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Found 27 results

  1. I am playing in computer app-player. In app-player shortcut key disappeared after the patch 4.0.4 version. How can I use shortcut again? Where I can download game in the Windows version? Thx for reading it.
  2. Are there any 4500+ players playing on windows mobile or I just waste my time? There was so many "no video" situations since I start play that I'm losing faith in being a top player.
  3. The problem started precisely when you added the "Tribez" commercial to the advertising rotation, and after two days I sent in a ticket. The customer support informed me that you are working on it, however no form of compensation for us Windows player had been decided as of yet. Now, however, the problem has been going on for nigh on a week with, to my understanding, still no solution in sight. This has caused alot of annoyance since we've had the Alliance War and now the Ninja event during this time. No "Free Extra Chest", no double gold, no Free Boosts and no building or research time reduction is severely impeding my gameplay, and I am fully aware it cripples the advancement of all other Windows Players as well. Do you by now at least have a timeframe for a fix? I have personally bought Gems to enhance my gameplay, but I am beginning to feel slightly cheated. Therefore some form of reimbursement for us using the Windows platform does begin to seem in order. Thank you for your time, and I really hope you get to grips with this issue ASAP, for everyone's sake. Yours, Quiztid
  4. After long last, I logged in today and tried like I had so many times the last month, to activate the video boosts. Good thing I was sitting down, because they actually WORKED! ? I tested it for farms, taverns, blacksmith, and even boosting already in-progress builds, and they all seem to work! I just hope this isn't one of those "tests" that they've been doing and I just got my hopes up for nothing. If it really is fixed, thank you @GalaMorgane, flare, and vungle for finally getting it done. you've made my team and myself very happy! ??? Just in time for the war season, too! Now to fix the drywall where I was bashing my head against the wall every time it didn't work... ?
  5. On windows, people should be able to change keybinds of troops and spells, so everybody could play in optimal conditions.
  6. Suggestion: Possibility of Account Exchange. Hello, I have made an appeal to all the players of the flare. I have two accounts in the game but I can only play with one account, because my phone is Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) and it does not have an account exchange option as it has on Android devices, so my second account is still and I'm afraid of always formatting the game to change accounts and the administrators of the game think that I am sharing my account with another person and end up being banned in any of the accounts. I'm asking everyone viewing this post to rate it positively so that it is achieved by game administrators and developers to add the account switch option on Windows Mobile devices. -------------------------------------------PT-BR------------------------------------------- Sugestão: Possibilidade de Troca de Conta. Olá, venho fazer um apelo a todos os jogadores da flare. Possuo duas contas no jogo mas só posso jogar com uma conta, pois meu celular é Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) e nele não possui opção de troca de conta como possui nos dispositivos Android, sendo assim a minha segunda conta está parada e tenho medo de ficar formatando sempre o jogo para trocar de conta e os administradores do jogo acharem que estou compartilhando minha conta com outra pessoa e acabar sendo banido em alguma das contas. Venho pedir a todos que visualizarem este post avaliem ele positivamente para que seja alcançado pelos administradores e desenvolvedores do jogo para adicionarem a opção de troca de conta nos dispositivos Windows Mobile.
  7. As per trusted source.... Its clear that Microsoft introduced subscription system as another form of payments on Microsoft store. Now we can just expect from flare to add this feature to RR2. Source: https://mspoweruser.com/uwp-apps-now-support-subscription-billing/amp/
  8. Hey there, I'm not able to upgrade my two units Monk and Necromancer in my Windows Phone...when i try to click on upgrade for these units, my game crashes. But this doesnt happen for other units, they work fine and upgrade when clicked. It's a major drawback for windows phone, please fix it.... Peace out.
  9. 2 ways to fix this problem. I recommend the safe way. Only try the other fix if the safe way doesnt work. Safe way: On windows PC, you can go to the Apps/Packages/RoyalRevolt.../LocalState directory and remove the VungleSDK directory. This fixes video ads, and leaves your local user data intact. Other way: Win10 users only [Warning] make sure your savedata is secure through cloud storage or facebook (by XxmushpitxX): 1. Go to start, select "settings". 2. In settings screen, select "apps". 3. Type in "royal revolt 2" or scroll down to it. 4. Left click on Royal Revolt 2 and it will give you the option to "move"or "uninstall", don't choose either one. 5. Once you click on "royal revolt 2", under the name will appear the option "Advanced settings" Left click on it and click on RESET and confirm. 6. After it has reset, relaunch rr2. You will start at the beginning of the game again, play the initial battle and beat the gate. 7. After beating the gate it will recognize your PC has a save game file under your OneDrive data and let you choose to use the OneDrive data or use the Local Drive save data or let you keep both files. 8. Select the first option: Use the OneDrive data save game. \\ This will relaunch rr2 to your old savegame. If you dont get ads right away, dont freak out because it may take up to 24 hours. XxmushpitxX had to repeat the process a couple of times for it to work. If you have any questions message XxmushpitxX ingame.
  10. Recently I was notified of certain changes within the iOS developers guidelines which caught my attention. Apparently Apple is starting to enforce rules when it comes to Apple store apps (with an In-App Purchase option) and what should be taken into account when it comes to "loot-boxes" and other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items (see section 3.1.1 In-App Purchase). Frankly when implemented I might actually be more inclined to make micro-payments as I would finally see what odds I have at getting additional recourses for my hobby of playing this game. So I have a questions for FlareGames: When will we be seeing this implementation? Will this then be done for the RR2 Android-app? And of course will this all so come into play for RR2 Windows store app? I all so wonder what my fellow forum member(s) think about this? Would you consider micro-payments more when "odd" would be shown?
  11. Hello there, it seems that I can't buy Gems through the Windows App Version. Meanwhile on iOS the buying Option still appears. I can't buy through iOS though because it is just a Company Device, so I can't do that Pleas fix it or I can't give you any more money. ^^
  12. Dear Flares team, Think it's about time you grant players that use windows systems, at least the same rights as all the other android and ios users: 1. System stability 2. Food for commercial videos 3. Gems for Tapjoy Enough of this game on my win tablet crashing each couple of minutes. Enough of the food lost when a crash occurs immediately after a raid starts. Enough of hearing, what food problem? Why can't you just watch commercials? Enough of hearing, what gems problem? Why don't you use Tapjoy? Enough of knowing that a windows user can win the Diamond league only if he pays cash for food (gems). Enough of hearing of win players kicked out from top alliances because they don't have enough food to fight like the others. And, no, it's not a problem with my tablet. The problem is with flares greediness. They want to make win users to pay cash all the time, to buy food. It's about time flares start respecting the windows players and treating them like customers rather than 3rd sort suckers. 1. Please fix the game crashing problem. Why is it always ignored? 2. Please add the option of food for commercial videos to the windows users too. Also something similar to Tapjoy. This is an open discrimination. And, please don't say "Microsoft don't let us". This old lame excuse is bullshit. This is your game. Make all equal. Or even make a special option for win users to make it equal. Cheers, Edward
  13. It'd be good to control the king with the xbox controller or joypad in windows .
  14. make the windows 10 version of the game uwp..so people like having a windows pc and mobile will enjoy the synchronizing experience... also add game play recorder to the game on windows.
  15. This issue has been addressed in a support request - not solved. It's obviously some input issue happening in laptops using Windows 10 (I'm on a Lenovo T430). Using a mouse I can only click around but no pan, tilt or zoom. Using two fingers on touchpad I can pinch-zoom but no tilt or pan. I now would like to know... Are there more users with the same problem? And - might there be a file to delete/edit as a way of 'resetting' the GUI? My last reply in the request thread (July 05, 2016 13:08 ): "Two issues remain as I can tell so far: 1. Clicking on the shortcut to DoS results in a framed window with black content, then nothing. One click in black space results in 'Initial load'... And the game loads. 2. The Orb/Map is still frozen and all I can do is pick targets where the game sends me - no pan no tilt. I can however move a bit if I click around in the event log in the orb. So in conclusion the game can move me but I can't move the game ;)"
  16. AlexG

