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Let us keep our weapons after ascending

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I like the idea but agree with 3 items it doesnt make sense. I think the armors should be divided into more categories. Armor helmet boots pants gloves etc.


Could add amulets/rings.


Then add a way that after a certain objective is hit(mob kills/time/floor/i dont know) or even cost tokens (earned ones not bought ones) you can choose 1 item to make permanent. This would stay with you throughout all future runs. This should be coupled with additional possible stats to improve randomness.


I like the game but feel many would lose interest quickly without something added. 


Could also add more stars (4/5) or items tiers.




Tier 1 %damage 0-10 tier 2 can have 5-20 tier 3 15-30 or whatever 

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I think a big part of the fun of the game is changing your skills/build each time you ascend, but I can definitely see the value in speeding up the way you get back to the higher-level content that you were at, more quickly.

What about having something like:

- Choose one 3-star item, reset its stats to level 1, and lose the secondary stats (only keep the passive ability for that item)?

This would (potentially) force you to replace it throughout the run because you would want those secondary bonuses when you're nearing the tougher content, but it helps get you back to where you were, so it wouldn't be too overpowered.

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I think letting us keep gear is a good idea. resetting the gear to level 1 forces us to upgrade them again, and we could then use tokens to improve existing stats or add additional stats. I have been playing the game for about a year now and I enjoy it but the added depth of upgrading gear would add a lot more enjoyment to the game for me.

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On 6/4/2016 at 8:45 PM, Conquistador said:

i can't think of any reason not too 


you guys mention ya wanted to make a Diablo style looter but without letting us keep our items we get no real sense of progression or "builds"


i suggest when we ascend our weapon/gear get reset to lvl1 and maybe rolled different stats each ascend

The point of ascending to to make levels that were at one point hard, much easier. I think that making us keep our items would ruin our chances at unlocking a fun new item that we haven't had before. I first got the Treehugger (my personal favorite) from ascending

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