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2016-04-15: Update on current cheater issue and upcoming anti-cheat measures

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Hello Dawn of Steel Community,

As already noticed and reported by a few of you, there are currently a number of cheaters active in Dawn of Steel.

We are sorry that you have to make this experience in one of our games.

We do not tolerate any kind of cheats, hacks, or exploits in any our titles. Therefore, the team has used the last few days to investigate the issue and it worked hard to implement a number of anti-cheat measures which will detect players using hacks and prevent them from carrying out malicious activities against players that play fair and square.

The update that will introduce these measures to the game has been finished and will be submitted to all platforms very soon. As soon as all platforms have cleared the version for release, we will put it live immediately. Until then, please have a little bit more patience.

In addition, we will continue to work on mechanics that will prevent new cheats or hacks from working in the future to guarantee a safe and clean environment for our players.

Until the update is live, we encourage you to report cheaters to our Customer Support at http://support.flaregames.com. When reporting a cheater, please include the following information: Your own in-game username, the username of the offender, time/date of the battle, and a short description why you believe that the reported party has cheated. As soon as we have received your report, it will be reviewed. If the case can be verified, we will take appropriate and immediate actions against reported parties. To ensure that we can react to your reports in time, please submit all inquiries via the in-game support function or on http://support.flaregames.com instead of opening or using an existing thread on the forum.

The coming update will also introduce a number of balancing changes of which we will inform you once the version is out.

We apologize for the inconveniences that this has caused you.

We would like to thank you for your continued support, understanding, and patience.

The Dawn of Steel Team.

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