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Dawn of Steel Version 1.2.0 Change Notes

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Hey everyone,


We are glad to announce that version 1.2.0 of Dawn of Steel has been released on iOS today. It comes with a lot of new features and changes that you have requested in the past couple of weeks.


Please check the change notes below for exact information on the update.






New Support powers have been added during battles. To access these, you must be Command Rank 5 and build the Combat Support Center in the Build Menu. These include:

1. Decoy Rigs – Holographic representations meant to distract your enemy’s defenses.

2. Magnetic Rift – This ability traps defensive drones and tanks so that you can focus on the spawners themselves. Additionally, any defensive units that collide take damage.

3. Speed Boost – Speed up the movement speed of your rigs during battle.



The command ship will now generate a shield when you reach Command Ship v.2. The shield has to be destroyed before your Command Ship can sustain any damage. The shield draws its power from other structures on your base, so the more intact your base remains during an attack, the more powerful your Command Ship’s shield will remain. This was implemented to provide users’ command ship with more health and reduce ‘sniping’ from attackers.



ARDs repair your rigs beginning immediately after combat for rigs that have been damaged more than 10%. Additionally, the ARDs will reduce the repair times of your Rigs depending on your command level. Note: You can still spend influence to instantly repair your rigs.






Tier 4 is now available. The five certificates to research are:


1. Faster Frames

2. Armored Cores

3. Superior Frames


The above certificates include components you can purchase in the hangar.


4. Decoy Rig 4

5. Speed Boost v2


You can now advance all the way to Command Rank 18.



We now show your overall combat rating right on the screen. All new players start with a rating of 1,000, and that rating goes up and down depending on how many battles you win or lose, and the difficulty of those opponents. You’ll find your rating under your player name in the upper left, and the rating of any human opponent when you tap on their orange icons within sectors on the Orb world map. 


Note: Player ratings only affect human players



Health has been lowered a bit on MG Turrets from v.3 to v.6.

AoE Missiles work differently now in terms of doing full damage in their AoE range, but that damage is different than the damage done to the initial target. This makes it easier to balance against enemy vehicle and wall health as the math is simpler.

- Command Rank requirements for the Munitions Tower and Ballistics silo have risen and spread out to maintain a smoother curve.

Bonuses granted by proximity from the Munitions Tower, Ballistics Silo, and Plasma Convertor now start smaller and increase with version upgrades to scale better with progression of the game.

The MG Turret and Missile Turret were reduced a little bit from their power increase of the previous release.

Wall health was lowered just a little bit to be in better sync with offensive options.

Drone Spawners from v.3 onwards won't have as much increase in spawned drones between waves to reduce longer matches.

Lots of components were tweaked. Some were made more powerful for their cost, some had costs change to make them more affordable, some were reduced because of their power.

Particularly Premtek Drones for the Drone Rig were changed: The scaling was giving too much of an advantage in both offense as well as ability to use the drones as a tank. The general idea is that there should be a choice between those two strengths - more offense or more defense. As such, Premtek Drones will only grant one extra drone but now have the highest drone health addition of any Drone Rig component, the intent being it is the best option to tank with drones but not the best for offensive power.



We would like to expressly thank you all for your bug reports, detailed feedback and suggestions. We read everything, and your comments, ideas and reports really have a big influence on the further development of our game. We promise to continue improving the game's quality for a better playing experience.

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