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All Information,Video and more about Royal Revolt 2

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Hello all :) I make this topic to give you tricks,help,regroup all the info and more about the game. I gonna put many video of mine that can help you during this game.

to make this topic more easy to search. I gonna make a Table of Contents

Page 1 :

* Some video about old version,the story of each update

* Dungeon : Diamond Vault I and II

* About Version 1.9.5 : The Blacksmith

* About Version 1.9.6

* How to obtain the 4th Stars in League

* How to unlock 3rd Unit and 3rd Spell slot

* One of the best way to obtain pearls

* About Daily Rewards

* Fashion Quest

* War Boost : Dragofroster

* About Favorite List

* War Boost :; Dracomancer

* Heroic King Quest

* Insta Archer in Action

* Old Way to Obtain Uber before update 2.2.0

* Dungeon : Diamond Vault III

* About Version 2.1.0

* Teutonic Knight Quest

* Surprise Mummy in Action

* Unlock Worker

* About the Color of Towers

* What happen when you have a full Treasury Chamber and continue to raid

Page 2

* Some video about War Boost or Special Boost

* Dungeon Part 33 to 39

* If you encounter the bug in Dungeon. What to do

* A video about the Free Gem each day

* A little trick during Ninja Event how to make huge amount of gold

* Info about Scream

Page 3

* How survive or avoid Doom Gate

* Ninja Event Coins Trick. How to get them without spend any gems and have a success rate of 80% and more

* Link to topics about Gold. How to get huge amount of gold

* Link to topic about info of the Ninja

* A memory topic about Blade Storm Alliance

* Info about the Free Shield

* Link to a topic How to counter Surprise Mummy

* A video about XP Boost vs No XP Boost Gear

* Some video about War Boost or Special Boost

* Info at when moment you can get Gems in Defense

* Info about Rarity of Items

* Dungeon Part 40

Page 4

* Some video about War Boost or Special Boost

* Info about Leadership

* Link about topic Blockade vs Barricade

* Some video about the Dracomancer. What happen if you forge the Attack Rate, have a lot of Pyromancer Perk,etc..

* The New sequence of COF in Ninja Event to have a success rate of 80% and more. Update 3.0.0 change the old sequence 

* Link of the topic about How work Luck Perk

* Link of the topic about some info for New Player

* Info about Uber Chest

* Info about Knight

* Info about be inactive

* Info about Storm Cannon

* Info about Start Morale

* How to unlock Colors

* How to farm medals

* Info about Donated Pals

* What to do if one of your General waste all your gold

Page 5

* How calculate DPS

* All info about packages

* Info about Heal Tower

* All info on Toxic Cloud

* Info on Insta-troops

* Info about start Hero Speed Rate

* Info about the Special Boost ThaBoss

* Info about Skulls Tower

* Info about Why some perk glow and other don't?

* What happen if you cheat?

* The Combo to use in Ninja Event

* Trick about what gear you can use

* How to obtain 16% Skull perk and more

* Trick about Chest in War Season

* Info on easter Egg Aura

* Info on Jester Box

* How to rename your Hero

* Funny Fact about Surprise Mummy

* All info about Necromancer

* The Ninja Tier has been change

* About Fire Aura Range

Page 6

* All info about the when and why Toxic Cloud has been nerfed. How that work today

* Fun fact about the Necromancer Skeleton

* Fun fact about the moment this forum becoming dead or close (because of Flare who stop to answer since a long long time)

* Some info about the Aura Ring

* All info about Spells Perk

* Fun Fact about when Flare have got trouble with their server

* When and Why the Beast cutscene disapear

* How the Hero Stats and when the Hero Stats was added in the game

* Info about the Range needed to destroy Lightning tower and Firebolt Tower behind a barricades

* How info your need to recover a account

* All Website link for info,tricks and more plus all YouTube Channel link about player who make RR2 Video

* Info about the Skull Perk. How that work?

* All info about the Pro League

* All info about the new War Season July 2017

* Developer Q&A

* When Windows Ads has been fixed

* A link to a topic that show How hard Opelle work on the wikipedia of RR2

* Info about the Shield Spell

* Strategie How to use well the War Shield during the War Season

* Info on Phoebe

Page 7

* Info on Alliance Gem donation and all the link related

* Info on Royal Revolt 2 Server Time Zone

* Info on How to calculate skulls in Wars

* Info on How to remove inactives friends

* Info on Friendcode

* Info on Windows Subcription

* Info on Pal Flute

* Info on Ceres

* Info on Pro Bonuses

* Info on Bomb Kick Aura

* Info on Troops Perk

* Info about Landscapes

* How to fix Gold issue

* Some info about which Towers use in defense

* I Give my own tricks to be always Rank 1 in Ninja Event

* The Fix for video ads in Windows 10

Page 8

* Info about How to improve stats of items

* Info about How to level up fast to level 80+ in just 2-3 month or less

(Still huge work to do. I must upload my video and replace all of them. I must change some post,etc..)


