Bluestacks load previous save data from my phone

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Hello, after messing around with a lot of combos to try to switch progress from device to device, the thing that works best is:


1. Once you stop playing on a current device, go to the app settings and force close the game.

2. Go to your account settings and make a manual sync so it will sync your game/app data.

3. Go to the device which you want to use after (or blustacks), open the app settings and clear the non stop knight cache and clear the game data.

4. Open the new device account settings and sync it manually, so your game data updates on the new device.


Then once you start the game to the new device or blustacks it will say that you got saved progress, press to use it and it will sync to your latest save or max 10 minutes before it.


That works for me correctly after many attempts to sync saves accurately across devices and blustacks. :)

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