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COMPLETE list of items

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Hey guys. So after 113hrs 40mins of playtime I have been able to acquire 100% of possible drops in Nonstop Knight. Here is a list of every single drop including the T3 and what they grant.



Tier 3





Wooden Chest

Crooked Fork

Wood Splitter

 Makeshift Mail

 Berserker Tunic

 Grey Cape

 Flower Cloak


Bronze Chest

Battle Ham

Chipping Axe

Barbarian Suit

Rhino Suit

Ruby Cape

Feral Cape


Silver Chest

Snake Sword

Sharp Katana

Knightly Armor

Scaly Mail

Venom Cloak

Scary Mantle


Fisherman Chest

Weapon: The Goldie *Gains bonus coins every fourth attack

Stunner Fish

Grave Robber

Greasy Suit

Sentry Cloak

Cloak: The Emperor *Do double damage at full health


Swamp Chest

Wooden Stick

The Spike

Mossy Armor

Bark Suit

Moldy Robe

Cloak: The Treehugger *Gain instant revive against bosses


Frosty Chest

Frosty Maul

Snow Shovel

Armor: The Freezer *Slows all nearby enemies

Icecap Armor

Cloak: The Snowflake *Multikills reset all skill cooldowns

Aurora Cape


Trickster Chest

Weapon: The Summoner *Randomly summons critters when attacking

Half Scissor

Armor: The Protector *Dodge every 3rd hit

Dusty Tunic

Dusty Mantle

Daily Cape


Magma Chest

Weapon: The Grande *Gains massive splash damage (80%)

Mole Hammer

Magma Hammer

Horned Plate

Cloak: The Baron *Grants teleporting ability (like super frenzy)

Rugged Cloak


Mammoth Chest

Weapon: The Knocker *Critical hits stun enemies

Rock Club

Armor: The Beast *Attack speed increases as health decreases.

Mammoth Plate

Furry Cape

Sabretooth Cloth


Spooky Chest

Hasty Blade

Can Opener

Armor: The Nightmare *Deals passive damage to all nearby enemies

Cloak: The Dragonscale *Slows all nearby enemies

Jester's Cape

Worn Raincoat


Tribal Chest

Weapon: The Leech *Grants health every attack

Fly Swatter

Spirit Vest

Feather Plate

Cloak: The Mojo *Chance to summon a critter on kill

Purple Mantle


Legionnaire Chest

Weapon: The Sureshot *Land critical hit every fifth attack

Metal Sword

Armor: The Legionnaire *Gain damage bonus for nearby enemies (20%+)

Avenger Plate

Steel Plate

King's Cloak




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From what I've observed, Emperor Cloak grants 100% damage at full health, not double damage. The difference being that if you already have items with + damage%, the +100% from Emperor Cloak stacks additively rather than multiplicatively.

Also the Treehugger revive is just like a revive potion. It revives you to 50% health, and if you were using a frenzy potion ten that death ends the effect.

34 minutes ago, neverlandinos said:

I have the treehugger cloak from fisherman s chest and when I open the item details it has instead of sell value and a number of tokens. anyone know what the difference? 

When you ascend, that is the number of tokens that it is worth. So say your cloak has a value of 125 tokens and you have a 10x token multiplier, when you ascend then you will get 1250 tokens from that item.

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