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Do you remember old version?

( I don't have anymore the video about the introduction of Voucher Bazaar and Voucher Quest in 1.8.5)

This version add Friends lists,Voucher and Voucher Bazaar

Some Quests don't give anymore gems but voucher. Flare have created this game and was already hated juste after few month.


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Dungeon Video :

Diamond Vault 1 :

Diamond Vault 2 :

PS : A little note I will do here. Don't rush dungeon like a fool. Keep them until Level 80-100 and after you do it. That allow to unlock more easily the Blacksmith slot 7 and 8. You can do it but stop at Diamond Vault XV with 1,000 Gems 

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Do you remember this bug? LOL so epic :

(I have no more the video)

the bug was when the War Season 33 have finish already after the War Season 34 have finish and during only 20 minutes


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Oh yeah the moment when the game started to be more fun and more insteresting. Welcome the Blacksmith :)

Slot 1,2,3 Just like that

Slot 4th : During a Blacksmith Meltdown with some quest,league,defense,etc..

Slot 5th : During a Blacksmith Meltdown with the Heroic Quest and some league,defense,chests,etc..

Slot 6h : During a Blacksmith Meltdown with the Pearl Dive Quest

Slot 7th and 8th : During a Blacksmith Meltdown with Dungeon Diamond Vault XV and further


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LOL yeah do you remember when the leadership bugging in Hero Stats? 1.9.6 bring the daily reward. Very nice feature in the game and of course the Leadership bug fix. Also the version 1.9.6 was so buggy on Windows 10 its was unpleayable with a ton of crash,server lag and freeze.


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I never know if there was really a bug but I think yes. I don't know if people see that after 1.9.6? One of the Froster advance alone and panic and go suicide himself. Very Funny


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About the League Stars :

You obtain the 1st Star really super easy. Just do your fight to level up

You obtain the 2nd Star really super easy. Just do your fight during the day

You obtain the 3rd Star super easy. Just do your fight morning,noon,afternoon,evening,etc..

You obtain the 4th Star with a little effort. You need to be active all the day and do over 15 fight at 100. Finish at 1500-2500 will do it

for obtain the 5th Star in Diamond League. This one is really hard. you need to farm target at 200+ and finish at 10,000+ or be lucky to be in a group where nobody move and stay in low score. in 4 years I never try to get it so I cannot give trick for this one sorry

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For beginner who start the game around level 20. Its very important to unlock 3rd spell slot and 3rd unit slot fast.To help you to have easy raid :

Around Level 18 :

Around level 60 :

(video later)


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Sure if you want pearls, you must melt items. More you have unlock melting slots and more you get pearls. If you can upgrade your Blacksmith at max that help you reduce time for melting. You can get pearls too by chest or spend gems but still the best way to obtain pearls its via Ninja Event


Just finish Rank 1 and obtain the max pearls for the tier. that will help you forge your stuffs

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Teutonic Knight Quest : the best way to do this quest its use Knight during month. You unlock this quest enough fast

(Video Later)

video did just need to be upload

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There is a trick about the worker pack. try to keep all your gem quest and later when the worker pack appear for +3 Worker for 500 gems then get all your gems via the quest and buy it. Later you can have like 10,15 or more workers this way

Worker Pack have no level of appearance

I don't have video who show at which moment and how to buy this pack. I miss it by little. I have something like 470 at the moment this package appear.

However you can obtain worker in a alternative way

During a Boost your Castle event the prize of worker is reduced. So buy them there


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Some player fail during a raid and maybe because they don't look or don't know about the Color of Tower.

Level 1 and 2 : White
Level 3 and 4 : Light Grey
Level 5 and 6 : Dark Grey
Level 7+ : Black

There is some exception like spike who become black in level 10

When you know this detail, that allow you to win or lose during a raid

Level 1 and 2 : Spells and Units level 4
Level 3 and 4 : Spells and Units level 8
Level 5 and 6 : Spells and Units level 10
Level 7+ : Spells and Units Maxed

If you use this trick the game gonna be so easy

today with Uber Chest and Uber items you can combine with Speed and Scream to give you more success during a raid

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