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All Information,Video and more about Royal Revolt 2

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Just a little note. I don't have stop to improve this topic. For now I am busy to upload my video of Olympus Rising. 1st series. When I will finish to upload them. I will work on Royal Revolt 2 my 2nd Series who will allow me to add Dungeon,tricks,informations and more.... So I expect to finish my OR video in end of May. I will start my RR2 video around June 20th. So at end of June I will be able to finish what I have started or close. So be patient and I try to hurry

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Trick of the day

If you want to unlock new pal and add it in your collection. You need 2 thing :

1.Facebook account

2.Accumulate 7 chest or more


and just open them


100% success. I got all pal in each pal collector. My brand new pal in my collection

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2 hours ago, Warriornator said:

its worth to spend 40k pal treats and level him up at 7+?

Yes definitely. Unless you have Aska, otherwise, you should probably just leave Fritz alone, cause he's worse than Aska

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