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Sorry for this long message.

I don't believe the information above is correct about the ranking.  My in game local leaderboard has me #1 with 1301 floor. In the Gamer Center Leaderboard I am ranked All time 1553 with the 1301 floors, this week I am 510 with 1301 floors, and today I am ranked 158 with 1301 floors.  I am in the US.

All time there are 56 people with 9999 floors.

Maybe in game it is more local, however I believe game center as it tracks your highest floor completed, as the all time ranking is based on 1,511,262 players, and many names are using non-english typeset.

And the funny thing is, I Ascended on the 1301 floors when there were monsters who could not be killed (and I couldn't be killed either).  I reported the bug, then ascended.

So, currently I am on floor 755 after the ascend, however I am just waiting to make a big jump in floors.

My gear as of this moment

The Sureshot, level 2398; The Nightmare at level 2250, and The Baron at level 2250.  I use Dag as the pet unless I need multi-kills then I just pick some ranged pet until the bounty is done.

Basically with one chest I can move the lower level gear to close to my weapon.

The strat is to get high enough level with the weapon (keeping the others close in rank to the weapon) that you one shot the boss.

I used to use The Leech as the weapon.  It would test if I got too high a level, as it would show with a little health + over my knights head if the monsters could damage me.  If I need to do something that needed multi-kills I use The Snowflake cloak

At level 1301 my crit top was 1.24jj, and my coins from chests were in the bbb.

Hope this helps, and hope this helps in understanding the ranking system, as I think game center is the place to look at the ranking.  BTW, I use an iPhone, I don't know if other phones have game center.

Good luck everyone,

(edited for typos)




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