    Players inequality

    Hello,Flaregames ! Why there is no bonus video сhests for Windows players ? Because of this difference in development - huge . Players of the Android and Windows versions have very different resources for development. Even in the simplest improvement is necessary to save.It's not fair.
  17. This is a great game here. So why not make it for Windows PC too? We only have RR2, we would love Olympus Rising. And you would got a lot more customers flare! Hopefully we can have it soon enough!
  18. I installed Royal Revolt 2 yesterday and the promo videos were working just fine but when I opened the game today and pressed on the video button it turned grey. I went to your 'Account & Technical Help' and read 'I am not able to watch the videos after an update; the buttons are greyed out. Can you help me?' but even with the wlan connection it's not working Does this happen a lot? Is there a number of times to how much you can watch? I have the game on a windows 10 pc. Thank you
  19. Not sure if this is a problem, but just wanted to clarify, are the videos on the Windows App Store RR2 App working? I think I saw posts saying that the videos work on Windows, but not sure on phone or PC, so need some help to clarify my doubts. The watch video button is not greyed out, but there seemed to always be 'no offers at the moment', which is quite sad... Is this just a problem with me or everyone on Windows PC have the same issue? Thanks in advance!
  20. While playing the game I got a an update message and after I updated it (Blink Rig Update), the game is not adjusted to fullscreen on WINDOWS PC as it used to be before the update, I have attached an image below so please see it. Kindly fix this issue. -Thank you
  21. Hi Flare Games Please introduce keymapping to allow us to change the input keys when playing on a PC with a Keyboard (Facebook and Windows 10 version) Currently the players are forced to use the number keys 1 .. 6 but this is awkward to use since these are all in line. Using numlock and the keypad doesn't seem to work either. Ideally we should have the ability to assign our own keys to troops and spells, but failing this it would make game play a lot easier if you changed the keys to ASD and ZXC or alternatively allowed us to use the numeric keypad. Thanks
  22. Hi guys, I am so sad, that you do not deploy games for Windows Phone / Windows (only Royal Revolt and Throne Wars available). You should develop Agents of Storm and Dawn of Steel as well. Just watch the forum of Royal Revolt 2 - the success behind is that RR2 is an exiting and multiplatform game, so everybody can play with it. I hope you hear my sound... Regards, Budakalasz
  23. HI I just wanna find out .. if i can transfer my hero from pc to android
  24. Once I saw the video of this game on youtube I'm looking forward to play it. But all of my devices are on Windows.. Does anybody know when I'll have an oppotunity to play the game?? Thanks in advance.
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