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Dawn of Steel Version 1.2.3 Change Notes

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Hey everyone,


We are glad to announce that version 1.2.3 of Dawn of Steel has been released on iOS today. It comes with a lot of new features and changes that you have requested in the past couple of weeks.


We would like to ask you to take some time and read about important changes that will affect all players with this update.



Research Tree:


The general research tree has been removed from the game. Each rig now has its own research tree within the hangar. This has been done to encourage better specialization and for an easier understanding of how to improve a rig.


This step has the following additional consequences:

-          Tiers have been removed. Instead access to new rig levels is gained by updating the command rank. In order to match power levels with this new system, Rig Level 10 is now unlocked, along with Weapon Slot 6 and core Slot 3.

-          Each rig now has its own tech and certifications which will unlock access to new types of weapons and items. These will require Battle Points.

-          New items were introduced that offer you some of the best bonuses in the game. Those can be purchased with Battle Points.

-          Due to the new system and necessary changes in game balance which come with that, specifications of certain items had to be modified. They might now be unlocked at a different stage or are only accessible for certain rigs (f.e. chainguns and railguns).


We understand that this is a fairly large change, so we would love to hear your feedback on the new research trees. We promise to provide more advancement and specialization coming inside of the Research Trees in future releases.


Tech and certification that was purchased before this release will transition and you should not lose access to anything. However, if you are running into any issue concerning this, please contact our customer service.



Further changes and additions:

-          Scouting an enemy base is once again free.

-          Combat Support Power Upgrades are now found within the Combat Support Center, on the Power itself (the up-arrows).

-          Unlocking the second and third rig slots for combat is now found on Hangar upgrades.

-          The Robotics Lab now has the ability to slow down enemy rigs within its radius, making its placement within a base more strategic. The ability to slow enemy rigs increases with upgrades to the Robotics Lab.

-          Drone Rig: The default drone flight time was decreased to balance out the offensive capabilities of drones.

-          Decoy Rig Support Power: Each level has a bit more health to increase its effectiveness.

-          Chainguns have had their spin-up / spin-down times altered to allow them to fire closer to their highest DPS. In general, they also feel more responsive.

-          An objectives system in the early game has been added to help guide newer players on how to advance.

-          A number of NPC bases were not giving enough resource rewards after being defeated. This has been fixed.




-          Improved rig targeting for slow firing weapons such as rocket launchers.

-          Increased DPS accuracy for very fast firing weapons like chainguns.

-          Visual cues for proximity bonuses from cap structures such as the Munitions Tower and Ballistics Silo.

-          Added Low Detail Mode which branches graphics features for specific hardware configurations for improved performance.



Bug Fixes:

-          Drones now path through KEW walls if spawned in an enclosed area.

-          Duplicate PVP invasion events are no longer dispatched to target player. This will address issues where players are getting spam attack notices.

-          Disruptors correctly target Decoy Rig support power.



We would like to expressly thank you all for your bug reports, detailed feedback and suggestions. We read everything, and your comments, ideas and reports really have a big influence on the further development of our game. We promise to continue improving the game's quality for a better playing experience.

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