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Pumpkins smashing and Witches hunting... Halloween is coming!

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Greetings Knights!

The spookiest time of the year has arrived on Nonstop Knight and will last until November 1st 2016 at midnight (CET).

All smashables have been replaced by pumpkins and up to three event bounties will be unlocked through the entire event:

  • First bounty will be unlocked on October 17th 2016
  • Second bounty will be unlocked on October 21st 2016
  • Third bounty will be unlocked on October 25th 2016

Complete those three special bounties to receive the Halloween chest that contains the Halloween items: the Witch Hat, the Broom and the Cloak!

Wait! That’s not all!

Players who fully finished the bounties before the end of the event will keep looting the Halloween chests as part of the normal chest lootpool!

So if you’ve seen some pumpkins in your dungeon floor. Who you gonna call?

Enjoy the event!

Your Nonstop Knight Team

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