to be off cooldown / have enough morale, just the spell that will be activated from this combination has to be off cooldown. I couldn't find any combinations that caused bugs using the buttons "Q", "9" or "0", I didn't check "E" though because I didn't want to waste my insta troops On my PC I use the Cherry MX Board 3.0, on my Surface pro 4 I use the basic typecover, the bug occurs on both devices, both are mechanical keyboards, and both devices run Windows 10 with all updates. Hope you can find the flaw and fix it. Pperoni edit: found my old post about a similar bug
  2. So, I am spending some time on my girlfriend's house and I want, to check my kingdom so I can upgrade stuff, collect rewards, etc. Since we play on Windows 10 computers, ,iIs there any way I can log in using my account (changing Microsoft Store's account, for example)? If there is any, are our accounts safe if we switch? Are there any risks of losing our progress and having our accounts wiped? Thanks in advance!
  3. I was able to scroll the stats page with mouse until 3.9.0 and it stopped working after that update. Now have to click, hold and pull down or up to see the full stats like how much sonic boost i have, what is ogres health boost etc. Please fix it asap
  4. Hello Пишет: Инициализация. Статические наклейки. В игру не зайти. Ожидание не помогает. Перезагрузка не помогает. Вчера играл нормально. Lumia 950. Windows Phone 10 & Windows 10 Home edition. Initialization. Static stickers. No have enter to game.
  5. Hi! Microsoft is going to upgrade Win8 computers to Windows 10. It might happen in one or two months. Will RR2 be running on this new OS platform? Thanks, Alexey
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