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Found 16 results

  1. Hey there, I'm not able to upgrade my two units Monk and Necromancer in my Windows Phone...when i try to click on upgrade for these units, my game crashes. But this doesnt happen for other units, they work fine and upgrade when clicked. It's a major drawback for windows phone, please fix it.... Peace out.
  2. Video's are not working from past 7days. It shows message, You have no offers at moment. Please try again later. Team please resolve this bug as we are finding it difficult to continue our play.
  3. Hi Team, Pls give update for Windows phone users to get free food and gems on viewing video. Why there's no options for windows users.
  4. Windows OS not opening

    I have a windows phone ( i might be the only one in the US), but I installed the update and its still in pending status, also tried the client on my windows 10 pc and it just hangs at the splash screen and closes. Anyone else havign this issue or solve it?
  5. This error happened while i stop playing, like turn on the lock screen, suddenly my app icon state that royal revolt 2 is under updating process, i check store there're no new update. Internet connection, battery everything still okay, even restart my phone, it still show pending. Pending is status in windows phone when your app is on updating process. Already try to go into the game from notification, main menu, shortcut, xbox apps, still cannot get in. This problem already happened 2 times, the first one got away after my phone died because run out of battery, when open the phone again the pending state is gone. I also already contacted the flare games support, and microsoft feedback about this, microsoft hasn't replayed yet, but flare games support has, they i ask is it okay if i uninstall they say okay, then i can restore my character. But cannot count on this everytime. Btw this problem start happening when i install the latest royal revolt update, the one with the jester box, the 3.1 and updating the windows to version 10.0.14393.1066. So now i posted there if somebody experienced the same problem and has solution. Thank you !. Extra information : Device of the affected player : Lumia 950 Operating system of the affected player : Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile 10.0.14393.1066. Steps to reproduce the problem : Just playing and suddenly you cannot enter. Frequency (How often does the bug occur?) : 2 times in three week. For how long has the bug been occuring? : 3 days to 5 days.
  6. The latest update in windows phone 3.0.0 is very blurry, the kingdom is looking very dull, the troops images are very large and unclear, old version was very clear and High definition. New update is very poor, please fix it for us.
  7. Royal revolt 2 game crashed when windows phone notifies the battery is low. Please check
  8. Annoying Insta troop touch key

    I am windows phone user and I am facing the problem with insta troop touch from long time....please can you change their position!!! It annoying me when I want to come back towards my tent... I want to give my suggestion if possible there should be a hiding option or the insta troop touch should come only when the cooldown is complete...means if we spawn the insta troop then the place of insta troop touch should be work as a empty space so we can easily handle our hero ...hope you understand what I want to say...please work upon it Thank you ?
  9. The game is not starting ! after the update 2.5.3 on my Nokia Lumia 530. I had enough work playing this game to lose the progress that way! please help me.
  10. hello, I recently shared a link using royal revolt share friend code option my friend also used that link to download and play the game but when he started playing I didn't get any vouchers.. I am using windows phone Lumia 532 and friend is using huawei android phone. What could be the issue? I also loged in using facebook but can't invite facebook friends now the options seems to disappear.
  11. hi flares, I was thinking about something and gonna share with you. A lots of players are using windows phone and we all guys know due to restriction we can not login another account. What if you do some changes in server like a player who are using windows phone, can login with their email id & password directly from the game start screen? is it possible? So windows user also can play more than one account. Thanks
  12. Games for Windows Phone / Windows

    Hi guys, I am so sad, that you do not deploy games for Windows Phone / Windows (only Royal Revolt and Throne Wars available). You should develop Agents of Storm and Dawn of Steel as well. Just watch the forum of Royal Revolt 2 - the success behind is that RR2 is an exiting and multiplatform game, so everybody can play with it. I hope you hear my sound... Regards, Budakalasz
  13. Problem with Windows Phone

    Hallo everybody, i have been having problems today. I am Windows Phone user and i have a lot of desconections. The game restarts every 5 minutes. I asked my collegues in the Alliance, who use Windows Phone, and they are having the same problem. do you know anything about that? Best Wishes Jorsiacula.
  14. Bug donjon

    Bonjours, Je suis sur Windows phone et je ne peu plus allez dans le donjon. Dès que je clic dessus, le jeu s'éteint. Y'a t'il possibilité de régler ce problème? Ou sinon j'aimerais vous demander autres chose: Est-il possible de garder son compte tout en changeant de portable? ou voir même de tablette? Car j'ai vraiment pas envie de recommencer tout à zéo. Cordialement, Crimsixx
  15. how to recover lost account on windows phone..... please help me
  16. I am still experiencing lot of crashes..Whether it be going to granny shop, sometimes when i touch my favourite player to attack, and definitely when i come out of dungeon. Please, developers see to this issue. The game is good but one loses interest if it keeps crashing. I am using lumia 620 wp 8.1. Any body any suggestion?